Marvel Comics Solicitations for product shipping March, 2002


cover by tim bradstreet

christopher hinz (w)/steve pugh (p)

o THE SCOOP: Thirsting for a Blade comic as wicked as his new movie? Then get ready for the vampire killer's own MAX title!

o THE STORY: Blade is back, and he's hunting a new threat: the Tryk, an extremely vicious mutant vampire species. Complicating the situation is the appearance of the Seven, a secret society dedicated to the destruction of supernatural evil. Incredibly, they see Blade as the most dangerous vampire of all! And at the same time, an ancient vampiric text sends Blade on a quest to renounce his monstrous heritage and become fully human at last. But can a mere human withstand the murderous Tryk?

o THE CREATORS: Novelist Christopher Hinz and Eisner-nominated artist Steve Pugh (Preacher: Saint of Killers) join forces to resurrect the Daywalker in this violent new ongoing series! Plus: fully painted covers by Tim Bradstreet - who helped design the two Blade movies!

o THE BUZZ: "Closer in tone to the Wesley Snipes smash movie, BLADE will take a harsher, bloodier approach to the vampire hunter than any of Marvel's previous incarnations." -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this ongoing monthly series is 32 pages, with ads.

o THE RATING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

7-59606-?-00111 2.99

BLADE 2: bloodhunt

photo cover

david goyer & steve gerber (w)/alberto ponticelli (p)

o THE SCOOP: Just in time for the new movie comes the BLADE 2: BLOODHUNT comic book adaptation!

o THE STORY: Half vampire, half human, all hero! The sequel will be just as fast-paced and action-packed - if not more - as the original film, so you won't want to miss out on the vampire hunter's next adventure! What new supernatural menace threatens the world? Only the brooding Blade can save us from it!

o THE CREATORS: HOWARD THE DUCK's Steve Gerber does a brilliant job of adapting the exciting screenplay by David Goyer (JSA), while new find Alberto Ponticelli (MARVEL KNIGHTS) will blow you away!

o THE FORMAT: This bookshelf one-shot is 48 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.

7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPGplus) 5.95

painted cover by david mack

brian michael bendis (w)/michael gaydos & bill sienkiewicz(p)

o THE SCOOP: It's a superhero sidekick scandal! With art by Bill Sienkiewicz!

o THE SET-UP: Red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos continue their gritty tale of Jessica Jones, a former costumed crime-fighter who's now a down-and-out private investigator specializing in superhuman cases!

o THE STORY: How do you find a man who doesn't want to be found - especially when he's a former super hero sidekick? For Jessica Jones, the trail leads to a New York nightclub... and a surprising encounter! Also in this issue: A special section illustrated by comics' legend Bill Sienkiewicz... and absolutely nothing about Luke Cage's sex life!

o THE BUZZ: "The standout in Marvel Comics' new explicit-content-allowed line... Writer Brian Michael Bendis (helped by stark, realistic art from Michael Gaydos) blends hard-boiled melodrama with unusual ethical dilemmas." -Entertainment Weekly

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

7-59606-05124-3-00711 2.99

cover by richard corben

brian azzarello (W)/richard corben (p)

o THE SCOOP: Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben unlock Cage!

o THE SET-UP: Life on the streets is a high stakes game. There are winners and losers. Those that play by the rules, do so at their own risk, and often pay a price. Who's got their back? There's a man who can set things straight. A specialist. He doesn't come cheap, but if you've got the bank, he's got game. Some know him as a "Hero for Hire." Some as a "Power Man." For others, he's an urban legend. He's all - and none - of the above. His name is Cage. It's time you got to know him.

o THE STORY: Investigating the murder of a teenage girl, Cage suddenly learns that a three-way gang war is underway for control of the turf he calls home. And what better way than to disrupt the stalemate than offering his services to the highest bidder?

o THE CREATORS: The team behind BANNER, writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and artist Richard Corben (House on the Borderland), unite once again to knock fandom on its collective butt!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, five-part mini-series will be 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

7-59606-05255-4-00211 2.99

howard the duck no. 3

painted cover by glenn fabry

steve gerber (w)/glenn fabry (p & I)

o THE SCOOP: Howard's co-creator returns to launch an outrageous new beginning for a classic character! But is Howard a duck no more?

