Marvel designates December 'Ultimate Sweeps Month'

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Echoing the television industry's "sweeps week" -- the successful practiceof creating special episodes of key programs during a specific time period-- Marvel has designated December 2002 as Ultimate Sweeps Month. Led by thedebut of ULTIMATE WAR, Marvel's most easily accessible series will alleither begin new stories or contain key events, presenting retailers withthe opportunity to introduce the industry's most popular series to newreaders.

"I've often said that if we were ever to tie titles together in an event,there would be two very important things that would have to be achieved:first, it would have to mean something and be an event of some magnitude;and secondly, it shouldn't suck," stated Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada."Years before I was EIC at Marvel, I often wondered why interweaving titleshad to be done in such a gratuitous and haphazard way, and why that practicecontinued even till today. I wanted to make sure that on the few occasionsthat Marvel under my watch attempted these events that they would always bewell intentioned and special."

"Crossovers don't have to be about gouging the habitual fanbase and foolingthem into buying lame issues of lame books in order to get all aspects ofthe event," continued Quesada. "With that in mind, as much as I hope thateveryone picks up all the issues of this Ultimate event, keep in mind thatit isn't important in order to get the whole story. What Mark Millar, BrianBendis, Ron Zimmerman, Greg Rucka, Chris Bachalo, Duncan Fegredo, BryanHitch, Salvador Larroca, Adam Kubert and Mark Bagley have constructed herewill surely become the new template by which future comic book events areconstructed and envied."

The titles participating in Ultimate Sweeps Month include:

ULTIMATE WAR #1 & #2 - The Ultimates vs. The Ultimate X-Men: the battlebegins! When the X-Men do the worst thing they could to humanity, Nick Furyorders The Ultimates to bring them down! But Xavier hasn't been training hissoldiers for nothing, and the mutants just might take out The Ultimatesfirst! And best of all, fight fans, two issues of this brawl ship thismonth! By Mark Millar (THE ULTIMATES, ULTIMATE X-MEN) and Chris Bachalo!

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #32 & #33 - First, issue #32 presents the big conclusionto the "evil twin" story arc! Then, in issue #33, you asked for him, you gothim: Ultimate Venom! Spider-Man's ultimate villain gets the Ultimatetreatment as the next huge story begins! By Brian Michael Bendis and MarkBagley!

ULTIMATE X-MEN #26 - The prologue to the next big story! Two years beforethe events of ULTIMATE X-MEN #1, how did Professor X's greatest friendshipdissolve into hatred? By Millar & Adam Kubert!

ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL & ELEKTRA #2 & #3 - The Ultimate look at comics' ultimatecouple continues -- with two issues this month! Elektra hungers for revenge,but when the person she hunts is connected to the world's richest man,justice doesn't come cheap! By Greg Rucka (ELEKTRA) & Salvador Larroca(X-TREME X-MEN)!

THE ULTIMATES #9 - The events of ULTIMATES #5 -- which captured the horrorof domestic violence -- shocked the world, but now it's payback time... whenCaptain America confronts Giant-Man! By Millar & Bryan Hitch!

To help retailers keep the Ultimate momentum going in their stores -- and togive readers free looks at some of these upcoming comics -- we'll be postingthe following free preview Marvel dotComics at Marvel.com:

Issue Live Date



Finally, retailers are reminded of the following ordering information:

Issue Order Cut-Off Final Order Cut-Off

ULTIMATE WAR #1 11/1 11/14

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #32 11/1 11/14

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33 11/1 11/28

ULTIMATE X-MEN #26 11/1 11/28

THE ULTIMATES #9 11/1 12/5

ULTIMATE WAR #2 11/1 12/5

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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