Marvel, DC Superheroes Reimagined as Samurai in Stunning Fan Art

If you like superheroes and Samurai, you’re in luck! An artist based in Gifu City, Japan has reimagined popular Marvel and DC superheroes – including Captain Marvel, Captain America, Aquaman, Black Panther, Wonder Woman and others – as Samurai.

The art can be found on the Art Station page for Drums of the Serpent. Many of the pieces represent heroes battling villains, and many lesser known characters are included as well.

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The artist also has a large portfolio of comic book-style art, as well as landscapes, skateboard graphics and sun prints. The comic art and skateboard images feature superheroes as well, including Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen, Green Lantern, Superman, Daredevil and others.

While little information is available about the artist, the portfolio has received over 55,600 views. According to the artist, "I am based in Japan, and I make quality original art that uses traditional Japanese styles to re-imagine your favorite comic characters in a way never seen before!!"

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Digital downloads and prints of the artwork are available in a variety of sizes on Etsy. You can check out some of these pieces below.

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