Marvel Confirms "Venom" Ending in October

October's "Venom" #42 will be the last for that series, as established Thursday by Marvel.com. The book was absent from Marvel's November 2013 solicitations, and the publisher declined comment when asked by CBR News about its future earlier this week.

"The final six issues all feature [new character] Mania quite heavily," "Venom" writer Cullen Bunn told Marvel.com. "They are her origin story. Of course, she may not survive her own origin."

Speaking specifically of "Venom" #42, Bunn said, "The final issue is very personal to me for a number of reasons that we can discuss once it's been published."

"With the final issue, I try to weave in elements that we've seen from the beginning: Flash's struggle with alcoholism; his relationship with his dad; his injuries," Bunn said. "All these things have made him who he is."

Though there's no "Venom" solo series in November, the character will be appearing in the "Superior Spider-Man" story arc "Darkest Hours," starting that month.

The current "Venom" series started in March 2011, under the "Fear Agent" creative team of Rick Remender and Tony Moore. The book stars long-time Spider-Man supporting character Flash Thompson, bonded with the Venom symbiote and working as an agent of the military.

Venom #42 hits stores in October.

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