The 5 Most Powerful Inhumans (& The 5 Weakest)

When the Kree abandoned their experiment on human subjects to create a supreme race of superhuman warrior-servants, they left behind a group of extraordinary beings called the Inhumans. One of the group's leading scientists developed a Terrigen Mist, which allowed the Inhumans to unlock their full potential and accelerate their genetic enhancements.

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By undergoing Terrigenesis, each Inhuman discovered they possessed different powers unique to them; some strong enough to destroy entire planets with ease, others with fun but less practical skills. With the cast of the Inhumans growing rapidly over the years, they offer a huge variety of powers to the Marvel Comics Universe. Taking their abilities and influence into consideration, here are some of the strongest and weakest of the Inhumans.

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10 Most Powerful: Quake

The origins of Daisy Johnson's powers have been retconned in recent years. It was originally believed that she received her abilities from Mister Hyde, her super-villainous father. However, following her appearance on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it was revealed that she was really born with the Inhuman gene.

A young Inhuman, the true extent of Quake's abilities may not have been discovered yet. Nevertheless, she's already a strong, skilled fighter, able to generate powerful earthquakes and vibrational effects with stunning accuracy. Not only can she level towns, but she can direct her vibrations into people, as seen during 'Secret Wars' when she exploded Wolverine's heart in his chest. To top it all off, she is a trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, capable of taking thugs down without even using her powers.

9 Weakest: Triton

A member of the Inhumans' royal family, Triton developed his fish-like appearance and underwater abilities as an infant. He's gifted with extreme strength and his eyesight is so powerful he's able to see in the darkest depths of the ocean. He's fought alongside the Fantastic Four and Namor the Sub-Mariner, and has also proven he can hold his own against the king of Atlantis.

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However, as powerful as Triton may be underwater, he can't bring his fight to the surface. Unable to breathe air, he has to wear special equipment on the rare occasions he does venture out of the ocean.

8 Most Powerful: Crystal

Crystal has incredible elemental powers, able to psionically control earth, air, fire, and water, allowing her to stop earthquakes in their tracks or even generate electricity by tampering with the atmosphere. She has also shown that she is capable of manipulating weather, once even defeating Storm herself.

It isn't just Crystal's powers that make her a strong member of the Inhumans. She has key connections across the entire Marvel Universe. The younger sister of Queen Medusa, she is part of the Inhuman royal family. She has served alongside the Avengers and Fantastic Four, dating the Human Torch for a while, developing strong links to Earth. She was even married to Quicksilver, tying her into the mutant community.

7 Weakest: Luna

The daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver, Luna's powers were unlocked at the age of six. Born a human/Inhuman hybrid, Quicksilver stole her away to expose her to the Terrigen Mists which washed over Earth.

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Able to "see" emotions and read people's intentions, she gradually developed the ability to manipulate minds and moods, and can even convince people not to use their superpowers. Due to her young age, her abilities are unstable and unpredictable. Considering her parentage and her age, it's entirely possible Luna's powers will continue to evolve, but her abilities aren't overly powerful and her continued use of the Terrigen Mists may eventually erase them completely.

6 Most Powerful: Lash

Lash comes from an Inhuman city called Orrolan, which only allows the most exceptional members of their society to undergo Terrigenesis. Already incredibly strong, the Terrigen Mists enhanced his physical power, but also granted him the ability to absorb energy.

Lash has shown no limit to the amount of energy he can intake, making him a formidable, nigh-unstoppable foe. On top of his apparently unlimited absorption abilities, he isn't limited by energy type, able to take in anything from natural energy found in the sun or water to powers from fellow superhumans.

5 Weakest: Eldrac the Door

Originally an Inhuman politician, Eldrac found himself becoming less useful in his community and his Terrigenesis kicked in, transforming him into a huge door.  He acts as a portal for travelers looking to move through alternate dimensions, and has been known to save the Inhumans by transporting everyone off the island of Attilan when their home was under threat.

However, he has no means to defend himself. For example, when Attilan was destroyed, Eldrac was lost, unable to transport himself, and risked never being found. Finally uncovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Battery Park, he had to wait for Medusa to pick him up.

4 Most Powerful: Unspoken

Listed as an Omega-level threat by Quicksilver in Mighty Avengers #29, Unspoken can manipulate his own mutations any way he desires and can learn new abilities on command. He's been known to use this wide range of power to enhance his already enormous strength, generate deadly weapons at will, and manipulate energy.

Unspoken is almost impossible to stop when he attacks. When he set his sights on enslaving Earth, the New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and Avengers Resistance combined were unable to stop him. Unspoken does have weaknesses, though: For each new power learned, he forgets an old one, meaning there is a limit to his abilities. He also relies on absorbing energy from the Terrigen Mists to maintain his powers; if he goes too long without being exposed to them, he reverts to a regular Inhuman.

3 Weakest: Auran

Auran was once described as Attilan's finest detective by Queen Medusa, no doubt helped by her Terrigenesis. Developing large, animal-like ears with incredible hearing, she can home in on a voice or a particular word, hearing it anywhere on Earth, and is able to trace where it came from. It's proven to be a useful skill, but it also led to her ultimate demise.

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When Black Bolt's envious brother Maximus kidnapped the reigning king, Auran embarked on a search for the missing Black Bolt. While she eventually found the captor and the king using her powers, she had no real means to take on Maximus and his mind control, and he swiftly murdered her.

2 Most Powerful: Black Bolt

Black Bolt's infant cries alone were capable of causing mass destruction, and his parents were forced to lock him away in a soundproof chamber until he was able to control his sonic-scream power. Even as a grown adult with a specially designed energy-harnessing suit, Black Bolt is unable to speak without the vibrations causing terrible chaos.

Black Bolt has been known to blast Kree ships out of the air and even rip entire planets apart with his voice. During 'War of Kings,' his voice tore Vulcan's skin off, killing him. He is also able to harness electrons and rearrange molecules at will, while using his suit grants him superhuman strength, speed, and even the ability to fly. More than anything, he is a capable leader, willing to do anything to protect his people above all else.

1 Weakest: San

Before unlocking his powers, San dreamed of following in his family's footsteps and becoming a member of the royal guard. He was athletic, strong, and confident, ticking all the boxes for a desirable soldier. However, his Terrigenesis had other plans for him. When he emerged with his new powers, he found he had lost all of the traits that lined him up to continue his family legacy. Instead, he was clumsy and slow, unable to fight well or fire weapons, and he suffered injuries easily.

While San was unable to pursue his military dream, he did find happiness in art. His new powers granted him the ability to craft anything out of organic clay, so he began a career making sculptures. He's highly revered amongst the Inhumans, so while he might be one of the weakest members when it comes to powers, his real strength lies in creativity.

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