By Crom! Marvel Announces New Conan Series' All-Star Creative Team

Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar and Esad Ribic are set to enter Cimmeria and chronicle the adventures of Conan when the iconic barbarian's new series arrive in January 2019.

The creative team and debut date for Conan The Barbarian was announced today by Marvel Comics, along with a glimpse of Ribic's cover for the first issue. Though he made his comic book debut under Marvel in 1970, Dark Horse Comics controlled the Conan license until earlier this year, when and agreement was struck between Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International to take over the property once more.

“I've literally been preparing for this job since I was 13 and discovered my first Robert E. Howard Conan paperback in a used bookstore in my little hometown of Jasper, Alabama,” Aaron said in a statement. “I devoured every Howard book I could find after that, and I've been making up Conan stories in my head ever since. Now I finally get to do that for real, alongside the amazing Mahmud Asrar. So this opportunity means an awful lot to me, and I'm cherishing every blood-splattered, spider-haunted second of it.”

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Cover art for Marvel Comics' new Conan series, by artist Esad Ribic

“Growing up, Conan was one of the first comic books I've read. It's partly responsible in making me a lifelong comic book reader. In fact, it's the first book where I've noticed the names of the creators and that being a comic book artist was something I could do for a living," Asrar said, explaining the personal connection he feels to the character. "Now, years later, I get the chance to draw the book myself and do it with the amazing Jason Aaron. I couldn't be happier to tell epic new tales of the Cimmerian - to continue the legacy that will hopefully make a mark on readers, just like the original comics did for me.”

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Introduced in 1932 in a series of sword-and-sorcery stories published in Weird Tales, Conan made his Marvel Comics debut in 1970 in Conan the Barbarian, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. The popularity of that title soon spawned the Savage Sword of Conan black-and-white magazine and a daily newspaper comic strip, as well as subsequent series like King Conan/Conan the King, Conan the Adventurer and Conan the Savage.

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