Marvel Comics Solicitations for product shipping November, 2001


alias no. 3

painted cover by david mack

brian michael bendis (w)

michael gaydos (p)

o THE SCOOP: Jessica Jones -- wanted for murder!

o THE STORY: Red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, DAREDEVIL) and artist Michael Gaydos (The Crow) continue their gritty tale of Jessica Jones, a former costumed crimefighter who's now a private investigator specializing in superhuman cases! The cops want Jessica for murder -- but she didn't do it. The trick is proving it -- and that'll take the help of an attorney who's well known to Marvel readers! Let's just say that this lawyer has no fear!

o THE BUZZ: "One thing is for sure: This series will spark controversy in the comics world. This is definitely not for those readers who have their heroes on pedestals... Marvel once again knows what it's doing." -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05124-3-00311 2.99

U.S. war machine no. 9

cover by chuck austen

chuck austen (w & p)

o THE SCOOP: Full-throttle action! Blood-chilling espionage! Bone-breaking action! The weekly wild ride roars on!

o THE STORY: James Rhodes leads his assault team -- comprised of freaks like M.O.D.O.K. and the all-new, all-psycho Darkhawk -- into the lion's den! But can even War Machine keep his squad focused on destroying the enemy? Or will they instead destroy each other?

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this 12-issue, weekly series will be 24 pages -- with no ads -- in bold black-and-white. Did we mention that it's weekly?

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05166-3-00911 1.50

U.S. war machine no. 10

cover by chuck austen

chuck austen (w & p)

o THE SCOOP: Public Enemy #1... War Machine?!

o THE STORY: As James Rhodes and his comrades prepare to unleash their might on A.I.M.'s headquarters, pressure builds at the homefront to unmask the man who caused so many deaths on the L.A. Freeway -- a man named War Machine! And even as events spin out of control, someone tries to assassinate Tony Stark!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this 12-issue, weekly series will be 24 pages -- with no ads -- in bold black-and-white. Did we mention that it's weekly?

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05166-3-01011 1.50

fury no. 3

cover by bill sienkiewicz

garth ennis (w)/darick robertson (p)/jimmy palmiotti (i)

o THE SCOOP: Want a fast-paced war/spy thriller laced with a strong dose of very black humor? Then saddle up, soldier!

o THE STORY: With Nick Fury cutting a bloody swathe through his front-line troops, mad despot Rudi Gagarin brings out the biggest, meanest, ugliest villain you've ever seen. A villain so foul we dare not speak his name!

o THE CREATORS: You want intense? How's this lineup: Garth Ennis (PUNISHER, Preacher) on words, Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan) on pencils, and Jimmy Palmiotti (PUNISHER) on inks! We even got Bill Sienkiewicz (ELEKTRA ASSASSIN) to supply covers!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, six-issue series will be 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05165-6-00311 2.99

U.S. war machine no. 11

cover by chuck austen

chuck austen (W & p)

o THE SCOOP: War Machine vs. the leader of A.I.M.!

o THE STORY: James Rhodes finally confronts the leader of A.I.M., and as the two adversaries square off, the awful outlines of the terrorist organization are revealed! Plus: The greatest villain of them all attacks!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this 12-issue, weekly series will be 24 pages -- with no ads -- in bold black-and-white. Did we mention that it's weekly?

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05166-3-01111 1.50

cover by chuck austen

chuck austen (w & p)

o THE SCOOP: The crazed conclusion!

o THE STORY: Armors attack -- with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! It's War Machine, M.O.D.O.K., and the all-new Darkhawk vs. a surprise villain in the battle to the finish! And believe us when we say that one will not survive!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this 12-issue, weekly series will be 24 pages -- with no ads -- in bold black-and-white. Did we mention that it's weekly?

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05166-3-01211 1.50

u.s. war machine

trade paperback

cover by chuck austen

o THE SCOOP: The entire U.S. WAR MACHINE saga in one volume!

o THE STORY: Fired by Tony Stark and recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., James Rhodes must lead a rookie team against the evil alliance known as A.I.M.! With breakneck action and over-the-top violence, this intense tale of action and adventure is not for the faint of heart -- nor for the weak of stomach! Written and illustrated by Chuck Austen, artist of ELEKTRA!

o THE FORMAT: 288-page trade paperback. Printed in black and white.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-?-00111 14.95


cover by kaare andrews

bruce jones (w)/john romita, jr. (p)/tom palmer (i)

o THE SCOOP: Beginning a new era as legendary horror comics writer Bruce Jones (Creepy, Eerie), penciler John Romita, Jr., inker Tom Palmer, and cover artist Kaare Andrews bring you a bold vision of the monster known as the Hulk!

o THE SET-UP: For years, Dr. Bruce Banner has shouldered the weight of his monstrous alter ego, finding solace in a simple belief -- that whatever destruction the Hulk is capable of, there's a line the monster will never cross. That's all about to change. When the Hulk is implicated in an unspeakable act, Banner must embark on a harrowing voyage that will force him to confront the deepest truths about himself -- and the beast inside him!

o THE STORY: When Banner crosses paths with a young boy who's made a pact with the Devil, Banner must consider playing the one trump card at his disposal -- but dare he conjure it?

