Marvel Encourages Americans to 'Go Out and Vote' with "Ms. Marvel" November Variant

As part of a live stream event promoting "Civil War II" and "Ms. Marvel," a patriotic variant cover for November's "Ms. Marvel" #13 by Joelle Jones was unveiled.

Of course, it's no coincidence that the cover will be released the month of the American presidential election. Series editor Sana Amanat said in the stream that the cover, and overall character of Ms. Marvel, is intended to champion Americans of all ethnicities, and encourage readers to "go out and vote" in the election.

Writer G. Willow Wilson touched a bit on the issue, which will take place after "Civil War II," indicating that it is "very much a turning point both for the series, and for Ms. Marvel as a character." The issue will see Ms. Marvel "leave New York City" after the events of "Civil War II," and go back to her "roots."

As for Ms. Marvel's place in the "Civil War II" conflict, Wilson teased, "For her, to see these two huge figures in he life fighting and coming down on opposite sides of an argument is a real turning point for her," adding, "I think she realizes -- as we learn growing up -- sometimes our idols have feet of clay."

The next issue in the series, "Ms. Marvel" #10, hits stands on August 10.

(via ABC News)

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