Beyond Infinity: 10 Cosmic Heroes We Want In The MCU After Infinity War (And 10 We Don't)

In just a matter of days, the world as we know it will have changed. Why is that? Because Avengers: Infinity War will have been released. According to all accounts, the action-packed blockbuster is going to blow people’s minds! Ever since Marvel Studios and Disney kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything has been leading to this one moment. Every film has, in some way or another, paved the way for the eventual arrival of the Mad Titan Thanos.

Yet what happens after the credits roll and the theater goes dark? Clearly the MCU is not going to be the same; serious changes will have taken place. With those changes, there will also be ramifications. Should some of our heroes perish in the line of duty, it’ll make room for additional characters. Currently, Marvel looks like it’s gearing towards telling cosmic stories, and if that’s the case, then cosmic heroes other than the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be needed. Today at CBR we’re taking a look at some cosmic heroes we’d really like to see make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Infinity War, along with heroes that would probably be better left to the comic page.


The Fantastic Four are returning to the Marvel’s comic universe. Absent for a number of years, their reappearance marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. Hopefully Marvel’s First Family will then join the MCU in short order. If so, then of course classic villains like Galactus will appear. However, just as important as Galactus is his herald, the Silver Surfer. Audiences might remember Norrin Radd from the ridiculous Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie, but this time around, it’d be done under Marvel’s careful instruction.

The Silver Surfer is an integral part of Marvel Comics and you can’t keep doing space adventures without him. Despite his gentle-looking frame, the Surfer boasts Superman-level power. He can control gravity, rearrange molecules, time travel, is telekinetic, and has many, many more powers. He’s unquestionably one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and definitely another chance in the spotlight.


When it comes to arrogant characters, there are few individuals quite as belittling as Moondragon. Extremely confident in both herself and her abilities, she tends to look down on other heroes. Granted, Moondragon was raised in near isolation, so she doesn’t have the best people skills, but this has lead to her overly using her psychic powers to manipulate people’s thoughts against their will. For example, she once mentally controlled the entire population of a planet, forcing them to live in peace.

Yet thanks to falling in love with Quasar, Moondragon realized it wasn’t right to control people; some things have to come naturally. Still, given Moondragon’s history, it’s a safe bet that she’ll exercise her mental powers yet again just to prove she’s right. All things considered, the MCU is better off without her.


Quasar started off as Marvel’s version of DC Comics’ Green Lantern. That said, this doesn’t automatically make him a bad character. Rather, the MCU needs all the cosmic heroes it can get, and the history of Wendall Elvis Vaughn is interesting enough to set him apart from Green Lantern.

After Wendall joined S.H.I.E.L.D., he found a set of Quantum Bands and became Quasar, and was designated as the Protector of the Universe. Flying out into space to fulfill his duty, Quasar proved incredibly powerful and useful whenever he teamed up with the Avengers. But really, the guy is responsible for guarding the universe, so you’d have to imagine he’s going to be needed at some point. Though the MCU currently has the Guardians of the Galaxy for all their cosmic adventure needs, Quasar would make for an awesome addition to the team or the MCU as a whole.


It’s because of characters like Deathcry that comic books from the ‘90s get a bad reputation. A despised Avenger, Deathcry was created with the motif of animal-themed woman. Deathcry is a Shi'ar warrior who was commanded by the Empress to join and protect the Avengers. The Avengers politely refused her help. She didn’t take no for an answer and forced her way onto the team.

Does the MCU have a place for Deathcry? No. It’s true that Marvel has done great things with lesser known heroes and villains, but some characters are beyond saving. You could have her run into a superhero team like the Guardians of the Galaxy or even the X-Men if/when they encounter the Shi’ar, but considering how she was vaporized in the comics by her ally, Captain Cosmic, she probably wouldn’t stick around long.


