The Bare Minimum: 15 Revealing Costumes Marvel Should Be Embarrassed Of

When it comes to Marvel Comics, they have been around for decades of existence, which helped lead to the creation of thousands of characters. With all those comic issues, arcs and characters, there are bound to be a few bad costumes in the Marvel world. We understand mistakes can happen, but what we don’t understand is why a lot of costumes from Marvel characters are lacking two similar things: fabric and modesty. You would think a superhero or villain would want to be as protected as possible in armor, or clothing in general, when venturing out into the world or even space for an epic battle.

On the other hand, there is the saying, “if you got it, flaunt it.” All superheroes and supervillains got it, that’s why they're “super,” but do they really have to flaunt it? Now, everyone wants to be appealing, but should it be a top priority when protecting or destroying the world? While male and females have different body types which creates different styles of costumes, they all still lean towards swimsuit style costumes for male and female superheroes and villains. But alas, not everything makes sense in this world, so here are 15 costumes that Marvel should be embarrassed by. 


Where to begin…there is so much wrong that is going on with this costume from Malice, Mistress of Hate. The extra high thigh-high boots look uncomfortable and hard to move in. The one-piece Victoria Secret-esque swimsuit has a tail in the front and a diamond opening around the belly button. And of course, the spiked helmet with the matching choker and bracelets. Whatever was going through the artists mind, it had to be BDSM related.

So Malice is an alternate personality of Invisible Woman, Susan Storm, from the Fantastic Four. Psycho-Man was able to manipulate her very easily into becoming Malice, Mistress of Hate by taking advantage of her dark emotions from losing a child. Many other characters didn’t know she was actually Sue Storm while she was wreaking havoc until Daredevil noticed her with his heightened senses.


This is a costume of Gamora’s that you probably won’t see on the big screen. The comic version and film version of Gamora’s costumes are completely different. The original Gamora in the comics wore a green one piece that had the similar deep-v cut like Titania and Black Cat. But this version takes that one piece to a whole new level.

This updated costume of hers suddenly appeared when she branched out on her own from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her green costume is a green monokini style with gold trim and a gold belt that looks like it could be a chastity belt? Oh course, while in space, it can get a little chilly, so a matching green cap/cloak was added. She also wears hoop earrings with her outfit, which doesn’t seem to make sense, because those could definitely get in the way while fighting.


Typhoid Mary is a mutant supervillain that doesn't have an average costume like the other supervillains. She sports her usual leather jacket, not zipped up of course so you can see her stomach tattoo, and also a belt that is larger than her bra. This is her usual outfit that can be seen on the cover of one of the Daredevil issues.

She wasn’t always called Typhoid Mary when she first started appearing in Marvel comics. Her original name is Mary Walker. Typhoid was added later when she got pushed out a window by Daredevil when he was fighting crime in a brothel she worked at. Along with a history of domestic abuse. she has also has a dissociative identity disorder which causes her to have three different personalities: Mary, Typhoid and Bloody Mary.


Storm from X-Men is strutting her stuff in a bikini swimsuit outfit with a golden ring in the center, holding it all together. This costume is not to be confused with the one she had in the Marvel Swimsuit Edition. This striking one piece comes in black as well as white. This is the original costume Storm was given when she joined the X-Men.

Throughout the years, her costumes have changed with the times. She has gone through a punk phase with a mohawk and leather pants and vest. A goddess phase, which includes a full body suit with padded shoulders and a cape. And a school girl phase, thanks to Emma Frost. The schoolgirl uniform had the x-logo on the crop top sweater and worn with a pleated skirt and thigh-high boots.


If there was a competition of having the most revealing outfit of the X-Men costumes, Beast’s "Beastmaster" costume would win. Beast’s costume looks like it could be from the '80s with its crop-top style vest, short shorts and half-socks. He has blue fur and strong muscles that he has no shame flaunting. Beast is a mutant that has the strength and similar body type of an ape, hence the name Beast.

His original name is Hank McCoy and as a human, he is known for his intelligence and scientific discoveries. While at Xavier Institute, he teaches Mathematics and Science as well as studies biochemistry and genetics on the side. His appearance and being called Beast is from a science experiment that he used on himself for too long and ended up being permanently transformed.


When Red She Hulk fights Elektra, it looks like she has more hair on her head than fabric on her body. This version of Red She Hulk appeared for the team Code Red that was created to track and capture Domino. Red Hulk put the team together and it also included Deadpool and Punisher, among others. In Code Red, Red She-Hulk ended up stealing Elektra's sai and betraying Red Hulk.

Not to be confused with She-Hulk who is a cousin to Bruce Banner, Red She Hulk is Elizabeth “Betty” Ross who is a long and complicated love interest of Bruce Banner. Red She-Hulk mysteriously appeared for the Code Red mission and no one knew her real identity until she got stabbed by Skaar during a fight and changed into her human form as Betty.


Emma Frost has a variety of costumes, this one is the most revealing of the bunch. She usually wears all white with variations of tops, jackets and pants. Her original White Queen costume has a cape added just like Storm’s costume. Her original costume is a white corset and underpants that she chose to wore when she joined the Hellfire Club. It is from her days working as a stripper/dancer -- she liked it so much that she decided to keep it.

