Marvel Comics Teases New Series The Superior Octopus

Marvel Comics today revealed a teaser for a new series, The Superior Octopus. The series looks to star one of Spider-Man’s longtime rivals, Otto Octavius, otherwise known as the villain Doc Ock. More information about the upcoming series is slated to be revealed at the upcoming Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Doc Ock has been making his presence known in the world of Spider-Man as of late. One major plot point in Amazing Spider-Man #1 revolves around the villain’s run as the Superior Spider-Man when he hijacked Peter Parker’s body. Prior to that, the character was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man #800 using the alias Elliott Tolliver and had found employment at Horizon University.

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The teaser reveals little else about the series, other than a pun that reads “Doc Ock-tober starts (and ends?) here!” The joke would seem to imply that the series will start up in October with The Superior Octopus #1.

Additional information about the new series will be revealed at Comic-Con during Marvel’s Spider-Man panel. That panel will be held on July 20 from 12:30-1:30 pm in room 5AB. The series reveal is the second Spider-Man-related teaser today. It was hinted earlier today that Spider-Gwen will soon start going by the codename Ghost Spider.

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