One of the most popular characters in Thor comics, Beta Ray Bill is a unique hero people have been clamoring to see in the MCU. When Bill and Thor met, they fought. Thor was separated from his hammer, but Beta Ray Bill picked it up. A feat never before seen, the moment’s relevance lived on in comics forever. In subsequent issues, Odin gave Bill a hammer of his own.

Ever since there was a statue of Beta Ray Bill teased in Thor: Ragnarok, fans have wondered just where the heck he is. If Thor dies in Infinity War, the MCU is going to need a thunder god, and who better than Bill to take his place? It wouldn’t require much imagining to create a scenario wherein the horse-headed alien acquires a hammer and goes out to fight evildoers in the universe…which is really a movie we all want to see.


We already have Mantis running around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so do we really need another interstellar insectoid hero? Well, if we’re talking about the character Bug, then nah, we don’t need him. Originally a master thief, Bug joined commander Rann and the Micronauts in order to fight Baron Karza. From there, Bug joined the Guardians of the Galaxy team and, disappointingly (at least to him), he wasn’t the best at his job. Getting his team in trouble at least a couple of times, Bug wasn’t deterred and kept fighting the good fight.

Now here’s what we’re thinking. If anyone’s likely to run into Bug, it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy. Bug, similar to Mantis, would probably be played for comedic value, but considering how Mantis (and even Drax) fills that role, there’s little need for yet another character whose sole purpose is to inspire a couple chuckles.


Back when comics were simpler, there was one cosmic hero in Marvel’s pantheon that stood out: Captain Marvel. A character of distinction and honor, Captain Marvel was a captain in the Kree militia who rebelled against the tyrannical empire he served. Choosing to defend Earth, he earned the moniker “Protector of the Universe.” An inspiration to many other heroes, and readers, Captain Marvel’s adventures came to an abrupt end when he tragically died of cancer. Even so, his legacy was continued, thanks to the likes of Carol Danvers, who went on to become the next Captain Marvel.

With the Captain Marvel movie coming out, it’s a safe bet that Mar-vell will make an appearance. How will the MCU address his origin? Will they go with the story of the Kree plotting against Earth, or change the origin completely? Either way, we really want to see one of Marvel’s greatest!


The MCU has one Hulk, so another Hulk, even if it were another color, would be redundant. General Thaddeus Ross hates Bruce Banner. Once Banner transformed into the Hulk, Ross dedicated his career to hunting the Hulk down. Fuelled by bitter loathing, Ross had himself experimented on and became the Red Hulk. With his newfound power, the Red Hulk became a nasty piece of work. The ironic thing was that he believed in his actions and considered himself a hero. He went on to punch the Watcher, break the Hulk’s arm, and defeat Thor.

Later, he stole the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic. Revealing in the energies flowing through his body, Red Hulk thought he was unstoppable and challenged Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds simply took the Power Cosmic away. So while a Hulk with cosmic powers would be bonkers, does anyone genuinely want to see a cosmic Red Hulk?


It turns out that Loki isn’t Thor’s only sibling. In fact, Thor has a sister, Angela, who’s practically as powerful as he is. During the Original Sin: Thor and Loki storyline, Thor discovered he has a sister that’s been kept secret from him. The daughter of Odin and Freyja, Angela was raised in the Tenth Realm called Heven.

While it’s true there’s already been plenty of time dedicated to Thor and his family drama, you wouldn’t necessarily need a movie dedicated to the pair. After her encounter with Thor, Angela went to travel throughout the universe. Along the way, whom did she run into, but the Guardians of the Galaxy. Joining the team, she made for a powerful addition and loyal teammate. If Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 happens, it’d be pretty easy to find a way to rewrite Angela’s history and not even mention Thor.


Throughout his travels, Galactus once discovered a race of creatures called the Xandarians; you might recognize them as the soldiers from the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy. Galactus chose Pyreus Kril to be his herald and named him Firelord. Though Firelord is a cosmic juggernaut, the MCU isn’t in the market for dudes who can light themselves on fire…but in space.