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "I'll borrow from my 'darker' stories the sense of heightened reality that's always been a staple of my work, but the new Hulk won't be a horror series," explained Jones. "If I had to use a key word it would probably be 'paranoia.' Essentially, this is a story about one man up against the wall whose worst enemy is himself. To a lesser or greater degree, that's true of all of us. You may love the Hulk, or hate him or admire him or whatever, but at the end of the day he's in a class by himself; it's Banner who's most like the rest of us, and it's his psyche I'll be probing."

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04745-1-03411 (MarvelPG) 2.50

banner trade paperback

cover by richard corben

o THE SCOOP: As a thematic lead-in to INCREDIBLE HULK #34, writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Hellblazer) and artist Richard Corben (Heavy Metal) deliver a startling vision of Marvel's jade giant!

o THE STORY: What would you do if you knew that you were a ticking time bomb? If you knew that your continued existence meant unlimited death and destruction? What would you do if at any moment you could transform into the rampaging monster known as the Hulk? You see, nerdy scientist Bruce Banner has to answer those questions. For when he loses his cool, the 98-lb. weakling transforms into a 1,000-lb., green-skinned engine of devastation! Relentlessly tormented by his monstrous "id," and vigilantly pursued by an elite military unit headed by the enigmatic Doc Samson, Banner has nowhere to hide. After all, how can you outrun the mass murderer inside you?

o THE BUZZ: "Why It's Cool: For starters, you've got white-hot writer Brian Azzarello doing what he does best: writing stories that explore the human psyche. This time he's exploring one of the most complex and damaged minds in comics with Bruce Banner. Then you've got veteran penciler Richard Corben's detailed style drawing Marvel's infamous 1,000-pound emerald monster. And who doesn't like to watch the Hulk wreck stuff?" -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 96-page trade paperback.

7-59606-10853-4-00111 12.95



o THE SCOOP: All-star talent combines with red-hot characters for Marvel's first fully-painted illustrated prose graphic novel!

o THE SET-UP: Hot on the heels of the launch of ELEKTRA and the smash hit ORIGIN mini-series, ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER pairs text by crime novelist Greg Rucka with dozens of fully-painted illustrations by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano in a self-contained tale of suspense. To put it into language that action fans will crave, it's a deadly game of intrigue pitting Elektra's ninja skills against Wolverine's samurai-honed instincts and warrior bloodlust!

o THE STORY: A paid killer. A key witness. A sworn protector. Three lives joined together by the sinister hand of a shadowy government. Elektra, the deadly ninja assassin, and Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine, are both best at what they do. But they just may have met their match in the other, as the two supremely skilled fighters face off in the streets of New York over the fate of a teenaged girl harboring a secret for which both sides are willing to kill. For the mercenary and enigmatic assassin Elektra Natchios, it was to be a standard night's work: to make death happen. The target: a wealthy and powerful scientist. The price: eight million dollars for a clean hit -- no witnesses. When the target's teenaged daughter Avery stumbles onto the murder at the critical moment, Elektra knows the girl must be taken out at all costs. But for the assassin still haunted by the pain of seeing her own father's death, taking out a girl eerily reminiscent of herself proves to be more difficult than expected -- especially after Wolverine is hired to protect the key witness. Enticed into the role of bodyguard by a reptilian government agent who promises to illuminate his clouded past, Logan must keep the girl safe in exchange for the answers to the questions that relentlessly plague him. For the assassin, leaving Avery alive presents a far greater threat than her ability to identify the killer to the authorities - it is the key to unleashing a force within Elektra that is so powerful even she never dared hope it exist.

o THE CREATORS: Eisner-award winning writer Greg Rucka (White Out, Detective Comics, and the Atticus Kodiak series of prose novels) teams up with Eisner-award winning artist Yoshitaka Amano (The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D) to create a tightly woven, heart-stopping story of action and intrigue.

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, three-part mini-series will be 48 pages, with no ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover in the perfect bound, bookshelf format.

7-59606-05164-9-00111 (MarvelPGplus) 5.95

100 greatest marvels no. 5

o THE SCOOP: We've given you thousands of stories -- and you picked the best! Here come the Top 5 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time!

o THE STORIES: Heads up, True Believers! In honor of our fantastic 40th Anniversary, we're counting down the 100 best Marvel Comics ever -- and we're reprinting the Top 5 based on your votes! Over 50,000 ballots were sent in to The House, each one hand-counted and tabulated with tenacity by our very own boisterous Bullpen! The results were sealed and guarded by Lockjaw -- until now! What are the top titles that we've ever printed? The voting spanned every era of Marvel majesty -- but we're not saying who came out the winners just yet, gang! The only way to find out is to pick up these collector reprints as we work our way down to what you, the mighty Marvel masses, have deemed the #1, hands-down champion -- the Greatest Marvel Comic Of All Time!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05184-7-00511 3.50

100 greatest marvels no. 4

o THE SCOOP: The countdown continues!

o THE STORIES: Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #4... but what story is it? The countdown has begun -- so get ready to experience the best of the best!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05184-7-00411 3.50

fantastic four no. 49

cover by carlos pacheco & jesus merino

carlos pacheco, rafael Marin & jeph loeb (w)/carlos pacheco (P)/jesus merino (i)

Abraxas -- the conclusion! It's the end of Carlos Pacheco's grand run! Having collected the Ultimate Nullifier and confronted Abraxas -- who stands poised to destroy the Multiverse -- the Fantastic Four fear it's all for naught. With the end of time near, they turn at last to the one force capable of confronting this ultimate evil… but you'll have to buy this comic to find out what that force is!

