What Is Spidergeddon? We Have Some Ideas

2018 is shaping up to be one of massive change for Marvel's Spider-Man family of titles, with the highlight possibly coming in the Fall, courtesy of the publisher's ominous teaser for Spidergeddon.

Of course, the use of "spider" in the teaser reading "Spidergeddon is nigh" is in reference to the friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man, with the last portion of the name a play on the world-ending "Armageddon" term, itself a favorite for when it comes to publishers describing their massive comic book events. If the thought of what Spidergeddon could be has you confused, you're not alone, so we've taken the liberty of breaking down the most likely things the Spidergeddon teaser is, well, teasing.

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Clash Of The Peter Parkers


While Dan Slott ends his 10-year run as the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley take the reins as the title's new creative team in the publisher's "Fresh Start" relaunch. August's Amazing Spider-Man #3 teases a showdown between the wall-crawler and his civilian alter-ego, Peter Parker, which should theoretically be impossible. However, crazier battles have taken place in the Marvel Universe, and there's always the off-chance either Spider-Man or Peter Parker hail from an alternate dimension. Of course, the less said about Spider-Man and clones, the better.....

Spencer and Ottley will be a few issues into their Amazing run by the time Fall 2018 hits, so it's conceivable the story for Issue #3 tees up an event of Spidergeddon-proportions. Plus, a Spider-Man event will go a long way to cementing Spencer and Ottley's place in the Spidey mythos as the new kids on the block.

Venom's 30th Birthday


The Lethal Protector Venom celebrates his 30th anniversary this year, and Marvel is commemorating the occasion in a big way with a relaunch, multiple miniseries and one-shots. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman are rewriting Eddie Brock and the symbiote's untold history in Venom, with a one-shot and miniseries breaking down the First Host and a symbiotic secret military program; and an all-new race of Klyntar-eating aliens were revealed in Venomverse and Venomized.

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All this could be leading to another Spider-Man/Venom crossover. It's worth pointing out how the Spidergeddon teaser image is an all-black background with white lettering, which matches Venom's color scheme.

Miles Morales, Super Spy?

Writer Brian Michael Bendis stepped away from his co-creation, Miles Morales, in Spider-Man #240. The series finale tied up a few loose ends, but left Mile's status as a Spider-Man up in the air, after an identity crisis saw Miles begin to follow in his father's footsteps as a super spy.

As of now, Marvel hasn't announced any further news regarding a new series or creative team for Miles Morales, but there's nothing stopping the former Ultimate Universe Spider-Man from choosing to stay in the Spidey family and mixing it up in the Spidergeddon chaos.

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Other Spider characters in limbo later this year include Spider-Gwen, with her title coming to an end in July, Spider-Woman and Silk. All three remain fan-favorite superheroes, who can flow in and out of storylines when the time is right. Peter Parker is also mixed up in a Spiderpoint alternate timeline in the current arc of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. Spiderpoint's conclusion could very well alter Spider-Man's status quo in a way that sends ripples through the time stream, thereby creating the web-slinger's version of Armageddon.

Whatever Spidergeddon ends up being, it's safe to say Spider-Man fans will be very interested in learning what all the fuss is about.

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