Emma Frost is a mutant that started out on the bad team and eventually moved to the good side. She embraced her white corset and matching underwear and occasional fur lined coats while fighting for the bad team. Once she switched to the X-Men, her costumes became less revealing, but still in all white.


Jean Grey went from a fully covered jumpsuit while an X-Men to a corset and fishnet stockings while as the Black Queen. While Jean Grey was Phoenix, she wanted to be the leader of the Hellfire Club, and everyone knows once you become a leader, you need a new costume. So this leather and all black costume is the result of that.

Jean Grey is a mutant and an important one at that, being she is at Omega-level. She has lived many different lives such as Marvel Girl, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix. She was corrupted by Mastermind and turned into Dark Phoenix. Black Queen emerged from Dark Phoenix when Hellfire Club wanted her in their inner circle. She was only Black Queen for a brief time though before turning back to Dark Phoenix.


The incredible Hercules can break through chains with his bare hands, all while wearing a skirt. Hercules’ go-to outfit is a shiny gold and green skirt with a matching sash and strappy sandals that strap all the way up to his thighs, similar to a Girl Scout uniform, one would say. The character is based on the Heracles of Greek mythology which wore little to no clothes as well, so his costume does hold some truth in its very revealing style.

Hercules appeared as a guest star in Avengers and later went on to an occuring role in Thor and then having his own solo series. He has the strength to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk and their first battle is one in the history books. Like Thor, he has similar powers of a god: super strength, stamina and endurance.


Titania was created in the '80s, hence her '80s style wrestling singlet. In some costume variations, she also has shoulder pads. Her long sleeve purple costume with a golden belt shows off her muscles as she’s one of the strongest women in the world. The most revealing part is the deep cut in fabric in the chest area.

Titania, or Mary MacPherran, first appeared in the Secret Wars series. As a professional brawler, she has tough skin that provides protection during attacks which explains the lack of protection in her wrestling singlet costume. As one of the strongest females, her enemy is naturally She-Hulk. She is also fire, disease, cold and heat resistant. She spends her time fighting alongside her love interest Absorbing Man in her wrestling costume.


Namor the Sub-Mariner is known as the mutant of the sea in his tiny green and gold briefs. He is always in and out of the water and still manages to have a nice hairdo as well. When he isn't in his briefs, swimming through the currents, he likes to wear a slick and tight black vest with a popped collar while working with the X-Men or the Avengers.

Namor has the normal powers a mutant of the sea would normally have: speed, enhanced vision, strength and ability to survive in harsh underwater depths. But, he is the fastest and strongest Atlantean so far and it is said he possesses the strength of a thousand men. But another power he also has that isn’t really explained is flight.


As a complicated lover of Spider-Man, Black Cat knows how to wear a leather one piece. This version of her costume is a spin-off of her original leather suit with more skin to be revealed. Black Cat decided her costume that had the v-cut to just below the breasts was not enough, so she extended the cut to pass her belly button. She must’ve been too cold because the costume change didn’t last long and she eventually went back to having just her chest exposed.

Black Cat, also known as Felicia Hardy, took over her father’s footsteps as a cat burglar. She has the ability to bring bad luck onto her enemies. Once she met Spider-Man, she fell in love with him, but only as his Spider-Man persona and not his alternate identity, Peter Parker, so the relationship did not last long.


The Fantastic Four’s The Thing’s costume is very simple, just a pair of shorts. This is one of the most revealing costumes in the Fantastic Four, but it is actually one that makes the most sense out of all the most revealing costumes. The Thing has rock-like skin, so his lack of costume makes more sense than say the just a swimsuit and cape for some superheroes. It is probably hard to find clothes that would fit anyway.

As most fans know from the many failed films, The Thing, or Benjamin Grimm, got his powers from Reed Richards’ science experiment. His tough, rock-like skin makes him resistant to physical injury as well as super strength and stamina. Although he can be considered bulletproof, his skin is still penetrable. That has been proven by Wolverine, by scratching his face with his claws.


One of the more unknown Marvel characters, Blackheart shows off his iridescent skin and lean yet strong muscles with very little left to the imagination. Who needs a costume though when you were created from the energy of accumulated evil? He is a demon of hell with many powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, and super strength, speed and endurance. So with all those powers, there really is no real reason for him to wear a protected layer of clothes for a costume.

Blackheart was introduced in the '80s Daredevil series. He was produced by Mephisto and considered his “son.” He helped Mephisto explore a corrupted part of New York called Christ’s Crown, where he tried to tempt characters like Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Punisher and Ghost Rider to the evil side in the series.


Tigra is in the ranking for the “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” so it is no surprise she wears a bikini on a regular basis as a costume. In this costume, she is wearing a purple bikini with a tiger’s head in the top and spikes on the bottom. Tigra was originally called The Cat and didn’t have any powers. She was created in hopes of drawing attention to a female audience. The Cat wore seductive and revealing clothes like Tigra and the first series she was in did not end in a success.

Tigra started showing up more in Marvel comics when she was rebooted from The Cat and received powers. Like most of the superheroes, she has super strength, agility and reflexes. But she also has cat-like attributes she uses to her advantage, like a whip-like tail and heightened sense of sight, smell and hearing.

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