7-59606-04456-6-04911 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by tom raney & klaus janson

dan jurgens (w)/joe bennett (p)/jadson (i)

Thor: King of Asgard! With the shocking death of Odin turning his world upside down, the Thunder God grapples with his new position -- and his new power -- as Tarene does battle with a foe from Thor's past -- a conflict that will take the thunderer beyond the pale of death itself!

7-59606-03506-9-04311 (MarvelPG) 2.25

100 greatest marvels no. 3

o THE SCOOP: Here's the silver medal winner!

o THE STORIES: Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #3... but what classic comic is it? The countdown has bugun -- get ready to experience the best of the best!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05184-7-00311 3.50

avengers: celestial quest no. 3

cover by jorge santamaria & scott hanna

steve englehart(w)/jorge santamaria(p)/scott hanna(i)

Meet the savior of the Universe: Quoi, son of Mantis, the Celestial Messiah! But might the mad titan named Thanos be right to seek his demise?

7-59606-05131-1-00311 (MarvelPG) 2.99

black panther no. 38

cover by steve uy

christopher priest (w)/sal velluto (p)/bob almond (i)

o THE SCOOP: Jump onboard for the beginning of "Return of the Dragon"!

o THE STORY: Black Panther heads back to New York City just in time to help Everrett K. Ross with his recent problems. But will T'Challa be able to return his friend to his true form… or will Ross be stuck as he is forever? And what does this have to do with the ancient and deadly menace of the Black Dragon? Guest-starring a plethora of heroes, including Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Iron Fist!

o THE BUZZ: "Writer Christopher Priest has evolved the Panther into one of the most calculating, charismatic, mysterious, and unpredictable political animals in the Marvel menagerie. Watching T'Challa negotiate with foes -- and friends -- is more fascinating than any slugfet I've ever read." -Captain Comics

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-03876-3-03811 (MarvelPG) 2.50

defenders NO. 11

cover by erik larsen

kurt busiek & erik larsen (w)/erik larsen (p)/sal buscema (i)

Finally, the Defenders wage all-out war to free Atlantis from Attuma and his Deep Six! Where brute strength failed, will duplicity succeed -- or will Dr. Strange's change of personality doom them all? "DEFENDERS doesn't simply deliver nostalgia, but a real sense of fun." -ComicBookGalaxy.com

7-59606-05063-5-01111 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by leonardo manco

chuck dixon (w)/leonardo manco (p&i)

o THE SCOOP: The greatest comic book villain of all time returns in his very own adventure!

o THE STORY: Doom is truth. Doom has conquered an entire world. What remains for Doom? Faced with revolution and civil war, the metal-faced monarch moves to Planet Doom's core to tap a mysterious energy store. Once there, he absorbs a nearly limitless power source, giving him the power to reshape the planet to match his every whim! With ultimate power in his grasp, Doom quickly grows bored, seeking greater challenges, with even greater consequences… like conquering an entire dimension!

o THE CREATORS: Writer Chuck Dixon (Nightwing, Birds of Prey) and Leonardo Manco (BLAZE OF GLORY) reunite for this sequel to their hit DOOM series!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, four-part mini-series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05186-1-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.50

iron man NO. 48


frank tieri (w)/keron grant (p)/rob stull (i)

"The Frankenstein Syndrome" concludes as a badly-injured Iron Man must battle alone against the architect of his recent miseries -- one of the Avengers' greatest enemies!

7-59606-04457-5-04811 (MarvelPG) 2.25

100 greatest marvels no. 2

o THE SCOOP: Here it is, your penultimate pick!

o THE STORIES: Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #2... but what storr is it? Which incredible issue made the cut? Get ready for the best!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05184-7-00211 3.50

captain america no. 49

cover by dan jurgens & bob layton

dan jurgens (w)/dan jurgens (p &i)

Captain America starts a bold new life! After the events of "America Lost," Steve Rogers relaxes with his pal Sam Wilson to get his bearings on his life. Specifically, his love life, bringing a final resolution to the hot topic: who's the best woman for Captain America? These events will completely change Cap's wife. Wait, did we say "wife"? Perhaps we really meant, "life"? Oops! What a mighty Marvel miscue! Or was it?!

7-59606-04455-9-04911 (MarvelPG) 2.25


cover by chriscross & anibal rodriguez

PETER DAVID (w)/chriscross (p)/anibal rodriguez (i)

The shocking climax to Captain Marvel's foray into the Negative Zone! A totally unexpected appearance by Quasar! The fate of Una-Rogg! And... fresh baked cookies!

