Marvel Debuts "Guardians," "Superior Foes" and "Carnage" Variants

Marvel Comics has released a first look at three new variant covers, including Paolo Rivera's "Guardians of the Galaxy" #5, Phil Jimenez's "Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #2 and Rafa Garres' "Superior Carnage" #2.

Rivera's "Guardians" variant features a retro take on the current team, with Star-Lord being entwined by alien vines. "Guardians of the Galaxy" #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, Neil Gaiman and Sara Pichelli goes on sale July 31 and features the first appearance of Angela since her Marvel U debut in "Age of Ultron" #10.

Meanwhile, in celebration of Superior Spider-Month, Jimenez gives the bad guys the high ground against Superior Spider-Man for "Superior Foes" while Garres presents a "Superior" look for Carnage. Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber's "Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #2 and Kevin Schinick and Stephen Segovia's "Superior Carnage" #2 go on sale August 7.

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