Marvel Debuts Artgerm's Amazing Mary Jane #1 Variant Cover

Marvel has unveiled artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau's variant cover for Issue #1 of The Amazing Mary Jane, by Leah Williams (Age of X-Man: Extremists, Giant-Man) and Carlos Gomez (Uncanny X-Men Annual, Red Sonja).

The cover features Mary Jane Watson sporting a spider-themed gown and holding a handgun. In front of her, though, is a clapper board, signaling the stylish look is for a movie role.

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SPINNING RIGHT OUT OF THE PAGES OF AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! “YOU JUST HIT THE JACKPOT!” ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES! The web-head’s favorite redhead (and yours!) is taking a chance on her dreams. But if you’ve read ASM #25, you’ll know MYSTERIO is behind Mary Jane’s big shot, and someone worse is behind him! What’s real and what’s illusion, what’s illusion and what’s Hollywood phoniness? This fall, Leah Williams (AGE OF X-MEN: EXTREMISTS; GIANT MAN) and Carlos Gomez (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL, Red Sonja) bring you all this intrigue plus more action, glamor, grit, and – we’ll say it – sass than anyone’s previously dared fit in five fabulous issues! Face it: you don’t wanna miss this!

The Amazing Mary Jane #1, by Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez, goes on sale Oct. 23 from Marvel Comics.

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