Marvel Comics Announces Spider-Verse Series Starring Miles Morales

Following the success of Oscar Award-winning hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Marvel Comics has announced Miles Morales will return to the multiverse in Spider-Verse.

First announced at Comic-Con International in San Diego 2019, the series, which is slated for six issues, will feature the talents of writer Jed Mackay and artists Juan Frigerim Arthur Adams, Stuart Immonen, Stacey Lee and more who have not been announced. You can see the cover by Wendell Dalit, who worked as a character designer on the film, and read the plot summary below.

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Miles Morales finally feels like he GETS this Spider-Man stuff… and then falls through a portal! But isn’t the WEB OF LIFE & DESTINY destroyed? Maybe not, True Believer. But who spun this new web? Regardless, Miles finds himself at the center of a multiversal adventure that will feature a who’s who of creators and characters as the series spins forward! And with a main cover by INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE character designer WENDELL DALIT!!! And each issue features #SPIDERSONAS from some of the biggest Spidey fans and comic creators both!

The release date for Spider-Verse #1 was not revealed.

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