His powers are cool and he looks rather snazzy, but Firelord had the misfortune of getting beaten up by Spider-Man in one of the biggest mismatches in all of comic book history. Even so, Firelord isn’t a terrible character, as he’s proven helpful in storylines like Infinity Gauntlet, and he hangs out with the Silver Surfer from time to time, but there’s only room for one herald of Galactus, and Firelord isn’t it.


While the Novas have been introduced into the MCU, we haven’t seen either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander. Richard Rider was Earth’s first Nova and Sam Alexander, though he appeared many years later, now has a fan-following of his own. They both possess flight, strength, invulnerability and energy absorption and manipulation. Though the Nova Corps appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, a large number of them died in battle; maybe it’s time for some recruiting.

Rich and Sam are great characters, with the former becoming Nova-Prime the leader of the Nova Corps and one of the galaxy’s mightiest protectors. In the comics, Nova’s teamed up with Guardians of the Galaxy multiple times, so if the MCU eventually decides to tell the "Annihilation" storyline, can you think of someone better suited to help than Nova? With such a lush history, Nova could easily aid the MCU explore its cosmic side.


With Thanos taking front and center in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Infinity War, a few of his family members are joining the fight too. We know Gamora and Nebula, his “daughters”, are fighting their dad, but what about Thanos’s brother? The younger brother to the Mad Titan, Eros is an Eternal and an occasional member of the Avengers. Choosing to go by the name Starfox (because it sounds heroic), Starfox is one dude we hope stays far away from the MCU.

Starfox doesn’t share his brother’s proclivities for violence, but Eros is very sketchy. Aside from super strength and flight, Starfox also has the ability to seduce nearly anyone. It’s gotten him in trouble on multiple occasions as he woos whomever he wants, with little appreciation that he’s seducing people against their will. An utter creep, we’re thinking Disney doesn’t want to make a toyline dedicated to Starfox.


Captain Universe resides on the fringe of Marvel Comics, but with the way Disney is slowly adding lesser-known characters to movies, it’d make sense to bring along Captain Universe. It’d be simple, since Captain Universe is not an actual person, but rather the physical manifestation of the Uni-Power. The Uni-Power possesses individuals during crisis and bequeaths them with extraordinary power to solve it. As Captain Universe, not only does the wielder become far stronger than the Hulk, but they’re capable of energy manipulation and projection, and nearly any power needed at a particular moment.

When Spider-Man possessed the power, he punched the Hulk into space; when Sue Storm was imbued with the Uni Power, she effortlessly defeated the nigh-unbeatable Gladiator. It’d be easy to have a fan favorite hero get a power boost for a movie, something akin to Star-Lord and his Celestial power in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Does it surprise you to learn that Spider-Man‘s old Aunt May was once one of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics? It shouldn’t; this is comics after all. The MCU is a wacky place, but nothing compares so far to the comic Marvel Team Up #137. The story features Galactus coming to Earth (a circus specifically) and looking for a new Herald. Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue Richards, is there, and Galactus tries to infuse him with the Power Cosmic. Aunt May steps in the way, taking the hit for the boy; she becomes Golden Oldie, the New Herald of Galactus.

She then satiates Galactus’s hunger by taking him to an intergalactic chef that bakes planet-sized Twinkies. The issue ended up being a dream. While the MCU is no stranger to hijinks, Aunt May should stick to making pancakes for Spider-Man.


The day will come when Marvel and Fox officially put pen to paper and give the former studio a bunch of characters back. If the X-Men join the MCU, then one cosmic character who needs to appear is Gladiator. With all the interstellar adventures the mutant team experience, you know they’re going to run into the Shi’ar Empire at some point. When that happens, Gladiator ought not be far behind.

