Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Wolverine Can Defeat (And 5 He Can’t)

Wolverine is easily one of the most durable comic characters of all time. Likewise, with his healing factor and razor-sharp claws, he is also one of the most deadly. Throughout his character history, Wolverine has faced off against all sorts of threats, typically emerging victorious.

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However, there are some characters that are too powerful for even Wolverine to handle. Within the DC Universe especially, certain heroes would easily be able to take down one of Marvel’s deadliest mutants. Yet, taking down Wolverine doesn’t come easy for everyone. Looking at Wolverine vs the DC Universe, here is our list of 5 DC heroes Wolverine can beat, and 5 who could beat him.

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10 Batman (Can Beat)

Batman may be one of the smartest characters and greatest fighters in all of DC Comics. However, no matter how brilliant he is, he would ever be able to win against Wolverine. At the most, Batman would be able to subdue him long enough to get away.

Even so, Wolverine is very likely to escape any trap Batman may have set, or bounce back from any damage dealt. Without his healing factor, Wolverine would be in much more trouble. Thankfully though, this attribute of Wolverine’s is enough to give him an edge, even over someone as skilled as the Dark Knight.

9 Superman (Can’t Beat)


As arguably the most powerful being in DC Comics, Superman would very likely be able to win over Wolverine. Firstly, his strength alone may be enough to bend adamantium, making it incredibly hard for Logan’s body to heal properly. Secondly, his heat vision is likely capable of getting hot enough to melt Wolverine’s skeleton all together. Though incredibly gruesome, it is still a possibility.

Lastly, if worst comes to worst, Superman could simply hurl Logan into the sun. The temperatures there are definitely hot enough to melt his skeleton and Wolverine would be hard-pressed to have a single cell to regenerate from. As a result, it is very evident that Wolverine doesn’t match up to the Man of Steel.

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8 Flash (Can Beat)

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Barry Allen Death

The Flash may be the fastest person alive in all of comics, however, that’s not nearly enough for him to take down Wolverine. While it may be hard for Wolverine to land any form of attack against the Scarlet Speedster, all he would really need is one successful knick in the right spot to completely immobilize The Flash. Even with Flash’s own enhanced healing factor, it isn’t nearly as fast as Wolverine’s.

Furthermore, without any equipment or enhancements, Flash wouldn’t even be able to land a hit on Wolverine. With the Adamantium coating around Logan’s skeleton, The Flash would likely shatter every bone in his arm with one supersonic punch, making it easy to see how Wolverine has the advantage.

7 Wonder Woman (Can’t Beat)

Atlantean Magic may not be enough to keep Wolverine down, but Ancient Greek Magic should certainly do the trick. Various weapons that Wonder Woman has used over the years have been shown to be strong enough to even hurt Superman. With that kind of power behind them, it is certainly believable that they would also deal damage against Wolverine’s skeleton.

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Furthermore, Diana herself is incredibly powerful. Though Logan may be able to land a few hits, Diana’s strength alone is enough to make him want to think twice. Diana’s combat skills are also far superior to Logan’s typical violent thrashing, making it all the more evident that Wonder Woman would be the victor between the two.

6 Green Arrow (Can Beat)

For as much as people love Oliver Queen, his lack of superpowers constantly puts him at a significant disadvantage. Especially against Wolverine, it is hard to see any way in which the Emerald Archer emerges as the victor. Much like Batman, Green Arrow’s only hope is to capture or subdue Wolverine long enough to escape.

In a fight to the death though, Oliver just doesn’t stand a chance. Wolverine’s healing factor and adamantium skeleton are simply just too much for Green arrow to handle. If we’re being honest, Wolverine could take Green Arrow with such incredible ease that it wouldn’t be much of a fight to begin with.

5 Green Lantern (Can’t Beat)

With one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe literally wrapped around his finger, Green Lantern could easily hold his own. Really, the question here is whether or not Adamantium is strong enough to cut through a Green Lantern construct. Since the constructs strength is based on the wearer’s will power, it is very unlikely.

Because of this, a Green Lantern could potentially create something that is even stronger than adamantium. Even aside from the relativities, a Green Lantern Ring is so powerful, that it is hard to see any way in which Logan would be victorious. With everything that comes with the ring, Green Lantern is the obvious victor between the two.

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4 Aquaman (Can Beat)

Especially above water, Wolverine would likely turn Aquaman into fish food. Though there is no direct evidence of this, Adamantium is likely stronger than Atlantean skin, meaning that Wolverine's claws could potentially penetrate Aquaman’s skin.

On top of that, Aquaman has no healing factor of his own, leaving him to suffer the consequences of all injuries he sustains during battle. Because of this, Wolverine is at a clear advantage. Even with the combined efforts of Atlantean Magic, Wolverine is still strong enough to overcome, or at least wear down, Aquaman.

3 Hawkgirl (Can’t Beat)

Especially after the events of Dark Nights: Metal, Nth Metal is arguably stronger than Adamantium. Assuming that is the case, Hawkgirl would easily be able to just beat Logan into submission. Her skills as a combatant combined with her own abilities already give her an incredible edge over Wolverine.

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Combine all of that with her Nth Metal Mace and she would easily be able to do a number on Wolverine. Though his healing factor would make it very difficult for Hawkgirl to actually kill him, there is still a very likely possibility that she could manage to pull it off.

2 Animal Man (Can Beat)

No matter how animalistic either character gets, Wolverine could still take down Animal Man. For those unfamiliar, Buddy Baker has the ability to tap into the Red, giving him access to virtually any characteristic of any animal. Though Wolverine may be named after the animal, he is certainly far stronger than the actual creature.

Unfortunately for Animal Man, he is only as strong as the strongest animal. As a result, Wolverine’s adamantium claws can easily penetrate even the strongest animal shell or hide imaginable, meaning that Animal Man doesn’t stand a chance at close range. In terms of sheer power, Buddy may be able to deal more powerful blows, but with Wolverine’s healing factor, he’d certainly be able to be the victor between them.

1 Martian Manhunter (Can’t Beat)

While Martian Manhunter would have a harder time dealing physical damage to Wolverine, Wolverine would have a similar time dealing damage to Martian Manhunter. Thanks to his unique physiology, Martian Manhunter is immune to almost all form of physical damage except for fire. Against Wolverine, he could simply phase through any attack from Logan’s claws. The major thing that gives Martian Manhunter an advantage though, is in his telepathy.

Over the years, Logan has fallen victim to all sorts of mental attacks. Since Martian Manhunter is one of DC’s most powerful telepaths, one can only imagine what he is capable of doing to Wolverine. Physical damage aside, Martian Manhunter is capable of dealing such devastating damage to Wolverine, that it is obvious to see how he would be the victor.

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