Marvel Debuts "Civil War," "Doctor Strange" Featurettes

As it prepares to enter Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios has released a pair of featurettes explaining how "Captain America: Civil War" is in many ways the culmination of the first two Phases, and where "Doctor Strange" will fit into things when it arrives in Nov. 2016.

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Explaining how Marvel's king of Wakanda joined the already-large ensemble cast of the "Captain America" sequel, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says, "We wanted to have a third party, who wasn't even involved in that argument [between Cap and Iron Man], and we kept talking about Black Panther."

"He's a monarch and, at the same time, he's a superhero. But there's a certain mystery about the character," adds Chadwick Boseman, who brings the hero to life in the film.

"You need a spectacular actor to portray this character," says Feige of Doctor Strange. "The fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has agreed to do this role is huge for us."

"What you can expect from this 'Doctor Strange' movie is a mind trip action film," adds director Scott Derrickson.

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