A member of the Strontian species, Gladiator is the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and is incredibly dutiful to his people, even when it means he has to fight the X-Men. One of the universe’s strongest mortal, Gladiator possesses all of Superman’s powers, and then some. He’s kicked Thor’s hammer across a city, flown through suns, and even destroyed a planet with one punch. He’d make for a powerful addition to the MCU.


If the Silver Surfer appears in the MCU, he’ll likely be in more than just one movie. If he’s in multiple films, Marvel Studios is going to need a way to keep audiences invested in Galactus’s herald. One generic and boring way they could do this is by giving him a romantic interest. That’s where Ardina would come in.

First appearing in The Order #4, the original members of The Defenders encountered their female equivalents. The Silver Surfer didn’t have an equivalent, so a magical dagger created one for him, hence Ardina. A golden woman whose appearance matched that of Silver Surfer’s lost love, Shalla-Bal, she possesses the same Power Cosmic he does. With a flair for the dramatic and constantly musing and feeling sorry for herself, Ardina would be a pointless addition to the MCU, especially if her only purpose was to serve as a cosmic girlfriend.


Thanos is a truly intimidating figure, but it deserves mention that he’s not the only one of his kind. In fact, he’s from the godlike humanoids known as Eternals. Created by the Celestials, the Eternals are an offshoot of humanity; they had their DNA tampered with over a million years ago. The Eternals, as their name implies, are practically immortal and possess incredible powers.

The Eternals are effectively Marvel’s response to the New Gods from DC Comics. Like the New Gods, the Eternals live on their own perfect world and undergo ridiculous adventures. Marvel fans are already speculating hard that the Eternals will show up at some point soon; they may be right. Once Marvel’s Phase Four begins, anything is possible. With Asgard destroyed, it’s time to looks elsewhere for godly beings; the Eternals more than fit the bill.


Many characters first appear as villains, before switching sides to join the good guys. That’s definitely the case with the Cosmic Messiah; he raised the question why heroes like Thor don’t still get worshiped. One day Silver Surfer discovered a man named Alexei Granger had founded a cult dedicated to worshipping him. The Surfer was understandably creeped out and rejected the idea of being a religious icon. The cult then built a messiah from scratch.

Alexei Granger constructed a body from radioactive clay, stole the Silver Surfer’s power, and imbued the clay body with it; so was born the Cosmic Messiah. The Cosmic Messiah was first evil, but thanks to Alicia Masters, renounced the godhood built around him and went to explore the galaxy. All we can think is, eh. The MCU doesn’t need the religiosity that would come from such a character.


People love Captain America and his being a man out of time. Now multiply his 60 years of sleep by a couple thousand years. In an alternate timeline, Vance Astrovik changed his name to Astro, joined the U.S. Air Force, and underwent an interstellar space mission that put him in suspended animation for a couple thousand years.

When he woke up, Astro realized the galaxy needed saving. He teamed up with Yondu and they formed the Guardians of the Galaxy. The leader of the interstellar super team, Vance called himself Major Victory and was generally pretty awesome. A key moment for Vance was when he found Captain America’s shield and decided to wield it in the name of Steve Rogers. Just like how Cap has become a fan favorite, a story set in the future with the telekinetic Vance could be excellent, perhaps making him an inspirational icon too.


If Deadpool 2 has taught us anything with the introduction of Peter, an ordinary dude, it’s that even average Joes can kick it with superheroes. In the graphic novel called Silver Surfer: The Enslavers, NASA releases a probe into space named Voyager III. The Enslavers find the message and offer promises of peace in response.

Upon arriving, they enslave the whole population, minus one man: Earl Weygand. The scientist who created Voyager III, he was responsible for bringing the Enslavers to the planet. Thanking him for his actions, the Enslavers gave Weygand one week of freedom. To make up for what he did, Earl Weygand was given the Power Cosmic by the Silver Surfer and destroyed the Enslavers main ship. This action cost Weygand his life, but he saw it as a small price to pay. Regardless, this isn’t the sort of story that’d translate to the big screen.

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