Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dark Horse & More FCBD 2015 Titles Announced

The Silver Level line-up for 2015's Free Comic Book Day has been revealed, adding even more big name titles from top publishers to the dozen that were announced last week.

With Free Comic Book Day taking place on May 2, the Saturday immediately following "Avengers: Age of Ultron's" big screen debut, Marvel is offering a mysterious "Avengers" #1. DC Comics' second FCBD offering is similarly cryptic, featuring placeholder cover art with a giant "top secret" stamped on it. IDW Publishing will release a TMNT comic that teases the final battle with Shredder while Valiant will offer FCBD participants a "25th Anniversary Special."

Check out all of the FCBD Silver Level titles below!

  • DC Comics Silver Book--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • GFT Wonderland Special Edition One Shot (MR)--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Graphix Spotlight Cleopatra In Space--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Gronk and Friends--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Hatter M Love of Wonder--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Hip Hop Family Tree 3-in-1 Featuring Cosplayers (MR)--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Ice Bayou Blackout--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure and Yu Gi Oh--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Jurassic Strike Force 5 One Shot--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Kodansha Comics Sampler--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Lady Justice--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Legendary Comics Sampler--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • March Grand Prix--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Mercury Heat Debut (MR)--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Motorcycle Samurai--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Overstreet Comic Book Marketplace--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Phantom Special--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Rabbids--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Unite Prelude--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Stan Lee Chakra The Invincible--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Steampunk Goldilocks--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Street Fighter Super Combo Special--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Stuff of Legend Call to Arms--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Supermutant Magic Academy Step Aside Pops Combo--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Tales of Honor--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Terrible Lizard #1--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • The Tick--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • TMNT Prelude to Vengeance--FCBD 2015 EDITION

  • Valiant 25TH Anniversary Special--FCBD 2015 EDITION
  • Worlds of Aspen--FCBD 2015 EDITION

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