10 Marvel/DC Characters With The Exact Same Powers

It's a question every comic book fan will face in their life. One that cuts to the core and can inspire impassioned responses and defenses of whatever answer they choose. A question that has divided that comic book community since the dawn of the comic book community: Marvel or DC? While both publications have their strengths and weaknesses, the fact that most seem to miss entirely is that the two are more alike than they are different. Even when it comes to the powers of their superheroes, the two publishers share more similarities than most notice. Here are 10 Marvel and DC Superheroes with the exact same powers.

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10 The Flash/Quicksilver

Speedsters are far from a novelty in the world of comic books, but none are more well-known than The Flash and Quicksilver. While The Flash has had a television show that has fleshed out his powers (he can run through walls, hurl lightning, and travel in time), Quicksilver's powers have remained relatively straightforward, at least in the realm of filmed media (he can run really fast). Both are quick-witted and fast-talking, but Barry and Pietro both have distinct differences of character that help to keep them from being too outright similar.

9 Superman/Captain Marvel

if you've heard this one before: An alien with mind-boggling powers crashes to Earth and vows to defend the weak and defenseless from threats both human and alien. They can fly and shoot lasers, they have super strength, and they're all but invulnerable to any kind of earthly weaponry. The hero just described is Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel, but you would be forgiven if you immediately assumed Superman was the hero in question. While Supes came first and essentially became the template for every superhero that has come after, Captain Marvel shows some striking similarities with the godfather of superpowered folk. While Superman undoubtedly has a better origin story and is the originator of most comic tropes, Captain Marvel has nevertheless become a beacon of hope in her (or his, depending on which era of the book you're reading) own right.

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8 Aquaman/Namor

While these two have many surface similarities, they differ heavily in their worldview. Aquaman has never been anything less than a hero, striving to protect his home kingdom of Atlantis as well as the surface world. Namor The Sub-Mariner on the other hand has flirted with being an anti-hero if not a full-blown villain at times. Namor also hails from Atlantis, and is the offspring of Atlantean royalty and a surface-dwelling human. Both possess the same powers of superhuman strength, super-speed in the water and other aquatic-based powers, however Namor also has the ability to fly.

7 Cyborg/Iron Man

Victor Stone and Tony Stark are about as different as can be, despite having essentially the exact same powers (flight, suits of armor and the ability to hack just about anything). However, while Victor relies on his suit to stay alive, Iron Man is free to walk around without the constraints of his powerful armor. Their backgrounds are completely different, Tony coming from wealth and privilege and building even more upon it, and Victor coming from decidedly less money. Moreover, Victor has a far greater resentment to his responsibility and the armor he wears, being a victim of a life-saving experiment he didn't consent to and becoming Cyborg because of it, as opposed to Tony choosing to become Iron Man to fix past mistakes. It adds dimension to Victors character and separates him distinctly from Iron Man.

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6 Green Arrow/Hawkeye

The fact that Hawleye and Green Arrow are both "The Bow and Arrow Guys" shouldn't be held against them for two reasons. One, both are great characters and wonderful in their own ways. Two, bows and arrows will always be cool. While Hawkeye recieved his training while in S.H.I.E.L.D, and had the gift of incredible vision from the get-go, Olivers skill with a bow came after a long stint on a deserted Island. Both are deadly accurate from any distance, utilizing a variety of gadget arrows (grapplers, explosive arrows, electric shots etc.), as well as being hghly skilled in hand to hand combat.

5 The Atom/Ant-Man

Whether Ant-Man or The Atom is the one onscreen, audiences can agree that shrinking powers can make for some incredibly fun and visually thrilling action. Both characters possess the awesome power to both grow to enormous heights or shrink to practically microscopic size. The most notable difference between the two would be Hank Pym and Scott Lang's ability to telepathically communicate with ants.

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4 Elongated Man/Mr. Fantastic

Due to the comparative obscurity of the character, one could be forgiven for thinking that Elongated Man Ralph Dibny was created after patriarch of Marvels First Family, Reed Richards. But Dibny actually came first, appearing in The Flash #112 almost a full year before Reed Richards ever graced the pages of Fantastic Four #1. Both characters are talented scientists and utilize incredible stretching and elasticity powers, but it's incredibly interesting that the more popular of the two wasn't introduced until almost a full year after the original, Elongated Man.

3 Deathstroke/Deadpool

It should be noted that Deadpool, (yes, everyone's favorite R-Rated Superhero) was originally created by Rob Lliefeld as an intentional homage to classic DC villain Deathstroke. The two are strikingly similar, both having backrounds as a mercenary, both utilizing guns and swords as their main weapons, and both sporting an almost identical costume, save the color scheme. Deathstroke, however, lacks all of Deadpools powers. He can't regenerate from wounds, he can't teleport as Deadpool does in the comics, and he never breaks the fourth wall. Slade Wilson is more of an unspeakably evil and unstoppable force, tactical, brutal and efficient. Despite them not sharing any powers, they landed on this list solely due to their aesthetic similarities.

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2 Daredevil/Batman

Daredevil may be the only powered person on this entry, but he shares quite a few similarities in general design with Batman, and his skill set is mostly the same. Both Batman and Daredevil lost parents at a young age, Daredevil having also been blinded beforehand, just to pile up even more childhoood trauma. They both train with shadowy ninja instructors, Batman joining the League of Shadows and Daredevil training with Stick. Both fight crime on a much smaller scale than their powered kin, opting to do more detective work and stealth attacks, as well as utilizing trademark gadgets (Daredevils staff/grappler, Batmans grapple gun and the ever-useful Batarang). The only real difference is Bruce Wayne's highly public and pampered life as Bruce Wayne, contrasted with the humble upbringings of Matt Murdock in Hells Kitchen, where he practices law by day.

1 Black Cat/Catwoman

The baddest ladies in the whole of Marvel and DC, these femme fatales have hearts of gold but are both prone to bending the rules of law to their gain. Catwoman has been a long-standing romantic interest for Batman, while Black Cat has had more than a few on-again off-again entanglements with the NYC's favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man. They also share an affinity for bullwhips, climbing claws, gymnastics and burglary. Black Cat, however, has a few gadgets courtesy of Peter Parkers genius intellect, such as contacts that can read electromagnetic energy (similar to a thermal sight) and retractable claws, in addition to a super power to cause enemies to have incredibly bad luck if she wishes.

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