Marvel's Feige Says Fandom is More Precious Than Prestigious Awards


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has officially addressed the production house's lack of prestigious awards, as it's never taken away any Oscars. According to Feige, awards like those aren't so important -- what's better more significant is the massive amount of fandom generated by his studio's projects.

Speaking at the Produced By conference (via The Hollywood Reporter), Feige acknowledged that the MCU hasn't garnered any major awards over the course of its 10-year existence.

"Maybe it’s easy to dismiss VFX or flying people or spaceships or billion dollar grosses," Feige said. "I think it is easy to say that you have already been awarded in a certain way. Hitchcock never won best director, so it’s very nice, but it doesn’t mean everything. I would much rather be in a room full of engaged fans.”

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While several MCU films have garnered Oscar nominations, they've yet to walk away with any wins, unlike the DCEU which won an Oscar for its makeup work on Suicide Squad.

However, there's still plenty of time for Marvel to walk away with an Oscar or Emmy. It's possible Luke Cage Season 2, which comes out later this month, could get recognized, and films like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, which both released earlier this year, still have the opportunity to gain recognition at next year's Academy Awards ceremony.

But until then, Feige's perfectly happy with a room full of excited fans at Hall H.

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