Guillotine 2099 Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

The 2099 incarnation of Guillotine -- the wielder of the cursed sentient sword La Fleur du Mal -- is the newest addition to the mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Jeannine Sauvage, aka Guillotine, debuted in the Contest of Champions game in 2015 but was also introduced into the comics that same year in Contest of Champions #1, by Al Ewing and Paco Medina. After accidentally slicing her finger with La Fleur du Mal, Jeannine was cursed to wield the evil sword, though her strong moral fiber led to her acting as a vigilante instead.

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An unholy blend of cutting-edge technology and ancient dark magic can only create one of the deadliest weapons. Become Champion with another new update from Kabam as the company prepares to launch another character for Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Guillotine 2099's abilities include Advanced A.I. Integration, Robotics, Self Repair, Digi-Souls, Armor and Pre-Fight Ability, and she possesses a max PI of 3,863, making her a valuable addition to the game's roster.

Developed by Kabam, Marvel: Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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