Marvel Teases a Mysterious 'Super Secret' Series

Ms. Marvel #38 will mark the end of an era when writer G. Willow Wilson steps away from the character she helped create five years ago. To mark the occasion, Marvel Comics has gathered an all-star list of creators to lend short stories for the anniversary issue, with the publisher teasing one creative team going on to work on a "super secret upcoming series."

Writer Eve Ewing (Ironheart) and artist Joey Vazquez (Spider-Geddon) will be the creative team for this top-secret project, though the publisher remains silent on exactly what type of comic they will be working on.

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Poet and playwright Eve Ewing launched the Ironheart solo series with artist Kevin Libranda, spinning out of Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli's Invincible Iron Man series where a young Riri Williams took up the mantle of Iron Man.

Ewing's path to becoming a Marvel writer included a fan petition in 2017 for the poet to pen a Riri Williams series. Fortunately for her, Marvel was listening and paying attention to the overwhelming fan support.

“The campaign was for me to work on ‘Invincible Iron Man,’ but when Marvel said we’re actually thinking about doing a solo title for Riri, that was like ‘Omigosh, this is the coolest thing ever,’" Ewing said. "It’s really special, because this is a character that has some groundwork laid already but is still very new in terms of her role in the Marvel universe; it’s almost like getting into business on the ground floor. I get to play a role in really shaping who she is and who she’s going to become.”

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Joey Vazquez's recent work includes illustrating the last 10 pages of Spider-Geddon #5, the finale of the Spider-Man event that saw the evil Inheritors return to terrorize the Spider-heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Ewing and Vazquez's first collaboration will come in Ms. Marvel #38, on sale Feb. 13 from Marvel Comics.

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