o THE SET-UP: Scathing, timely, and even sexy, HOWARD THE DUCK was one of the most acclaimed titles of the '70s. Now MAX proudly presents the return of Howard by Steve Gerber, and reproduced from the pencil art of Phil Winslade (DAREDEVIL)!

o THE STORY: Now mysteriously transformed, Howard the (former) Duck and his girlfriend Beverly face a new, strangely disturbing menace: an age-old weapon of power, now wielded by policewoman Suzi Pazuzu. We can't print the name of the weapon in this catalog, but it's a shocker! This special issue features cover and artwork by acclaimed artist Glenn Fabry (PREACHER)!

o THE BUZZ: "Nothing is impossible: Steve Gerber is working at Marvel on HOWARD THE DUCK. And here's what makes it sweeter: it's as if no time had passed since the last issue, and praise doesn't come more concentrated than that. Grade: A" -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this six-issue, monthly mini-series will be 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

7-59606-05209-7-00311 2.99


spider-girl no. 45

cover by pat olliffe & al williamson

tom defalco (w)/pat olliffe (p)/al williamson (i)

Someone has stolen Mayday's costume and uncovered her secret identity - and that's just the beginning of our girl's problems! Plus: Big Brain and the Human Torch make a guest-appearance as Peter Parker makes a long-awaited and much-demanded request of the Fantastic Five!

7-59606-03503-8-04511 2.25

cover by jason pearson

j. michael straczynski (w)/john romita jr. (p)/scott hanna (i)

o THE SCOOP: Straczynski + Romita Jr. = Spidey gold!

o THE STORY: It's web-slinging action, True Believer!

o THE BUZZ: "Straczynski is, first and foremost and in the best way, a writer, and we are lucky to have him working in comics." -Borderline

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04716-1-04111 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by humberto ramos

paul jenkins (w)/Mark buckingham (p)/wayne faucher (i)

It's the finale of Spider-Man's brutal battle with his arch-nemesis, Dr. Octopus! "PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN may be seen as the red-headed stepchild of the Spider-Man books in the public eye, which is a shame because it stands right alongside AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN as really great super-hero comics." -TheFourthRail.com

7-59606-04717-8-04111 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by duncan fegredo

zeb wells (w)/duncan fegredo (P)

o THE SCOOP: Teen Angst meets the world of tights and latex in this special, self-contained issue written by Wizard magazine video award-winner Zeb Well and illustrated by Duncan Fegredo!

o THE SET-UP: Marvel continues to reach out and attract unique creators to The House, and TANGLED WEB is the perfect place to let them strut their stuff! We believe in a Spidey book for every type of reader, and this comic - which examines the wall-crawler from a more street-level view - is perfect for those who never thought they'd ever read a Spidey book!

o THE STORY: In high school, no one can hear you scream. Few kids can brag that their father has gone toe-to-toe with Spider-Man, but even fewer that their father was dressed as a giant frog at the time! Eugene Colorito can. And this mild-mannered teen would just as soon forget the image of his father being beaten over the head with his own spring boot. Unfortunately, Eugene goes to high school with plenty of people eager to help him remember... and daddy's just been released from the pen!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05106-9-01211 (MarvelPG) 2.99


photo cover

david tischman (w)/lee ferguson & ignacio calero(p)/jon holdredge (i)

o THE SCOOP: The hot nationally syndicated TV show becomes a comic!

o THE SET-UP: "It's the story of Adam, a geneticist who breaks from Genomex, a secret government project that secretly tinkered with the DNA of over 1000 women in the 1970's an '80's," explained series writer David Tischman. "The purpose was to help rid the human race of disease and genetic defects, but the unexpected result has been the appearance of unique, mutant powers in the women's offspring. When it becomes clear that the government - in the form of the Genetic Security Agency (the G.S.A.) and its head, Mason Eckhart want to use the mutants, Adam erases the database of the offspring and goes on the run, dedicated to finding these special kids and helping them escape the government's power. Adam's formed an underground of powered and non-powered individuals to help the Mutants he finds and place them with families across the country, away from the government's grip. Aiding Adam in his fight are four new mutants: Shalimar Fox, a sexy feral woman, Brennan Mulwray, a young man with the power to discharge electricity, Emma Delauro, a woman with empathic powers, which enable her to read and influence the thoughts and emotions of others, and Jesse Kilmartin, who can phase his body from intangible to steel-like density with a thought."

