Marvel Continues James Patterson Adaptations with "Max Ride: Ultimate Flight"

Marvel continues its partnership with author James Patterson this winter when writer Jody Houser, and artist RB Silva bring "Maximum Ride: School's Out-Forever" to comics.

"Both Jody and RB have been a dream to work with so far," editor Emily Shaw told The Mary Sue of the "Max Ride: Ultimate Flight" writer/artist combo, which follows in "Max Ride: First Flight" creative team Marguerite Bennett and Alex Sanchez's footsteps. "They both have such a natural feel for the world of Max Ride and the characters that live in it. Jody did a killer job adapting the Orphan Black TV show, so this was very much up her alley. And RB draws great young people. They really make the job easy!"

Patterson Takes a "Maximum Ride" with Marvel

"Seeing heroes who look like us give us an example to aspire to," Houser said of the reasons why Patterson's characters have struck such a strong chord with young readers. "It show us possibilities of what we can be, what we're capable of. More importantly, seeing versions of ourselves in stories shows us that we matter. When you're always relegated to the background or ignored completely, it's like being told you're not "normal", that who you are doesn't count. It's important at any age to be shown that there's no such thing as a default human being and that you do have a place in both fiction and the real world."

"Max Ride: Ultimate Flight" debuts in November.

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