7-59606-04815-1-02511 (MarvelPG) 2.50

fantastic four: the world's greatest comic magazine no. 12

cover by erik larsen & joe sinnott

o THE SCOOP: Just Imagine... Stan Lee scripting this last issue of the World's Greatest Comics Magazine!

o THE STORY: Stan "The Man" Lee scripts the fantabulous FANTASTIC FOUR from the days of yore in his own often imitated, but never duplicated fashion! Everyone from the Fearless Front Facers to the Quite 'Nuff Sayers will be here, so don't be square and miss out on the conclusion of our 12-issue retro run! It's Dr. Doom vs. Galactus and the FF vs. Dr. Doom, with the fate of the world, nay, the universe, in the balance!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05064-2-01211 2.99

mutant x no. 2

photo cover

howard chaykin & david tischman (w)/lee ferguson (p)/jon holdredge (i)

The exciting new comic book based on the new syndicated TV series continues! The G.S.A.'s new assassin is an unstoppable mutant named Payne, but the only hope that Adam and the Mutant X team have is Payne's twin brother Owen -- a powerless reporter who's looking to bolster his career by exposing our heroes! Ever wonder what adventures these heroes have in between episodes of the TV show? The answer lies here! Premeiring in October, Mutant X has been cleared by a multitude of TV stations across the U.S. in 146 markets, including 95 out of 100 of the top TV markets!

7-59606-05188-5-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.99




The supernatural series by award-winning horror writer Robert Weinberg continues! Detective Sydney Taine's investigation takes her deeper and deeper into the realm of The Others -- a race that has existed clandestinely alongside humanity for thousands of years -- but they're the least of Taine's problems! What is the Black Dragon Society? Why have they targeted certain rulers of the Other's underworld? And, what secret does Sydney herself conceal?

7-59606-05140-3-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.99

thor: godstorm no. 3

painted cover by steve rude

kurt busiek (w)/steve rude (p)/mike royer (i)

In present day, Thor faces his final confrontation with the lethal Godstorm! And as the myths of the Thunder God are tied together across the ages, the trickster Loki stands ready to reap the whirlwind!

7-59606-05161-8-00311 (MarvelPG) 3.50

thunderbolts no. 58

cover by patrick zircher & al vey

fabian nicieza (w)/patrick zircher (p)/al vey (i)

Reunited by the looming threat of Graviton, the Thunderbolts strike as never before, wth their own liberty on the line -- but due to the shocking climax, that's going to prove the least of their worries!

7-59606-03566-3-05811 (MarvelPG) 2.25

100 greatest marvels no. 1

o THE SCOOP: This is it! The stunning story that you voted the #1 Marvel Comic Of All Time!

o THE STORIES: Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #1... but what titanic tale did you choose as the very best of all time? Find out on November 28th!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05184-05184-7-00311 3.50

avengers no. 48

cover by kieron dwyer

KURT BUSIEK (w)/kieron dwyer (p & i)

o THE SCOOP: Run for your lives, it's the 100-Page Monster!

o THE STORY: LCD's Kieron Dwyer signs on board as new regular penciler as an Avengers strike force has only 24 hours to stage an assault on Kang's floating Damocles Base -- before the Sentinels are unleashed! Meanwhile, the triple-evil the Triunes have been waiting for arrives in the solar system, as the rest of the team grapples with the Master of the World for the fate of North America!

o THE BONUS MATERIAL: This is also a 100-Page Monster issue, reprinting the epic -- and never-before-reprinted -- War against Olympia storyline, from AVENGERS vol. 1 #98 - #100 by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith! And when we say "epic" you better believe it, because this story stars everyone who had been an Avenger up to that time!

o THE FORMAT: It's one all-new tale and three classic reprints... all for only a buck and a quarter more!

7-59606-04458-0-04811 (MarvelPG) 3.50

bloodstone no. 2

cover by michael lopez

dan abnett & andy lanning (w)/michael lopez (p)/scott hanna (i)

Dracula strikes the new Bloodstone! Elsa Bloodstone has inherited her father's powers, but will she follow in his footsteps and wind up dead, as well?! The brand new Bloodstone meets up with one of her father's greatest enemies, the deadly Dracula! Will she be able to survive her first big test as the second-generation monster hunter? Or will Dracula put an end to her before she even gets a chance to prove herself? And what's she going to do if her mom finds out what she's been doing all night? With design help from Alex Ross, this new four-issue series is a fun, light-hearted romp through the world of the supernatural!

7-59606-05130-4-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.99

painted cover by alex ross

alex ross & jim krueger (w)/steve pugh (p)

X-51's group of Heralds continue their desperate attempt to save all the alternate Earths in the Multiverse from the same fate that befell Earth X … but will their efforts be in vain? Featuring Wolverine, Spider-Girl, Killraven, Hyperion, Bloodstorm, Deathlok and the Iron Man of 2020!

