Marvel Comics Announces Valkyrie Series From Jason Aaron and Al Ewing

Asgardian hero Valkyrie is about to get her own solo series.

Marvel Comics revealed at C2E2 in Chicago that writers Jason Aaron and Al Ewing will co-write a series focused on the character, spinning out of the events of War of the Realms. Since that event has not yet started, it's unlikely that more information will be available about the plot until it kicks off later this year. No artist was announced, though the logo for the book did appear on Twitter courtesy of Multiversity Comics.

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First appearing in 1970's Avengers #83, Valkyrie, aka Brunnhilde, was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Possessing superhuman abilities fitting for an Asgardian warrior, she's the leader of the Valkyrior, Odin's personal shield-maidens. She eventually goes on to become a founding member of the Secret Avengers. The character is played by Tessa Thompson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

War of the Realms brings together heroes from across the Marvel Universe to fight back against invading forces from across the Ten Realms, including those of the Dark Elf Malekith, which have claimed control of the Earth. The series will feature a lot of several variant covers, though the main cover for War of the Realms #1 is by Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson.

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No release date was given for Valkyrie.

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's War of the Realms #1 is scheduled to go on sale April 3 from Marvel Comics.

(via Multiversity)

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