Marvel Cybercomics: A blast from the past

Sean Kleefeld points out a bit of comics ephemera that has resurfaced on the net: CyberComics, Marvel's early (1996) attempt at webcomics. Apparently these comics have disappeared from Marvel's own archives, but writer D.G. Chichester still had them on his hard disk so he went ahead and posted them, both in panel-by-panel format and as videos. Despite being 15 years old, they look pretty much like webcomics today, with standard navigational arrows and a panel-by-panel reveal that is just like the one used in, say, Red Light Properties.

Sean sketches out a little background for these, pointing out that rather than use webcomics to bring people to the print comics, which is often the current model, Marvel was doing the reverse—promoting the digital comics in the print version. They never could find a way to make them pay, though, and the experiment was dropped after four years.

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