Marvel Comics' 'The Pulse' #1 scores an A

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The first reviews are in, and to the surprise of no fan of Eisner andWizard Fan Award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis, February's THE PULSE#1 is getting unequivocal raves.

Comics Buyer's Guide picked the debut issue - with pencils by Bendis'ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN partner MARK BAGLEY - as "Head of the Class" of theFebruary titles reviewed in its "Comics In Your Future" section of CBG #1572(1/1/04).

Bendis is well on his way to earning an advanced writer's degree with CBG,as their review panel also selected ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (co-writtenwith Mark Millar) as "Head" of its December 2003 class.

THE PULSE #1 scored an average "Grade" of "A" by the review panel of sixcomic book retailers.

Here is just a sampling of some of the glowing comments...

"The concept and cast offer Bendis and Bagley remarkable storytellingopportunities... Bagley's art is particularly impressive... It perfectlycompliments Bendis' story. Grade: A+" - Cliff Biggers

[The Pulse #2 cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto]"Bendis prove his versatility as a writer once again... Razor-sharp andrealistic dialogue continues to be one of the best facets of this seriesalong with genuine characterization and (of course) marvelous art by thehard working Bagley. Wonderful! Grade: A" - Jeremy Shorr

"An excellent start to yet another hit series for Bendis. Grade: A" - Charlie Harris

Readers wanting to give the book their own early review can check out the11-page full color preview in next week's MARVEL PREVIEWS #5 (for books onsale March 2004 ).

THE PULSE #1 [DEC031556], featuring appearances by SPIDER-MAN and LUKE CAGE,goes on sale February 18th 2004 with a cover by artist Mike (MARY JANE)Mayhew. Readers and retailers are reminded February 2004 is "BRIAN BENDISMONTH" and also features the premiere of what WIZARD calls the 2nd biggest"BUZZ EVENT of 2004", SECRET WAR!

Readers, ask your local comic book retailer to reserve your copy of THEPULSE #1!

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