Marvel's Comic Book Tribute to Stan Lee Begins This Week

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Even though Stan Lee passed away over a month ago, tributes to the legendary Marvel writer, editor and comics ambassador are still pouring in from all over the world of pop culture.

After releasing a touching video shortly after his passing, Marvel is about to start a new month-long tribute to Lee in comic books, the medium that contains most of his life's work.

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captain america 6 cover

Starting this week, several new Marvel Comics releases will feature a commemorative tribute to Stan Lee. These comic book covers include an inscription that reads "Stan Lee 1922-2018" in a black bar trimmed in white on the front covers of Marvel's superhero titles.

The Stan Lee tribute is set to run on new comics released between December 19 and January 9. Some variant covers for issues released in that window will also carry the tribute on "a case-by-case basis," according to Previews.

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superior spider-man #1 cover

While Lee made cameos on numerous comic book covers over the years, these covers will simply honor the creator with the somber trade dress as his legacy lives on throughout the Marvel Universe.

Many of these covers feature characters some of the many heroes and villains that Lee had a hand in creating during his historic, decades-long tenure as a writer and editor at Marvel.

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fantastic four 6 cover

By chance, one of these covers happens to be Fantastic Four #5, which marks the 650th issue of the main Fantastic Four series, one of Lee's signature titles, and depicts the wedding of the Thing and his longtime love, Alicia Masters.

While the complete list of comics that will carry the Stan Lee tribute hasn't been released yet, the following titles will carry the tribute in December:

The Amazing Spider-Man #12

Black Panther vs. Deadpool #3

Captain America #6

Champions Annual #1

The Defenders: The Best Defense #1

Domino #9

Exiles #11

Extermination #5

Fantastic Four #5

Iceman #4

Infinity Wars #6

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1

Killmonger #2

The Life of Captain Marvel #5

Old Man Hawkeye #12

The Punisher #5

Runaways #16

Season’s Beatings #1

Shuri #3

Spider-Geddon #5

The Superior Spider-Man #1

Thor #8

Tony Stark: Iron Man #7

Uncanny X-Men #6

Uncanny X-Men #7

Weapon H #11

West Coast Avengers #6

X-Force #1

Marvel Comics titles featuring the Stan Lee tribute are set to go on sale Dec. 19, Dec. 26, Jan. 2 and Jan. 9.

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