7-59606-05169-4-00211 (MarvelPGplus) 3.50


wraparound cover by ashley wood

joe casey (W)/eddie campbell, cully hamner, sean phillips, javier puliso, ashley wood (P)

o THE SCOOP: Giant-Sized Artist-Jam Anniversary Issue!

o THE STORY: XStacy has only just joined the X-Men -- and already, she is the target of their enemies! They are called the Church of Humanity -- led by the mysterious Supreme Pontiff -- and their fanatic vision for a pure world leaves no room for mutants!

o THE CREATORS: Making this Anniversary issue truly unique will be the unmatched collection of artists who will help bring this story to life! Joining writer Joe Casey will be Eddie Campbell (From Hell), Ashley Wood (Hellspawn), Cully Hamner, Javier Pulido (Robin: Year One), and Sean Phillips (Wildcats)! And if they aren't enough, the cover will be a wraparound image -- and painted by Ashley Wood!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-02461-2-40011 (MarvelPG) 3.50

devin grayson (W)/udon studios (a)

o THE SCOOP: The hit WB cartoon -- beginning its second smash season -- is now a brand-new comic book!

o THE SET-UP: You've seen the X-Men: Evolution animated series... but do you know what happened before the show began? Marvel kicks off a new all-ages title based on the popular program -- and begins with a story that reveals the events before the first episode!

o THE STORY: Before the X-Men, before the Xavier Institute, before the rivalry, there were two men with very different visions. Before the code names, before the secret identities, before the world learned to hate and fear mutants, there was a young woman whose most dangerous weapon was her mind. Before costumes, before the training, and before anyone had ever heard of "adamantium," there was a frightened amnesiac searching for the truth. Now, the lives of Professor X, Magneto, Storm, and Wolverine collide as the world stands on the brink of genetic war. How do two best friends become arch-enemies? How does a goddess from Africa find her place in the world? How does a man without a past decide mankind's future? All heroes start with power and ambition they must learn to control. All villains start with ideas they believe to be just. And all great legends begin with "once upon a time..." X-MEN: EVOLUTION -- In the beginning, there was X!

o THE CREATORS: Written by Devin Grayson (BLACK WIDOW, GHOST RIDER), and drawn in an awesome animated style by Udon Studios (Last Call).

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this ongoing, monthly series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05203-5-00111 2.25

cover by mark texeira & jimmy palmiotti

brian k. vaughan (W)/mark texeira (P)/jimmy palmiotti (I)

What do you do when the ultimate soldier has you in his sights and wants you dead? The conclusion to the first X-Men Icons mini-series will provide the answer! Cyclops narrowly survived his first encounter with Ulysses in issue #2, but what will happen this time? "If only most comics were this accessible. It's a great entry point for a newer reader who may still be intimidated getting into the X-pool." -Aint-It-Cool-News.com

7-59606-05117-5-00411 (MarvelPG) 2.50

exiles no. 6

cover by mike mckone & mark mckenna

judd winick (W)/jim calafiore (P)

The Exiles travel farther down the timestream to an alternate reality where they must battle the Hulk to prevent the death of Alpha Flight! But are they truly in danger from the Green Goliath … or from some different mysterious enemy? Plus, Thunderbird learns more about his roots, but at what cost to his humanity? "The best new X-concept on the market. What I like most about this idea is that it is essentially a WHAT IF? book with a regular cast of characters who get to experience the whole show." -ComicBookGalaxy.com

7-59606-05108-3-00611 (MarvelPG) 2.25

iceman no. 2

cover by steve uy

dan abnett & andy lanning (W)/karl kerschl (P)

The coolest mutant around stars in his own X-Men Icon series! In a land far away from the rest of his teammates, Iceman comes face-to-face with the Augmen, a new group of altered humans who are willing to die in the name of their cause! How did they become this way? What does the mysterious Hong Kong-based Winterbrand Corporation want with Bobby Drake? What do they have to do with Bobby's ex-girlfriend, Opal? And what's her big secret, anyway? Find out here!

7-59606-05183-0-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.50

ultimate marvel magazine no. 11

ULTIMATE X-MEN #10 (by Mark Millar & Adam Kubert), ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #14 (by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley) and ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP #7 (by Bendis & Bill Sienkiewicz) are reprinted in this 80-page, full-color magazine!

07146-01849-12 3.99

wolverine 2001 annual

cover by j.h. williams iii

Frank Tieri (w)/Matthew Marsilia (p)/Victor Llamas (i)

o THE SCOOP: The feral X-Man faces sickening secrets in the sewers in this all-new Annual that ties directly into WOLVERINE #170!

o THE STORY: The homeless people of New York City have been mysteriously disappearing without a trace for several weeks… so Wolverine takes it upon himself to discover why -- and soon finds himself immersed in a web of murder and mayhem in the depths of New York City! Now Logan finds himself face-to-face with a frightening and forgotten old foe and his strange new allies! But who's pulling the strings? What creepy creatures of the night are stalking Wolverine? Where are the homeless being taken to? It's up to Logan to find out! Plus: Wolverine returns to Canada to help an old friend in a short story of the supernatural by Matt Nixon (CONAN) and Kilian Plunkett (Unknown Soldier)!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05157-1-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

Cable no. 99

cover by igor kordey

david tischman (W)/igor kordey (P & I)

It's a rumble in the jungle as Cable burns up the Shining Path! Why are people rioting in the streets of Peru? What is the mad plan of the Shining Path? What will Phillipe learn as his tutoring in the ways of the Askani continues? And what startling discovery will Cable make about the Techno-Organic Virus? The answers await!

7-59606-01362-3-09911 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by brian stelfreeze

joe pruett (W)/brian stelfreeze (P & I)

o THE SCOOP: It's hard-hitting espionage and mutant mayhem as the deadly and delectable Domino pushes her luck!

o THE STORY: Mercenary. Mutant. Ex-X-Man. A perfect weapon. Join the hardluck hero as she embarks on the most important mission of her life -- and learn why she's always been so tight-lipped about her past! Think you know Domino? Think again!

