10 Marvel Vs. DC Battles That Would Be Epic

Competition has more than likely existed since the dawn of time. It has the ability to be a healthy endeavor by bringing out the best in both competitors. Competition exists in many more forms than just athletics or politics. It exists in business entities.

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Two business entities that have been in constant competition are Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Both companies are the front runners of super-hero adventures upon comic book pages. Questions always lingered in the minds of fans regarding company crossovers and character dominance. "Who would win in a fight?" This list will not ultimately determine a victor but will layout the intersecting bouts. Here are 10 Marvel Vs DC Battles That Would Be Epic.

10 Green Goblin Vs. Joker

Giggles and smiles galore will erupt from this battle. Pitting two arch-nemeses against each other is always a curious treat. However, the scope of this skirmish reaches volcanic levels due to the combatants.

The Joker's psychosis, criminal mind, and saturated fashion sense have etched him as one of DC's greatest villains. The Green Goblin's lunacy, scientific skill, and immense bank account have allowed him to have a stranglehold over the Marvel Universe. Imagining and witnessing the fervidly lucid brawl immediately paints a picture of pumpkin bombs detonating over a green laugh-inducing mist. The Joker's "bang" revolver blasting at the Green Goblin's glider would be a welcome duel between these two supervillains.

9 Lex Luthor Vs. Spider-Man

This match-up is a clash of social status. Peter Parker is a mild-mannered middle-class citizen struggling to make ends meet for himself and his Aunt May. Lex Luthor, on the other, is a technological tycoon who will stop at nothing from achieving corporate domination. Parker and Luthor's moralities, viewpoints and lifestyles would create immense friction.

Luthor's attempts to pacify menaces within the city that he himself administered would be thwarted by the pesky web-slinger. The more Spider-Man intervenes and exposes Luthor for the wealthy charlatan he is, the more Luthor's bald head would fume and scheme. This would be a classic story of "The Haves" vs. "The Have Nots".

8 Black Widow Vs. Cat-Woman

These intelligent and beautiful ladies are no strangers to confrontation. Each of them showcases a skill set of stealth, acrobatics, and martial arts. These similarities would establish an evenly matched melee.

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Selina's (Cat-Woman) expertise with the bullwhip is nothing to overlook. She's been able to disarm and harm opponents with it. Not to mention her cat-like agility makes her a dodgy target. Natasha's (Black Widow) speed and near-supernatural sense of anticipating an opponent's attack gives her a counterbalance against Selina. Her competence with firearms is also something to bring into play. This would be a quick-paced and perfectly executed spar.

7 Solomon Grundy Vs. Juggernaut

One claims that nothing will ever stand in his way. The other is certain he was born on a Monday. This scrap would be one cemented in brute strength and monstrous power. The Earth would crumble beneath these two.

Solomon Grundy's cursed corpse makes him nearly invulnerable to pain and punishment. His undead and enormous strength make him a harmful creature to anyone in his path. However, that path would collide against an unstoppable force. Aided by the magical Cyttorak crystal, Cain Marko becomes a bulking being known as the unstoppable Juggernaut. Both adversaries, in this case, have their mythical and mystical origins but their colossal brawn is nothing to ignore.

6 Mimic Vs. Bizarro

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is an excuse both of these outlandish characters can claim. Each of them derives their powers from their mortal enemy. This kinship establishes a prime opportunity for an encounter laced in weird duplication.

Mimic is an X-Men villain that may have been lost in obscurity after his initial debut in 1966's X-Men #19. After an accidental scientific dilemma, Calvin Rankin (Mimic) inherited the capability to absorb another's beings' powers. Hence his appearance, after an encounter with the original X-Men team. A similar situation fell upon Bizarro, as he was birthed via a duplicate ray utilized on Super-Man. He inherited all of Super-Man's powers but not his intelligence and self-control. Mimic vs. Bizarro would be a match made in hellacious heaven.

5 Deadshot Vs. Bullseye

A sharpshooter duel is one that boasts of lethal accuracy. A sense of pride boils between both of these marksmen. They have both held at bay some of the most prestigious super-heroes to ever grace comic book pages. This is all due to their deadly accuracy with firearms and blades.

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Bullseye prides himself on never missing his target. This is a great justification for his name. He also is a MacGyver of weapons. He can most often create and utilize any near item as a fatal tool to hit his mark. Bullseye may have met a worthy opponent in the form of Deadshot, an uncanny marksmen vigilante. His gun gauntlet and laser-eyed scope are tools that make Deadshot even more dangerous. Question is who will hit their target first?

4 Wolverine Vs. Super-Man

The Man of Steel. The Weapon of Adamantium. This heroic altercation is one of berserker barrages and locomotive power. Both men were born into their abilities and grew to master them for the benefit of humanity. What differs is the manner as they both administer their respective forms of integrity.

James 'Logan' Howlett's (Wolverine) natural vicious nature was honed and controlled by his newfound purpose of his mutancy. Kal- El aka Clark Kent's (Super-Man) God-like status was bestowed upon him since birth. He has had to control and condone his wondrous powers to aid those around him. Wolverine's mutant healing factor along with his unbreakable skeleton and claws are two traits that make him a worthy adversary. Super-Man must bally an opponent that battles with nothing to lose.

3 Iron-Man Vs. Bat-Man

Which billionaire playboy will reign supreme? Whose genius will prevail? These are a few questions that linger above as both heroes quarrel in an arena of brawn and brilliance.

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Tony Stark (Iron-Man) has relished in his technological advances in weaponry for pacification at Stark Industries. Repulsor rays, unibeams, and an array of Iron-Man suits are a few of Tony's options to victory. Bruce Wayne (Bat-Man) has his fair share of toys courtesy of Wayne Enterprises. Batmobiles, grapple guns, and even armored suits powerful enough to combat Super-Man are part of Bat-Man's ever-growing arsenal. This war showcases itself as one of intelligence and preparation.

2 Mysterio Vs. Scarecrow

These two villains are a pair of cerebral assassins. The human mind is the battlefield according to both of these intellectual fiends. They break down their opponents from within and have them implode into anxiety and confusion. The mentally wounded become easy prey. What would it be like to draw a line between these two?

Dr. Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) has mastered the art of fear. He utilizes a target's weakness from within which is what scares them. That nullifies them into vulnerability. Quentin Beck (Mysterio) is a grand artist of illusion. He builds a world around his adversary and soon tears it down to their dismay. Scarecrow's fear toxin and Mysterio's special effects wrestle for cerebral supremacy against one another.

1 Sandman Vs. Nightmare

The most epic crossover battle is not one of physical or mental attributes. It is one of the celestial slumber variety. One is the heroic master of dreams while the other is the villainous master of nightmares. They are the bonafide antithesis of each other.

Morpheus aka Dream (Sandman) is part of a God-like clan known as The Endless, anthropomorphized personifications of ideals. His duty is to oversee every form of life through their dream states and set the wrong things right within them. Nightmare is a demon prince that rules the nightmare realm. He intrudes upon a being's slumber and exploits their fears within the slums of their mind. Nightmare has duked it out with the likes of Dr. Strange, Hulk, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, and Ghost Rider. A skirmish between these two entities would be one of biblical proportions. They both personify who and what they are. That's what makes this crusade epic.

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