Marvel Celebrates Fantastic Four Wedding with Villain Variant Covers

In December, the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing marries longtime on/off again love interest Alicia Masters in the pages of Fantastic Four #5 by writer Dan Slott and artists Aaron Kuder, Adam Hughes, and Michael Allred.

From the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 to the marriage of Reed Richards and Susan Storm in Fantastic Four Annual #3, superhero weddings in the Marvel Universe have traditionally brought the villains out to disrupt the festivities and Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters' special day looks to be no different. To commemorate the event, Marvel is releasing a line of variant covers across their publishing line spotlighting the classic Fantastic Four villains from a whole host of superstar artists including Gabriele Dell'Otto, Adi Granov, and many more.

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With everyone from Doctor Doom to Super-Skrull to Namor present, it looks as like The Thing and Alicia's wedding may be full of familiarly unwanted guests.

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In the meantime, the actual wedding can be seen in the Fantastic Four #5 written by Dan Slott with art by Aaron Kuder, Adam Hughes, and Michael Allred. It is scheduled to go on sale on December 26 by Marvel Entertainment.

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