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "The basic premise is [that] Domino, for as long as she's been around, has never had a purpose," Joe Pruett told X-Fan in an interview last month. "She's always been a partner (either with Cable or with X-Force) or a companion throughout her history. What is her story? What is her past? What will she be doing now that there's a new X-Force in town? With this limited series we hope to give her a focus, give her a purpose and give the reader a bit of an insider look at her. Will we give her an origin? I'm not going to tell. But there will be revelation(s) about this mysterious character that are to this point unknown. You will know more about her than you ever have before and by series' end the course of her future will be set."

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, four-part mini-series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05134-2-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.50

rogue no. 4

painted cover by julie bell

fiona avery (W)/aaron lopresti (P)/randy emberlin (I)

At press time, no information was available.

7-59606-05112-0-00411 (MarvelPG) 2.50

x-treme x-men no. 7

cover by salvador larroca

chris claremont (W)/salvador larroca (P)

At press time, no information was available.

7-59606-05109-0-00711 (MarvelPG) 2.99

new X-MEN no. 120

cover by frank quitely

grant morrison (W)/frank quitely (P)

o THE SCOOP: "Germ Free Generation" -- the conclusion!

o THE STORY: The U-Men launch their assault on the Xavier Institute -- where only Jean Grey remains to protect the school's innocent students! Meanwhile, Cyclops and the White Queen confront John Sublime -- from the comfort of vivisection tables! And, amid this crisis, the new Angel arrives!

o THE BUZZ: "Why It's Cool: Grant Morrison's twisted sense of humor takes the X-Men dynamic in strange new directions." -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads... and also with glossy stock and a cardstock cover!

7-59606-01772-0-12011 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by adam kubert

mark millar (W)/adam kubert (P)

o THE LOWDOWN: The conclusion of "Return to Weapon X"!

o THE STORY: A nuclear launch on the United States has been ordered... World War III is imminent... And the only ones who have a prayer of stopping Armageddon are the X-Men! And while Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Storm, Beast, Iceman, and Colossus battle S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine battles the one foe he's never beaten: Sabretooth!

o THE BUZZ: "Mark Millar continues to make this title the Ultimate X-book, literally, with a perfect blend of action, suspense, and characterization that can't help but satisfy even the most jaded reader." -Cinescape.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads... with that nice cardstock cover and slick pages!

7-59606-05047-5-01211 2.25

the brotherhood no. 7

cover by sean phillips

x (W)/sean phillips (P)/kent williams (I)

Live from Philadelphia: X speaks out! Change is inevitable! Mutants are here to stay! Fight for your inalienable rights! It's time for mutants and humans to unite! The rally starts at high noon on the steps of the Art Museum! Be there -- and join the revolution!

7-59606-05114-4-00711 (MarvelPG) 2.25

deadpool: agent of weapon x no. 4

cover by barry windsor-smith

frank tieri (W)/georges jeanty (P)/jon holdredge (I)

This is it, the conclusion to the four-part DEADPOOL: AGENT OF WEAPON X story arc! But why? What happens? Does Deadpool quit Weapon X before he's even had a chance to get started? Is he fired? Does he wake up to find out it's all been an erotic dream? Could this solicit be any more vague? All we can tell you is that this tale concludes with an ending no one will guess! Or maybe this is all just a bunch of hype designed to make you buy the book! Either way, do not miss this issue!

7-59606-03703-2-06011 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by massimiliano frezzatto

chris kipiniak (W)/matt smith (P)

o THE SCOOP: At last, the swashbuckling mutant teleports into his own X-Men Icons mini-series!

o THE STORY: Kurt Wagner has seen many things in his time as a member of the X-Men: distant lands, deadly adversaries, even galaxies far, far away. But closer to home, there are evils that he's never faced -- evils that will test his courage and faith like never before! As with CYCLOPS and ROGUE, NIGHTCRAWLER is being produced both for the veteran and casual reader in mind. This is the definitive Nightcrawler: who he is… why he is a hero… and what he believes in. This project also features the comic book debut of playwright Chris Kipiniak, whose intense, dramatic approach is sure to strike a chord with fans who love character-driven X-Men stories!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, four-part mini-series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05120-5-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.50

cover by joe quesada

paul jenkins (W)/andy kubert (P)

o THE SCOOP: The true story of the X-Men's most mysterious mutant member continues!

o THE STORY: At long last, the story of Logan's past is told! Industry fave Paul Jenkins delivers the captivating story set in the early 20th century and reveals answers to some of the questions that have been in Marvel readers' minds for years: Who was the man named Wolverine? When did he acquire his powers? Who was his family? With art by Marvel superstar Andy Kubert and beautiful digital painting by Richard Isanove, this is the book of the year!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this six-part story is 32 pages, with ads -- printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05155-7-00411 (MarvelPG) 3.50

wolverine no. 170

cover by sean chen & norm rapmund

frank tieri (W)/sean chen (P)/norm rapmund (I)

o THE SCOOP: It's part 1 of "Stay Alive"!

