Marvel Editor-in-Chief Reveals Story Behind X-Men Wedding Twist

X-Men Gold Wedding

Marvel Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski has revealed who was behind the plot twist that led to Rogue and Gambit getting married.

In a highly-publicized event, Colossus and Shadowcat were intended to be married last summer in X-Men Gold #30, by Marc Guggenheim and David Marquez. However,  a last minute plot swerve effectively ended the relationship between the two, and  Rogue and Gambit got the chance to tie the knot instead. This led to a major shift in the status quo for a number of characters in X-titles. Now it turns out that the plot twist was never the original idea.

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While on the This Week In Marvel podcast, Marvel EIC C.B. Cebulski revealed that the original plan for the story would have followed through on their intentions to have Colossus and Shadowcat get married.The story was changed during one of Marvel's creative retreats, when several Marvel creators started talking about the storyline.

"We were moving onto the next topic, and it was Donny Cates who said “You know guys, wait, what if…?” And he’s the one who threw it out there." Cebulski said. "And we percolated on it for a while and we ran it by Marc Guggenheim who was like “That would be absolutely amazing, but can we keep it secret?” And we worked all the magic based on one idea where a creator just threw it out secondhand at a retreat and it changed the course of the X-Men publishing plan for six, seven, eight months."

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Cebulski also added that aspects of the wedding storyline would be "revisited" later this year.

The decision even led to an entirely new title, Mrand MrsX centering around the newly married Rogue and Gambit. But it's interesting to consider how such a monumental moment was changed at the last second by a writer just offering their thoughts.

While Cates has already redefined some of Marvel's biggest characters during his tenure as writer on Thanos and Venom, this is the first time that Cates' involvement in Marvel's X-Men titles has been discussed publicly.

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