Marvel Cover Previews for Captain Marvel #25 and Thunberbolts #58

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Hey, True Believer!

Sometimes we just don't have room in our monthly section in the Previewscatalog to show you all of the covers our terrific talent craft. Andsometimes, the creators just need a few extra days to deliver the goods...which is fine by me if the covers keep turning out as cool as these!

In other words, on this Halloween, I have two treats for you!

Cover by Patrick Zircher & Al Vey

Fabian Nicieza(w)/Patrick Zircher(p)/Al Vey(i)

The Thunderbolts are back - with a new team member! Reunited by the looming threat of Graviton, the T-bolts strike as never before, with their own liberty on the line -- but due to the shocking climax, that's going to prove the least of their worries!

On Sale Nov. 21st (MarvelPG) $2.25

Cover by Chriscross & Anibal Rodriguez

Peter David(w)/Chriscross(p)/Anibal Rodriguez (i)

It's the shocking climax to Captain Marvel's foray into the Negative Zone! Featuring: A huge development in the life of Rick Jones! The fate of Una-Rogg! And... piping hot popcorn!

On Sale Nov. 21st (MarvelPG) $2.50

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