Marvel extends final-order cutoff date for <i>Reborn</i> #1

Marvel Comics has extended the final-order cutoff for the secretive Reborn #1 to June 16, which will allow retailers to respond to the media attention the publisher anticipates from the unprecendented Monday release of Captain America #600 on June 15.

The publisher had been criticized for keeping the details of the Ed Brubaker-Bryan Hitch miniseries "classified," asking retailers to order based on a promise of national publicity “possibly on par with the media coverage we received during Civil War.”

The final-order cutoff had been June 11.

"See, complaining in public does occasionally do some minor amount of good," retailer Brian Hibbs writes at Savage Critics. "However, everything about this sort of hinges on trust: how much does one trust Marvel to be able to 'deliver' 'nationwide mass media coverage.' Clearly a news story has been brokered, but it is utterly an open question whether or not it will actually run (Any number of stories could very easily push it out of the 'news cycle'), and, much much more importantly, whether any one or not will care about whatever the revelation is."

Speculation about the big secret of Reborn, which debuts on July 1, has ranged from the obvious -- the return of Steve Rogers -- to the unconventional -- a revisitation of characters and concepts from 2003's Truth: Red, White & Black, or even 1996's Heroes Reborn.

As Hibbs notes, and others have noted, the return of Steve Rogers doesn't seem monumental enough to ignite national media attention. The same goes for anything involving Heroes Reborn, which is virtually unknown outside of comics fandom.

Marvel also has been criticized for the way it handled the announcement of the Monday release for Captain America #600: The information was provided to stores on a Wednesday when, in the words of James Sime, "every good retailer is busy selling comics, not screwing around on Diamond’s website."

Retailers were given about three hours in which to adjust orders and opt for early delivery.

Hibbs writes that Comix Experience won't get the issue early because he has difficulty justifying the cost for direct shipping -- "about 5% of retail" -- and because he's "not expecting any revelation other than 'Steve Rogers returns' at this time."

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