Marvel Plans to Destroy and Rewrite Its Own History in March

A new teaser from Marvel Comics alludes to the destruction of its own universe in March, beginning with changes to the origin of the Fantastic Four.

The phrase, "The Marvel Universe Is Destroyed!" accompanied the image, which begs the question, "Who Really Gave the Fantastic Four Their Powers?" The bottom of the image again states, "Marvel History Is Destroyed," with the date of March 2019 given. It's worth noting the background of the image contains the cover to Fantastic Four #1.

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March 2019 would be around the time Marvel typically begins to schedule its yearly summer blockbuster event, so there is a good chance this teaser is not only in reference to rewriting the history of the Fantastic Four. Over the next several days and weeks we should expect more teasers to be released, revealing additional changes to other iconic franchises in the Marvel Universe.

Of course, the Fantastic Four made their long-awaited return to the Marvel Universe earlier this year, after a lengthy absence following the universe-altering Secret Wars. While Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Valeria and Franklin traveled and repopulated the multiverse, The Thing and the Human Torch were left believing their friends and family were dead.

Reunited at last, the Fantastic Four learned their former headquarters, the Baxter Building, has new residents in another superhero foursome, the Fantastix, leaving them to call Number 4, Yancy Street home.

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