o THE STORY: The most shocking new villain of WOLVERINE returns! Mauvais is back and he's out for blood… lots of blood! The last time Logan tussled with this creep he lost an eye… so what could he be after this time?! And what's he doing on the set of the reality TV show called Stay Alive? A brand-new story arc kicks off here from writer Frank Tieri and penciler Sean Chen!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-02254-0-17011 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by mike allred

peter milligan (W)/mike allred (P)

It's more chaos and controversy as Peter Milligan and Mike Allred turn X-FORCE upside down! The truth about Lacuna is finally revealed... new team members are finally chosen... and a blossoming romance between two X-Forcers threatens to compromise the team itself! "The X-FORCE bandwagon continues to roll, as #119 moves five slots up the charts with the massive buzz created by the new creative team of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred." -WizardWorld.com

7-59606-01766-9-12211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

painted cover by ariel olivetti

o THE SCOOP: Following the success of last year's X-MEN: MILLENNIAL VISIONS one-shot comes this spectacular second edition!

o THE STORY: Last year's gallery book provided the launching point for the new series EXILES... so what could this year's MILLENNIAL VISIONS bring us? Alex Maleev (DAREDEVIL), Ethan Van Sciver (NEW X-MEN), Lee Ferguson (MUTANT X) John McCrea (SPIDER-MAN'SS TANGLED WEB) and more remake the mutants in their own unique style! With hot creators young and old coming on board, this title is a veritable who's who of the comic book art world -- and it may even launch a new series!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05148-9-00111 (MarvelPG) 3.50

x-treme x-men: savage land no. 3

cover by kevin sharpe

chris claremont (W)/kevin sharpe (P)

At press time, no information was available.

7-59606-05138-0-00311 (MarvelPG) 2.99


spider-girl no. 40

cover by pat olliffe & al williamson

tom defalco (w)/pat olliffe (p)/al williamson (i)

It's time for "A Death in the Family," as a member of our colorful cast ends up six feet under... honest! Who is it -- and how will their demise alter the life of our Web-Stunner? Ahhh... that would be telling!

7-59606-03503-8-04011 2.25

cover by mark bagley

brian michael bendis (w)/mark bagley (p)/art thibert (i)

o THE SCOOP: Dr. Octopus pays a house call to Peter Parker!

o THE STORY: For months he lay in a coma in the depths of a government research facility -- but now Dr. Otto Octavius and his automated arms have escaped incarceration! Does Doc Ock know that Peter and Spider-Man are one and the same? And what trouble are two fellow students also causing our young wall-crawler? Man, it just gets worse and worse for the kid in the webs!

o THE BUZZ: "This issue combines great action, the always-enjoyable Brian Michael Bendis dialogue, and some unconventional approaches to super hero storytelling that make for surprises and great laughs. Top it off with Mark Bagley doing, no kidding, the best work of his career and you've got one of the reasons it's good to be a Spider-Man fan again." -Snap Judgements

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05031-4-01511 2.25

cover by kaare andrews

j. michael straczynski (w)/john romita jr. (p)/scott hanna (i)

It was bound to happen. And it has. Now Peter Parker's life will never be the same! "This issue was an example of what super hero comics should be. It has great action, suspense, dialogue, characters... everything! This is Spider-Man at his best." -GrayHavenMagazine.com

7-59606-04716-1-03711 (MarvelPG) 2.25

peter parker, spider-man 2001 annual

cover by michael golden

fiona avery (w)/juan roman cano (p)

o THE SCOOP: School's out for Spider-Man!

o THE STORY: Class is dismissed for summer as Peter Parker jets off for a South American excursion. But if you think this means a vacation for the wall-crawler, think again! Not only is the web-slinger on call, but he's surrounded by an indigenous tribe that worships spiders! Could this somehow be tied to Ezekiel's revelations in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-?-00111 2.99

peter parker, spider-man no. 37

cover by humberto ramos

paul jenkins (w)/staz johnson (p)/wayne faucher(i0

Old Man Winter is angry, the wind chill is at minus 40, and Peter Parker has dragged himself out of bed to sit around in the freezing cold waiting for the bad guys to show! If you've ever wondered what it would be really like to slide into Spider-Man's spandex, this self-contained slice-of-life story-- introducing possibly the weirdest villains ever to grace the pages of a comic -- is for you! Featuring guest art by Staz Johnson (Robin)!

7-59606-04717-8-03711 (MarvelPG) 2.25

spider-man's tangled web no. 8: gentlemen's agreement

cover by lee weeks

bruce jones/lee weeks/joe rubenstein

o THE SCOOP: Legendary horror writer Bruce Jones (Creepy, Eerie), penciler Lee Weeks (SPIDER-MAN: THE MYSTERIO MANIFESTO) and inker Joe Rubenstein spin chapter two of a three-part tale of twists and turns!

o THE SET-UP: TANGLED WEB invites some of today's most unique writers and artists to take a hard look at the shadow that Spider-Man casts over the "friendly neighborhood" and the people who live in it.

o THE STORY: Charlie Clemmens is a down-on-his-luck cabbie who knows a big secret about a certain red-and-blue phantom. A secret he's about to sell to a crew of unsavory characters. But is money all that's on Charlie's mind -- or has he woven a web of his own? A web that just might ensnare Spider-Man himself?

