Marvel Teases A 'Blind Spot' Arriving This Week


Marvel Comics, known for its cryptic teaser images, has just released one that is even more mysterious than most. Though this does include a date of July 18, the text -- Blind Spot -- doesn't really reveal anything in and of itself.

The image doesn't tell us much, either. Illustrated by an uncredited artist, we see a camera laying on the ground in what appears to be an alleyway, a piece of police tape draped across its telephoto lens. The color scheme of the background is a striking purple and black, which, again, doesn't give us a lot to go on in deducing the project being teased.

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The timeframe for the announcement also adds to the mystery. The most obvious superhero to be involved in this would be Daredevil, especially considering he's been training a new hero with the codename Blindspot in recent months, but the next issue of his solo series doesn't arrive until next month. There is a new issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man arriving tomorrow, so the camera could be a reference to Spidey's civilian identity, but it seems strange to promote an issue just a day out from its release.

Marvel did recently launch a digital comic for Cloak and Dagger a day after announcing the project, so it's possible a similar digital-first series starring Daredevil's current sidekick/protege will arrive tomorrow. It seems a bit odd to debut something like that on new comic day, though, and the prominent placement of the camera indicates its important to whatever is being announced. Perhaps we're about to learn the creative team for Jessica Jones' next series?

Of course, Comic-Con International in San Diego is being held this week, with tomorrow the traditional Preview Night for the show. While Marvel doesn't have any major panels or events scheduled for tomorrow, there's no reason the publisher wouldn't capitalize on the increased press coverage that comes from the yearly event to make a major announcement the day before its big ticket panels kick off.

Whatever the answer to the mystery turns out to be, the wait will be a short one.

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