Marvel Promises the Death of the Inhumans This Summer


Marvel Comics is teasing the Death of the Inhumans.

Slated to arrive in July 2018, Marvel's latest comic starring the Terrigen Mist-altered race of super-powered beings will come from writer Donny Cates (Thanos, Doctor Strange) and artist Ariel Olivetti (Venom). The teaser states that Kaare Andrews will provide the story's cover (seen below), indicating that this will be a one-shot story rather than a series or miniseries.

Marvel Comics' most recent Inhumans titles wrapped in late 2017, with the release of Inhumans: Judgment Day. The one-shot brought the storylines that had been unfolding in the Black Bolt and Royals series to a close, reuniting the royal family and setting the stage for a new era for the Inhumans as a whole.

Marvel's announcement doesn't indicate whether Cates and Olivetti's story picks up where Al Ewing, Kevin Libranda and Mike Del Mundo's Judgment Day one-shot left off. While the publisher made a strong push in recent years to establish the Inhumans as a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe, readers never fully embraced the characters on the same level as the Avengers or the X-Men, so it wouldn't be a surprise if this story blazes its own path, or if it takes place in an alternate universe or future.

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The characters haven't fared much better in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either. Despite launching to much fanfare, including an unprecedented debut in IMAX theaters, Marvel Television's Inhumans stumbled out of the gate. The series debuted to lukewarm ratings, and viewership dropped dramatically as the show went on. By the end, it became a question of when ABC would cancel the series rather than if it would be renewed.

That said, there's an undeniable appeal to the characters, and their mythology has been a crucial part of the Marvel Universe over the decades. And, while it might seem that the death of any character, much less an entire group of characters, would be the end of them rather than a new beginning, this is comics.

Expect more information on Death of the Inhumans in the weeks ahead, including the full solicitation text for the project as Marvel releases further details regarding its planned July publications.

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