Marvel Digs Into Havok, Rogue & Scarlet Witch Costume Overhauls

While fans have already seen the initial roster of the upcoming Marvel NOW! debut title "Uncanny Avengers," MTV Geek today debuted some of series artist John Cassaday's character design sketches. Writer Rick Remender and Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort went through the overhauled looks of Rogue, Havok and the Scarlet Witch, explaining the thought process behind each character's updated look.

"The Scarlet Witch has always had one of the least practical costumes for a super hero, so having come out the other side of 'AvX' and 'Children's Crusade,' that was something we were looking to address," Brevoort said of the character's fairly dramatic overhaul. "I didn't really have anything specific in mind other than, 'More practical' and 'Keep the tiara...' That Tiara is the most easily identifiable aspect of any Scarlet Witch outfit. It was John who came back with the more covered-up civilian style, which we liked and made sense. Wanda is in a different place right now, she doesn't feel like a super hero any more and she's looking for a way to atone for her past actions and to move forward as a person, so this look underlines that change in her outlook."

For more insight into the new looks, check out MTV Geek, and keep it locked to CBR for more Marvel NOW! news.

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