X-Men Villain Omega Red Joins Marvel Contest of Champions Game

Today, Kabam is adding a new playable character to its Marvel Contest of Champions mobile video game -- Arkady Rossovich, the Soviet super-soldier and X-Men villain known as Omega Red.

Players can choose to play as the villain in the popular mobile fighting game starting today at 1pm ET/10am PT.

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Omega Red's basic abilities include Death Factor, Death Field, Degeneration and Life Steal. When an opponent builds up enough Death Spores, an opponent will begin to lose health and the strength needed to block an attack from Omega Red.

Players will also have three special powers to put to use in the game: Draining Experience, which allows Omega Red to use his Carbonadium tentacles to take lifeforce through brute force; Death Field floods the air around him with deadly spores, making close-combat difficult; and Tentacled Terror, which uses Omega Red's tentacles to send the opponent helplessly into the air and down again as he prepares a final attack to leave his opponent completely drained.

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Marvel Contest of Champions is available for download on all Android and Apple devices.

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