West Coast Avengers Assemble in New Marvel Series

The Avengers are establishing a new West Coast team.

Written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Stefano Caselli, the West Coast Avengers will return in an all-new series. Along with both Hawkeyes (Kate Bishop and Clint Barton), the team is made up of Gwenpool, aka the team's "really weird X-factor," Kate's boyfriend Johnny (in way over his head), former X-Man Quentin Quire and Kate's fellow Young Avenger America Chavez.

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Most of Marvel's superheroes reside on the East Coast, so West Coast Avengers' story kicks off with villains becoming aware of the hero deficiency in the west. "Kate needs help to save LA," Thompson explained. "They all need and want something from being on that team together." Because none of these characters have much (or any) money to their name, they'll resort to a tactic to get funding that may be familiar to longtime New Warriors fans: They'll be part of a reality show.

West Coast Avengers #1 will release on Aug. 22.

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