A Familiar Marvel Universe Locale Is Ground Zero to a Superhero Disease

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Contagion #1 by Ed Brisson, Roge Antonio, Stephen Segovia, Mack Chater, Damian Couciero and Adam Gorham, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 2.

The street-level heroes of the Marvel Universe will find themselves on the front lines for a five-part weekly event series. Contagion fills the streets of New York City with an unstoppable force that takes possession of whoever becomes infected -- that means regular citizens and superheroes alike.

Something that is capable of taking control of heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America has to be taken seriously, because if Earth's Mightiest Heroes can't be counted on to save the day, what chance do the rest of us have? Thankfully, the likes of Thing, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Moon Knight step up to confront the infectious threat.

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With a force this powerful, the location of Patient Zero is always of importance. Marvel has released a preview of Contagion #1, and it not only reveals the familiar location of one of Contagion's first victims, but it also brings a fan-favorite Marvel hero into the fray.

Yancy Street has been a thorn in Benjamin Grimm's side for as long as the Fantastic Four have operated as a superhero family. Lately, the famous street has become the permanent residence of Marvel's First Family. This is where we find Thing in the Contagion #1 preview, as he attempts to buy some cat litter from a local store. He's stopped by a young Yancy Street boy looking for help, but Thing is wary after the Yancy Street Gang's latest prank.

It takes some convincing, but Thing finally agrees to follow the boy to an underground subway tunnel, where the boy says his friend Ruby went missing. Ruby is eventually found, but she is revealed to be under the Contagion influence.

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Marvel is staying tight-lipped on who the mastermind is behind Contagion. Writer Ed Brisson has teased that fans won't be able to predict what's coming, with the threat being something totally new and different for the Marvel Universe.

"It's not often that you really get to build a new bad from the ground up, and that's been a real exciting challenge here," Brisson told Marvel.com. "Our heroes are unprepared for it. This thing is indiscriminate, it's unpredictable, and it's unbeatable."

The superhero disease spreads when Contagion #1 arrives on Oct. 2.

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