Could Marvel Be Teasing a Fantastic Four Video Game?

A new tease indicates that a video game focused on the Fantastic Four might be in the works, and it could be announced during Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Week.

Marvel announced yesterday that Second Dinner, a group of former Blizzard game developers, are working on a new game for the studio. Eagle-eyed observers noticed that the official Marvel Games Twitter account has now changed its profile picture to include what looks like a very distinct nod to the Fantastic Four franchise, as the "A" in "Games" is now a "4."

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There has been no confirmation thus far about which projects the developers are set to work on, but the timing of the announcement and the notable profile picture change certainly appears to be hinting at something brewing around the Fantastic Four.

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World's Greatest Week will celebrate over a half-century of the series, as well as the recent resurgence in the comic's popularity. According to Marvel's site, the Fantastic Four series hit the bestseller charts when reintroduced into the Marvel Universe this past summer and has become one of the company's top-selling titles of 2018. As a thank you to fans, Marvel will be making available some limited edition Fantastic Four clothing, exclusive video interviews and special episodes of This Week in Marvel and Earth's Mightiest Show. The official website will also be adding Fantastic Four trivia, themed recipes, suggested reading lists and other features for fans of the series.

While fans wait to see if Marvel's tease is indeed leading up to a new game, there will be plenty of things to catch up on in the world of Marvel's First Family. Fantastic Four: The Greatest Week kicks off on Marvel's official site on January 8 and will run through January 16. The next storyline in the comics, titled "The Herald of Doom," will start on January 16.

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