o THE STORY: "Issue #1 of the comic book is a double-sized issue, an origin story of sorts, telling how Adam, and his then mentor, Paul Breedlove, are recruited by the government to run Genomax, and how the initial genetic tinkering occurred," Tischman explained. "The TV series starts with all the characters - and conflicts - in place, and we thought it'd be fun to start the comic from the beginning, to give the fans some behind-the-scenes information and insight into Adam and his philosophical nemesis, Eckhart."

o THE FORMAT: This bookshelf one-shot is 48 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.

7-59606-?-00911 (MarvelPG) 3.50

exiles no. 11

cover by mike mckone & mark mckenna

judd winick (W)/J. calafiore (P)/eric cannon (i)

It's about time all the doom and gloom of reality-hoppin' took a backseat to some good old-fashioned fun, don't you think?! Well, if there's one guy who can deliver the party, it's the malleable Morph! And with the steamy Sunfire stopping by, you know the action is going to be hot, hot, hot! And it all leads to a brand-new team! Huh?! You'll have to read it to find out! Wizard named named EXILES its "Book of the Month", so find out what all the hype is about with this stand-alone tale!

7-59606-05108-3-01111 (MarvelPG) 2.25

muties no. 2

cover by patrick spaziante

karl bollers (W)/patrick spaziante (p)

Think all mutants wear spandex? Or have flashy codenames? Or are immersed in the struggle between human and mutant? Think again! In the second issue of this series of self-contained stories, we travel to Japan and meet Seiji, a burgeoning telekinetic whose imagination may prove to be his most fertile gift. Introducing the Manga-influenced pencils of Patrick Spaziante, whose style lends the perfect atmosphere to this standalone tale.

7-59606-05170-0-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.50

uncanny x-men no. 404

cover by ron garney

joe casey (W)/ron garney (p)/mark morales (i)

o THE SCOOP: Who is behind the X-Corps?

o THE STORY: The true villain behind the X-Corps/Human Resistance conflict is revealed - but it may be too late for Banshee, or the X-Men, to do anything about it! And as an army of Multiple Men storms Zurich, Chamber (soon to star in his own X-Men Icons series) takes a guided tour through Mastermind's subconscious… where he's forced to confront some not very pleasant truths about himself!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-02461-2-40411 (MarvelPG) 2.25

Cable no. 103

cover by igor kordey

david tischman (W)/igor kordey (P & I)

Cable's been shot in the head, but he's going out with a bang! With his Macedonian mission in a tailspin, Cable was confronted with one of his first failures - and then, with a bullet! In the meantime, A little bit of Askani goes a long way, as Viktoria begins to see the world in a different light! It's clones galore in part 3 of "How Many Albanians Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?"

7-59606-01362-3-10311 (MarvelPG) 2.25

deadpool: funeral for a freak no. 4

cover by georges jeanty

frank tieri (W)/georges jeanty (P)/jon holdredge (I)

It's two-for-one month for DEADPOOL! First, it's the star-studded finale to FUNERAL FOR A FREAK! The Deadpool Squad is on the loose and it's only a matter of time before blood is shed! Pray they only hurt the bad guys - but don't count on it! Will Wade Wilson ever be the same or will he remain in mental limbo forever? Oh yeah, and what the heck is the Deadpool Squad?! Find out here... and then stay tuned in two weeks for a brand-new start for the series!

7-59606-03703-2-06411 (MarvelPG) 2.25

x-treme x-men no. 11

cover by salvador larroca & liquid!

chris claremont (W)/salvador larroca (P)

The X-treme Team faces Shaitan, the alien warlord from Dimension X! Plus: the secrets of our newest members are revealed!

