Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2018 Titles Now Available Online

Marvel Comics has made its two Free Comic Book Day titles available online for free.

Both titles the publisher made available in stores on May 5 were Free Comic Book Day 2018: Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy #1 and Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America #1. Marvel typically uses FCBD issues as an entry point for new readers while highlighting heroes and storylines that will play an important role in their universes the remaining months of the year.

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While the Guardians of the Galaxy story served as a recap of the title's adventures leading up to Infinity Countdown, the Amazing Spider-Man portion was writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley's big debut as the wall-crawler's new creative team, with the added twist of the criminal Boomerang being introduced as one of Peter Parker's roommates.

Avengers from writer Jason Aaron and artist Sara Pichelli served as a prelude to Aaron and Ed McGuinness' relaunch of the title, as Loki's involvement with the Fallen Celestial in Marvel Legacy #1 was finally revealed. As for Captain America, the incoming creative team of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu cloned the perfect villain for the star-spangled Avenger.

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Readers can download both of Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offerings at comiXology.

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