Marvel EiC CB Cebulski Apologizes for Using Akira Yoshida Pseudonym

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, C.B. Cebulski, has issued a statement regarding his use of the pseudonym Akira Yoshida to write comics for the company in the mid-2000’s. Word that Cebulski had used the pseudonym only became a matter of public knowledge back in November, prompting outrage from readers and critics alike.

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Cebulski has downplayed the severity of the matter since then, but the issue hasn’t gone away. This weekend, Cebulski issued a statement in The Atlantic apologizing for pretending to be a comics creator of Japanese descent and playing that character off as real (such as in a 2005 interview with CBR):

“I’m truly sorry for the pain, anger, and disappointment I caused over my poor choice of pseudonym. That was never my intention. Throughout my career in anime, manga, and comics, I’ve made it a point to listen and learn from my mistakes, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do with this misstep. Building honest relationships with creators has always been important to me, and I’ve continued to do that in my new position. I’ve spoken with talent close to this issue, and have had candid and productive conversations about how we can improve the industry and build better stories, while being mindful of the voices behind them. My passion has always been about bringing the best talent from across the world to work on the best stories in the world, and I’m hopeful that fans and creators alike will join us in that continued mission.”

Marvel Comics didn’t have an easy year. The publisher saw sales flag and the departure of top talent, like Brian Michael Bendis’ move to DC Comics in November, under its former Editor-in-Chief. Cebulski’s introduction was supposed to be a fresh start for the company, but the Akira Yoshida controversy has only dragged on.

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