Marvel Contest of Champions Debuts Symbiote Supreme & Venom the Duck

Video game publisher Kabam today announced three new characters coming to its mobile game Marvel: Contest of Champions during Marvel's New York Comic Con livestream. The new characters include Symbiote Supreme, Venom the Duck and an original character created just for the game named Aegon.

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Aegon is the third original character Kabam has created specifically for Marvel: Contest of Champions; a hero named Guillotine was added to the game in 2015, while another named Morningstar was added last year. A video teasing both Symbiote Supreme and Venom the Duck was released by the publisher yesterday.

Aegon's backstory casts him as a pacifist born into slavery. Despite his vow to never harm another member of his species, he began training as a gladiator in secret in an attempt to free his people from the eponymous Contest of Champions. Aegon was even able to defeat the contest's Master, but the ordeal lost him his arm and the life of his loved one. Aegon was later cast out of his community, exiled to the Battlerealm. Aegon's prize for winning the first contest was the Iso-Belt, and artifact that allows him to manifest his missing arm.

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The livestream also revealed two more new characters in Symbiote Supreme and Venom the Duck. The former is a symbiote-infected alternate reality version of Doctor Strange, while the latter is a version of Howard the Duck that has also bonded with a symbiote… though in a more unique way.

Symbiote Supreme and Venom the Duck are both slated to be added to Marvel Contest of Champions in October.

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