Marvel cuts trade paperback prices

Official Press Release

As The House continues to experiment with new characters, creators, imprintsand formats, the gang in the Bullpen is also examining entire publishinglines, including our recently overhauled trade paperback program. In aneffort to deliver more bang for readers' bucks, Marvel is cutting pricesfrom two to three dollars on all new volumes -- as determined by theirindividual page counts -- starting with collections that will reach storesin July 2002!

Why cut the prices? And why now? "The simple truth is that we responded tofeedback from retailers and fans," explained Marvel President and COO BillJemas. Likewise, Editor In Chief Joe Quesada gave this short but sweetreason: "I was looking at the tpb prices and thought to myself, 'Man, theseare expensive.' Retailers and readers told us the same thing -- so we cutthe prices."

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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