10 Strange Marvel And DC Characters Who Avoid Technology

It may be the Twenty-First Century and the Digital Age but these people couldn’t care less. They would be just at home at the turn of the Industrial Age as they are in this century. These are people who do not need nor want to live in a technologically advanced world.

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It’s not that they fear technology, per se. They have just found that for reasons of their own, they have no need for technology. It is either useless to them in their current situation, completely beyond their understanding or something they actively choose to avoid.

10 Shanna the She-Devil

Lady Shanna O’Hara Plunder, aka Shanna the She-Devil, is the wife of Lord Kevin Plunder also known as Ka-Zar of the Savage Land. She is a zoologist, animal activist and has a severe dislike for firearms. This comes from her hunter father accidentally killing her mother while on a safari in Africa.

Shanna was adamant that the Savage Land be kept pristine and free from the ills of the outside world. She got into screaming arguments with Ka-Zar over bringing a Walkman, CDs, and magazines into their home and then hiding them as if they were something “illicit”. She was so hard-core against modern items that she was angry at Ka-Zar for wearing jeans shorts.

9 Kamandi

Kamandi, “the last boy on Earth.”, is one of the last intelligent boys left. After the “Great Disaster”, most surviving humans devolved to a bestial state with very little reasoning skills. They could be trained and were used as laborers for the now evolved animals that are the dominant species of this world.

Very little technology was available to Kamandi in the world after the “Great Disaster”. He learned of the pre-Disaster world from microfilm and old videos while in the Command D bunker. In the outside world, there was only rudimentary technology available to humans. The advanced technology was available only to the animal species.

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8 Thor

Thor Odinson is the millennium-old God of Thunder. Thor is super-strong, fast, nigh-invulnerable, able to fly and to control the weather with the help of his enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir. Thor was a founding member of the Avengers and has assumed the throne of Asgard after the recent War of the Realms as King Thor.

Thor predates most technology and lives in a realm where it is magic, not science, that tends to make things work. Thor only uses the technology of Earth when he absolutely has to. He often finds Tony Stark’s inventions “quaint” at best.

7 Gentleman Ghost

Gentleman “Jim” Craddock was a notorious highwayman and robber that terrorized Victorian England. He immigrated to the U.S. and battled Nighthawk and Cinnamon. Nightmask lynched Craddock when he wrongly believed that he sexually assaulted Cinnamon. Because of the reincarnation and rebirth aspect of his killer, Craddock couldn’t move on, so he became the Gentleman Ghost. He bedeviled numerous heroes like Batman, Green Lantern and the Justice Society but his main foils are Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

The main technology that Craddock hates is the seemingly endless amount of Nth metal in the world. With the exception of virgins and people of noble birth, Nth metal is the one thing that can disrupt Craddock’s ghostly form. Seemingly every hero can get their hands on some but the Hawks entire arsenal is created from it.

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6 Mole Man

Harvey Elder is a nuclear engineer and explorer who has been socially shunned his whole life because of his appearance and his abrasive nature. He discovered the under Earth area of Subterranea and the Caverns that lead to Monster Isle. He dubbed himself the Mole Man and became the ruler of the near mindless Moloids.

Having been blinded by a cache of highly reflective diamonds early in his travels in Subterranea, Elder shuns the bright lights, noises, and activity of the surface world, usually only going there to attack or steal something he needs. Although the Moloids have been shown to be hilariously addicted to television on occasion. The only technology that Elder employs is a varied array of walking staves with different weapons in them.

5 Swamp Thing

Alec Holland was a scientist who was creating a formula to solve the world’s food problems. He was attacked. Knocked unconscious and a bomb was set off in his lab. Doused in his formula and on fire, Holland ran toward the nearby swamp and jumped in. The plant life, imbued with Holland’s consciousness created a semblance of a human body that came to be called the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing is an elemental avatar for the Green, the plane of existence that connects all plant life anywhere in the universe.

Being an Elemental, living most of his time in a swamp and generally dealing more with the magical side of the DC Universe than the scientific, Swamp Thing has no need for technology.

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4 Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is a gigantic crimson color theropod dinosaur similar to a Tyrannosaurus but with significantly longer arms. Devil was originally olive-colored until a tribe of the Killer-Folk tried to burn him to death triggering a mutation that changed the color of his hide before he was saved by Moon Boy, a member of the Small Folk. The pair have adventures on their own planet and are teleported several times to the Modern Marvel Earth. In one of these teleportations, Moon Boy is killed and Devil encounters and befriends young Inhuman Lunella Layfette, who helps him defeat the Killer preceded him through the portal to modern New York.

Despite having near-normal human intelligence, Devil Dinosaur has no need for technology. He’s a dinosaur. Depending on the size, he’d either eat or crush any technology he was given unless he was instructed otherwise. When he switches minds with Lunella, however, this dynamic changes greatly.

3 Black Canary

Dinah Laurel Lance is the second Black Canary. She is a mainstay of the Justice League, longtime member of the Birds of Prey and occasional paramour to the Green Arrow. Black Canary is considered to be one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe and has a devastating Canary Cry that can even knock Superman off his feet.

Dinah absolutely hates computers, doesn’t know how to turn them on and throws a shirt over the ones she is given. She doesn’t know anything about them and isn’t interested in learning. On one mission, she had to impersonate the tech-savvy Oracle on a mission with several supervillains. The true Oracle was trying to talk her through the part through an earpiece with varying degrees of success.

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2 Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter is a maniacal big game hunter who seeks to defeat Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. He consumed a mystical serum that enhanced his strength and dramatically slowed his aging process. Kraven failed repeatedly to defeat Spider-Man alone and with others. He drugged and buried Spider-Man but the hero broke free and defeated Kraven again. Kraven committed suicide but has been resurrected.

Kraven, unlike many hunters, will not use guns or bows and arrows. He prefers to take down large and dangerous animals by hand, believing that it proved his prowess. He considers it his code of honor that he treats his game fairly.

1 Hawkman

Hawkman aka archaeologist Carter Hall was originally Egyptian Prince Khufu, who, along with his consort Chay-Ara, was murdered by priest Hath-Set. Khufu was reincarnated throughout the centuries as several heroes including the Silent Knight, Capt. John Smith of the 16th Century Virginia Colony, Western Hero Nighthawk and others. He first became Hawkman in the war years and joined the Justice Society. He later found that he was also reincarnated on other worlds as well and some of his incarnations existed simultaneously.

Hawkman lived throughout the growth of human technology. Generally, the only technology he employed and the source of his powers is the Nth metal that laces his belt and wing harness. It enhanced his strength, provided temperature control, flight, healing, and eyesight. Hawkman also favors ancient weapons like battle axes, spears, maces, swords, and shields.

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