10 Marvel Comics Women Who Deserve Their Own Movie

After a long wait, Marvel fans are finally getting their Black Widow movie. Combined with the Captain Marvel movie already slated for this year, this is a signal that some of Marvel's best female heroes are on their way to big-screen adventures. But who else should join the list? There are obviously a ton of characters to choose from, but since we don't have time to list all of them, we decided to give you our top ten. See if you agree with our list of 10 Marvel Comics Women Who Deserve Their Own Movie!

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10 Scarlet Witch

Yes, we know that Wanda Maximoff has had her time on screen. She's been in several Avengers movies and has her own show heading to Disney+. However, we still think that Scarlet Witch is too cinematic of a character not to appear in a solo big-screen adventure. Her powers are reality-bending and visually stunning, on par visually with Doctor Strange's in the comics. So don't we deserve to see more than just red energy on a movie screen? We think so. And with the X-Men on their way to the MCU, we have a couple of great ideas as to who the supporting characters of her movie could be.

9 Sif

WW Ripoffs Sif

Just like Scarlet Witch, Lady Sif has everything it takes to be a solo big-screen hero. Also just like SW, rumors say that Sif is on her way to a Disney+ show in the near future. So why do we think we need to see her in cinemas first? Well, look no further than the Journey Into Mystery storyline featuring Sif from 2012. The series, by Valerio Schiti and Kathryn Immonen, was a fun, monster-fighting adventure that endeared Sif to many Marvel fans and featured some incredible artwork. Sadly, the run often gets overlooked because of the amazing Loki-centric story before it, but a Sif movie based on the story could set that right. At the very least, we hope Sif's Disney+ show uses elements from that run.

8 Wolverine

Logan Alive or Dead Laura Kinney

Yes, we know that the Wolverine Marvel Studios is looking to cast right now is a guy. Of course, that's Logan, the original Wolverine. But in the comics, another character has been going by the name for years now, and she's stolen the hearts of many die-hard X-Fans. That character is Laura Kinney, who you might know from her appearance in Fox's Logan.

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Though the child version of her character was fun, we think she deserves to have a grown-up, solo adventure in theaters as well. Introducing a clone of Logan wouldn't be too much of a stretch for casual comic book movie fans, because the Wolverine story is nearly as familiar now as Batman's or Spider-Man's. Hopefully, Marvel will realize that eventually, and we'll get to see Laura in cinemas soon. Even if she's going by X-23.

7 Psylocke

One of the most disappointing things about X-Men: Apocalypse is how little we saw of Betsy Braddock. The fan-favorite X-Man known as Psylocke has been in so many comics and has such incredible powers that it seemed unfair to feature her as little as the filmmakers did. With that in mind, we humbly submit that Psylocke should get her own film in the MCU. Not only does she have incredible powers and a great backstory, Marvel's already admitted an interest in bringing her family into their cinematic universe. Of course, we're talking about her brother, Captain Britain. This could be a great way of introducing her character into the MCU, just like including her in an ensemble X-Film would. Either way, we just hope she gets her own screen time to shine.

6 Valkyrie

Thor: Ragnarok had so much working for it, but one of the best (if not the very best) parts of it was Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. Now that audiences are familiar with her, there's no reason she shouldn't show up in a solo MCU adventure. After all, there's so much we don't know about her character! What did she do before her fellow warriors were slaughtered by Hela? What did she do in between that and Ragnarok? Did she survive the snap?? Out of everyone on this list, Valkyrie might have the best combination of familiarity with an audience and unknown past exploits. It's only right that she reappear on-screen.

5 Ironheart

Iron Man's future in the MCU is very much up for debate. Maybe he'll die in Avengers: Endgame, maybe he'll just retire. Either way, it seems like Tony Stark's time as an Avenger is coming to an end. But don't worry, Marvel's got us covered with another genius, robot-suit wearing rebel. That's Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart. Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Riri would make an incredible character to follow in the MCU.

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She'd be the first ever legacy character, picking up a role after another superhero leaves off. This could start a great trend for the MCU to follow. No actor would ever have to stay with a role forever, and the overall story could continue even past its most popular characters. It worked for a little franchise called Star Wars, and rumor is that those movies are going to be really popular some day.

4 Miss Marvel

Kamala Khan Miss Marvel

Speaking of legacy characters, when will we get Kamala Khan on the big screen? Kevin Feige has already confirmed there's an interest from Marvel, but when will that interest turn into something more? Whenever it does, we are absolutely here for it. Kamala deserves a shot at the MCU in so many ways, and her being another legacy character is just one of them. She's also got a great supporting cast of characters and a rather unique set of powers. Stretching her limbs to outrageous sizes could make Kamala one of the most visually entertaining heroes since Ant-Man, and Marvel would be wise to jump on making her big-screen debut soon.

3 Hawkeye

With so many great super-powered characters populating the MCU, it's easy to forget that there are some great characters with no powers at all. Marvel's finally investing in a Black Widow movie, but they should hardly stop there. Kate Bishop's Hawkeye is just as badass, just as human, and just as worthy of the film. Audiences already know Clint Barton, the first Hawkeye, so we assume this film would feature him passing the torch. That would be something so cool to watch in theaters, and with Marvel's future line-up looking how it is, it's going to be necessary soon. After all, Marvel would be insane to make their Young Avengers movie without Kate.

2 Spider-Woman

Spider-woman maleev

The top two spots on this list were kind of a toss-up. The only reason we put Jessica at number two is that, very likely, she already is on her way to movie theaters. Of course, her time on-screen probably won't be with the Marvel Studios, but with Sony. They are, after all, debuting a female-lead Spider-Verse spinoff in the near future, and there's no way they'll let Spider-Woman out of that line-up.

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Of course, nothing is official until it's official, so we can't say exactly when she'll appear in the Spider-Verse. In the meantime, we can certainly speculate wildly on her casting. Now there's a list idea waiting to happen...

1 She-Hulk


Jennifer Walters is everything that's good about comics. She's super-strong, super-green, and has her own private law practice. She-Hulk's adventures are perfect for the MCU's brand of light-hearted action, especially the ones in which she's actively working on a case. Besides the ridiculous brilliance of her profession, Jen is also just a great, lovable character. She's constantly surrounded by a group of friends, from members of the Avengers to the Fantastic Four to even the weirdos she employs at her own super-powered law firm. For the perfect combination of comic-book craziness and real-world humanity, we think that She-Hulk deserves the number one spot on this list.

And don't tell us you wouldn't watch an MCU court drama. We have no time for liars.

Which Marvel Comics Women do you think deserve a solo movie the most? Are there any we left off of this list? Are you excited for the Black Widow film? Let us know in the comments section below!

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