Marvel Announces Wolverine Vs. Blade One-Shot From Arrow Co-Creator

Wolverine vs Blade

This July, Logan of the X-Men will do battle with the Daywalker himself in Marvel Comics' Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1.

As the title implies, this one-shot will feature Wolverine and Blade going toe-t0-toe in what will no doubt be an intense battle between two antiheroes famous for their ability to stalk their prey, as well as take a beating. Even the comic's official synopsis is short and right to the point, reading, "Two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs. Blade -- ’nuff said!"

Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1 is written by Marc Guggenheim, who is well-known for co-developing such hit DC television shows as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Guggenheim is also an established comic book writer in his own right and, in fact, has previously written both Wolverine and Blade on a solo basis. Joining Guggenheim is artist Dave Wilkins, who is primarily known for his cover work.

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"This is a book that's been -- not kidding -- 10 years in the making," Guggenheim told Monkeys Fighting Robots. "I couldn't possibly be more excited for it to finally see publication. I think it's worth the wait."

On that note, it is worth mentioning that the cover for Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1 shows Wolvie sporting the gray X-Force uniform he began wearing upon forming a his new iteration of the team for Marvel's third X-Force series, which debuted 11 years ago in 2008.

Moreover, the Marvel universe's prime version of Wolverine only recently came back to life after being dead for a number of years. Meanwhile, the half-vampire vampire hunter known as Blade has recently become a bona fide member of the Avengers. In turn, it should be interesting to see where exactly this new one-shot takes place in Marvel's continuity.

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Written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Dave Wilkins and a variant cover by Matteo Scalera, Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1 is scheduled to be released in July. Wilkins' main cover can be found below.

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