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05106-9-00811 (MarvelPG) 2.99

spider-man & man-thing

cover by john totlebEn

brian michael bendis (w)/john totlebEn (p)

o THE SCOOP: Spidey meets the muck monster called Man-Thing!

o THE STORY: Despondent that the funding for his cherished limb regeneration research is to be -- pardon the pun -- cut off, biologist Curt Conners turns himself into a guinea pig -- and finds himself transformed into the lethal Lizard! The rapacious reptile seeks refuge in the dank recesses of the New York City sewer system -- pursued by our fledgling web-spinner! But unknown to them both, something far more mysterious lurks in the subterranean shadows -- something known as the macabre Man-Thing!

o THE CREATORS: Written by Wizard's "Best Writer of 2000," Brian Michael Bendis - with art by John Totleben (Swamp Thing)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05088-8-01011 2.25


marvel knights magazine no. 8

The conclusion to Kevin Smith's acclaimed run on DAREDEVIL! The Punisher continues his killing spree! The Inhumans face a war they don't want! Plus, more T&A -- and the month's installment of the MK Survival Guide! 71486-03923-12 (MarvelPGplus) 3.99


painted cover by TIM BRADSTREET

garth ennis (w)/steve dillon (p)/jimmy palmiotti (i)

o THE SCOOP: A grim, stand-alone story by the smash hit PUNISHER team!

o THE STORY: A specter from Frank Castle's Viet Nam days returns in this unexpected tale of loyalty, murder, and retribution! Whatever you do, "Do Not Fall in New York City"!

o THE EDITOR SPEAKS: "We're going to submit this one to the Eisner Awards next year," said Stuart Moore. "It's that good!"

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock.

7-59606-05113-7-00611 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

elektra no. 5

cover by greg horn

brian michael bendis (w)/chuck austen (p)

o THE SCOOP: It's the explosive finale to Elektra's first new adventure, by the red-hot team of Brian Michael Bendis and Chuck Austen!

o THE STORY: It's apocalypse in Iraq as Marvel's deadliest, sexiest ninja finally finds the Scorpio Key! But Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also after the Key -- and so is the international terrorist organization known as Hydra! When the dust clears, who will Elektra entrust with the deadliest weapon known to man?

o THE BUZZ: "I'm a sucker for crime books, and a fan of espionage books, and this seems to be a good blend of both... While it may be difficult to humanize Elektra without losing what makes her interesting, Bendis and Austen are walking that fine line well. Highly Recommended." -Snap Judgements

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock.

7-59606-05132-8-00511 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

marvel knights: double-shot no. 2

painted cover by glenn fabry

grant morrison & ted mckeever (w)/Manuel Gutierrez & ted mckeever (p)

o THE SCOOP: The Marvel Knights present two more bold new visions by two killer creative teams!

o THE STORIES: In "Nick's World," a bizarre brainwashing technique puts Marvel's top super-spy, Nick Fury, to the test, courtesy of writer Grant Morrison (NEW X-MEN) and hot new artist Manuel Gutierrez! Plus: The monstrous Man-Thing faces a coldly deadly experiment of distilled emotions, in a chiller by writer/artist Ted McKeever (METROPOL, HELLRAISER)!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this four-part, monthly mini-series will be 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock.

7-59606-05159-5-00211 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

cover by alex maleev

brian michael bendis (w)/alex maleev (p)

His name is Silke -- and he's determined to unseat the Kingpin from his throne! And his actions have already begun to unhinge Daredevil, who's losing control of his behavior! The red-hot team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Sam & Twitch) bring a bold new look and feel to Marvel Knights' flagship character!

7-59606-04706-2-02711 (MarvelPG) 2.99

ghost rider: the hammer lane no. 6

cover by Trent kaniuga & danny miki

devin grayson (w)/trent kaniuga (p)/danny miki (i)

o THE SCOOP: The skull-headed warrior roars even faster into a gut-wrenching conclusion!

o THE STORY: Expect no sidekicks, no scruples, and no mercy in this tire-burning, bone-breaking, final confrontation between Ghost Rider and the homicidal biker called Gunmetal Gray! Has Johnny Blaze's final insight into the nature of his relationship with the Spirit of Vengeance unleashed a champion... or a catastrophe?

o THE BUZZ: "This is a slam-bang start to this series, packed with more crazy action than a truckload of summer blockbusters. Devin Grayson's able pen grabs frantic hold of us and never lets go, and Trent Kaniuga's pencils perfectly suit this character. Buy it!" -IGN.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock.

7-59606-05103-8-00611 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

daredevil: yellow no. 6

cover by tim sale

jeph loeb (w)/tim sale (p)

o THE SCOOP: The startling conclusion of the six-issue series -- as Daredevil puts on his yellow costume for the very last time!

o THE STORY: Matt Murdock is down for the count! And the Purple Man wants... Karen Page?! In the thrilling climax by the award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, the Man Without Fear must make peace with his past so he can live with his future!

o THE BUZZ: "When Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale get together for a project, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. And despite the high orders, the duo's first Marvel Knights work sold out within a week. Judging by Loeb and Sale's previous projects, expect this series to gain momentum as it keeps chugging along." -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05093-2-00611 (MarvelPG) 3.50

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