Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Deadpool Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn't)

Deadpool has, at one time or another, fought pretty much every Marvel superhero you can think of. He's even killed most of them, in the appropriately-titled Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. His healing factor means that no matter how much damage he takes, or how many limbs he loses, the Merc with a Mouth will always regenerate to full health.

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He's an expert fighter who has a penchant for vulgarity and breaking the fourth wall, and although the entire Marvel Comics Universe has felt his wrath at one time or another (give or take), there are a lot of DC Comics heroes that Wade Wilson would have plenty of fun fighting. So, it's time for a crossover! Let's take a look at some DC heroes Deadpool could probably defeat, alongside some that could best him in battle.

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10 Could Defeat: Cyborg

After Vic Stone's body was horrible injured in an accident, his father Silas strove to save him. Using his scientific know-how, Silas Stone used cybernetics to rebuild his son into a being of immense power. Although Cyborg has a wealth of fancy abilities, Deadpool would be able to defeat him.

One thing Wade Wilson has is determination, and the ability to use his twisted sense of humor to vex his opponents. Cyborg may be powerful, but Deadpool's resilience would come out on top. He can take a beating, and who knows, maybe he'd knock a soda over Cyborg's wiring and cause him to short circuit?

9 Couldn't Defeat: Shazam

There aren't many superheroes that could defeat Deadpool without breaking a sweat, but Shazam harnesses the power of the gods to use for the greater good, so there's not much Wilson could do to stop him. He has a healing factor of his own, along with super strength, invulnerability, super speed, and the ability to fly.

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Uttering the word "Shazam" turns Billy Batson into a magical being of immense power, and the only way Deadpool could defeat him is if he found him as a kid and put a blade through his heart. However, as violent and sadistic as he can be, the likelihood of him committing a dead than heinous is... well, it is Deadpool we're talking about!

8 Could Defeat: John Constantine

John Constantine isn't known for having a striking personality, and he doesn't possess great physical strength or military training. In a fair fight, Constantine would lose pretty quickly, but thanks to the supernatural and occult magic he possesses, Deadpool would have one heck of a fight on his hands.

Along with his ability to use necromancy and illusions, Constantine can also manipulate minds and use telekinesis and teleportation to mess with his foes. You have to wonder how Deadpool would come out on top, but as long as the Merc with a Mouth managed to lodge a well-placed bullet in Constantine's head it'd be over. Until his foe managed to resurrect himself, that is.

7 Couldn't Defeat: Aquaman

On land, Deadpool can use his agility and athleticism to get the upper hand on all manner of enemies, but Aquaman is the king of the ocean. As long as he could draw Wade Wilson to the edge of the sea, it'd be game over for him. Arthur Curry is an incredibly strong being, and has been known to be able to take a shocking beating, even though he has no healing factor of his own.

Even on land Deadpool would struggle, because of the Atlantean steel Aquaman wears as armor. Aquaman also has a powerful trident that'd rip through Wilson's flesh, meaning Deadpool would be fish food regardless of any tricks he may be hiding up his sleeve.

6 Could Defeat: Batman

As intelligent as Bruce Wayne is, there's little he'd be able to do to defeat Deadpool. He may have plenty of gadgets that could hurt or maim Wilson, and he's also fairly skilled in the art of combat, but the Dark Knight's own moral code would be his downfall. Refusing to kill his enemies has often caused Batman many problems.

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Deadpool has no issue taking a life, and if it meant the difference between him winning or losing, he's not going to hesitate to end a life. Gotham City may have plenty of rogues living within it, but none can fight quite like Deadpool, and seeing the two go head to head would be awesome. Deadpool wins hands down, though.

5 Couldn't Defeat: Booster Gold

Disgraced college quarterback of the 25th century, Mike Carter, aka Booster Gold, isn't your average superhero. Whilst he isn't anything special on his own, the artefacts he stole whilst working in the Metropolis Space Museum granted him a wealth of abilities that could easily take out Deadpool.

All of them would cause a lot of problems for Deadpool. He can harness super strength and fire powerful force blasts thanks to his gauntlets, and not only that, his force field belt would stop Deadpool's physical attacks in their tracks and launch him into the air with great force. Booster Gold withstood an attack from Doomsday, so he'd easily repel DP's advances.

4 Could Defeat: The Flash

When you compare The Flash and Deadpool, it's pretty obvious that the Scarlet Speedster has a distinct advantage from the start. Wherever Deadpool goes (or teleports), The Flash would be there within seconds, but Wade Wilson's enhanced healing ability could lead to him doing something ridiculous to get the advantage.

Deadpool can be very creative when it comes to battle plans, and if he strapped himself up to a lot of explosives, one punch from the Flash could blow them both to kingdom come, sending body parts all over the place. It'd be messy, but at least Deadpool's regenerative ability would bring him back.

3 Couldn't Defeat: Superman

The Man of Steel is an icon. A god among men, Superman has been a sworn protector of Earth, defeating the likes of Darkseid, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, and Zod to save mankind. His super strength and invulnerability would be enough to defeat Deadpool, but throw in the ability to freeze his enemies and use heat vision, it's not even close.

Why Deadpool would even pick a fight with Superman is a mystery, but it wouldn't be the first time Deadpool has faced the odds. Unfortunately, there's very little he could do to even trouble the last son of Krypton. Short of some implausible trickery involving Kryptonite, Deadpool hasn't got a chance at defeating him.

2 Could Defeat: Green Arrow

Of all the DC superheroes, few stand less of a chance against Deadpool than Oliver Queen. He may be an experienced archer, but even if he puts an arrow in both his heart and his brain, the Merc with a Mouth would just regenerate faster than Green Arrow can reach into his quiver.

His lack of superhuman abilities means Deadpool would have a lot of fun messing with his psyche, tormenting the archer with his swords and guns before slicing his bow to pieces and stabbing him in the heart. If Green Arrow chose to fire arrow after arrow at Deadpool from 100 feet away, by the time he ran up to him he'd still be on his feet.

1 Couldn't Defeat: Wonder Woman

The Amazonian goddess is incredibly powerful, and before she'd even landed a punch Wade Wilson would probably be blown away by her physical prowess and beauty. She's been known to hurt Superman, so using her unique strength and skills in combat against Deadpool would see him struggle significantly.

Whilst Wonder Woman is vulnerable to bullets, she has her shield and armor to reflect them, as well as her lasso. Pair that with all of her godlike abilities and it's not even close. She's faster and stronger than Deadpool, and he'd likely run out of bullets after failing to even graze her skin.

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