Marvel Contest of Champions Adds the White Queen Emma Frost

Today starting at 1 pm ET/10 am  PT, the mobile video game Marvel Contest of Champions has a new addition to its roster of Marvel superheroes with the reveal of the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and current X-Man, Emma Frost.

Marvel Contest of Champions lists Emma Frost as the leader of the X-Men, leaving her time as the Hellfire Club's White Queen behind her, as she uses her telepathic powers and ability to transform into an indestructible diamond form to handle any challenge that comes her way.

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Emma Frost's basic abilities include Bleed Immunity, Resist Physical, Prowess, Taunt, Power Sting and Concussion. Players will also have three special powers to put to use in the game: Mental Assault allows Emma Frost to attack the opponent's mind with a pair of telepathic strikes; Brainstorm lets Frost launch a psychic blast at her opponent, with a direct mental attack as a follow-up; and Dominate the Mind gives Frost complete control of an opponent's mind, subjecting them to extreme mental trauma before dramatically bringing them back to reality.

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Marvel Contest of Champions is available for download on all Android and Apple devices.

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