7-59606-05109-0-01111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

new X-MEN no. 124

cover by ethan van sciver & tim townsend grant morrison (W)/ethan van sciver (P)

o THE SCOOP: "Imperial" Part 3 of 5!

o THE STORY: Cyclops has left on a desperation mission to recruit the enigmatic Xorn (who first appeared in NEW X-MEN 2001) - but Cassandra Nova (Voted "Best Villain" by Wizard) is one step ahead, and the two may not leave Tibet alive! Meanwhile, Professor Xavier's mad twin has dispatched the Imperial Guard on a horriffic mission: Destroy all mutants! And in case you noticed, this story has grown by a chapter - because Grant Morrison's story is too big to contain!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-01772-0-12411 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by udon

gail simone (W)/UDON (P & I)

o THE SCOOP: Brand-new creative team! Brand-new storyline! Same old Deadpool! (Or is it?)

o THE STORY: Did Wade Wilson survive the events of last issue or is there a new Deadpool in town? How does Deadpool, Master Assassin, grab ya? The Merc-With-A-Mouth finally gets his due, but at what cost?! And who is the mysterious man waiting in the shadows with designs on our hero? We'll tell you one thing about him: he's pretty angry with the 'Pool! Plus: find out more about Deadpool's new... oops! Guess we can't give everything away, can we?! Than you wouldn't need to buy the book!

o THE CREATORS: All will be revealed by brand new writer, Gail Simone, (Simpsons, NIGHT NURSE) and art group UDON (TASKMASTER, X-MEN: EVOLUTION)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-03703-2-06511 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by sean chen & norm rapmund

frank tieri (W)/sean chen (P)/norm rapmund (I)

The terrifying trio of Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red close in on Logan as we approach WOLVERINE #175! Plus, Logan's daughter Amiko and onetime girlfriend Yukio are in grave danger at the hands of an unknown assailant. Or is he known... ?

7-59606-02254-0-17411 (MarvelPG) 2.25

x-force no. 126

cover by mike allred

peter milligan (W)/mike allred (P)

The X-Force embarks on their most hazardous mission yet - knowing in advance that one of their most popular members won't be coming home!

7-59606-01766-9-12611 (MarvelPG) 2.25

x-men: evolution no. 5

cover by udon

devin grayson (W)/udon (P & i)

What's the difference between a rowdy gang of mischief-makers and a super-villain team? Perhaps it's the presence of a malevolent mastermind to keep the troops in line! But playing den mother is just a warm-up for the sinister shape-shifter Mystique - who's really focused on the students of the Xavier Institute, and on the new member named Rogue!

7-59606-05203-5-00511 2.25

cover by keu cha

jimmy palmiotti, john smith & gail simone (W)/amanda conner, david finch & kevin maguire (p)

First it's Marvel Girl vs. Sabretooth in David (Aphrodite IX) Finch's first story for Marvel! Then it's Wolverine and Rogue by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner! Plus: The real behind-the-scenes story of the X-Men movie by Gail Simone (DEADPOOL) and Kevin Maguire! All this, and a cover by Keu Cha (Rising Stars)!

7-59606-01406-4-03511 (MarvelPG) 3.50


cover by adam kubert

mark millar (W)/adam kubert (P)

o THE SCOOP: A new story begins here!

o THE STORY: It's the first step on Charles Xavier's big global field trip, as the X-Men jet off to Scotland... and meet one of Professor X's old flames! What is the top secret project she's working on... and how is it linked to the biggest secret of the mutant world?

o THE BUZZ: "ULTIMATE X-MEN is one thrill ride after another... If you haven't read ULTIMATE X-MEN because it's not part of the main Marvel Universe, then you are definitely missing out. What are you waiting for? Go out and buy it today!" -Cinescape.com's X-Fan

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05047-5-01611 2.25

ultimate x-men no. 1-2-3 collected edition

cover by joe quesada

mark millar (w)/adam kubert (p)/art thibert (i)

o THE SCOOP: Hey X-fans, here comes the perfect collection to catch the Ultimate explosion!

o THE STORY: The world stands on the brink of war. But it's not a war between countries... it's a war between races: humans and mutants. The only force that can prevent total annihilation? Five awkward teenagers and their crippled mentor! Reprints ULTIMATE X-MEN #1 - #3 in one volume!

o THE BUZZ: "Bendis continues his amazing winning streak with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. It's entertaining, it's respectful of history, and it's a great set-up story... as a rethinking of the Spidey mythos goes, this one works for me." -ComicBookResources.com

o THE FORMAT: 96 pages, with ads.

7-59606-?-00111 3.99

cover by mark bagley

brian michael bendis (w)/mark bagley (p)/art thibert (i)

o THE SCOOP: Live, on TV: Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus and Kraven the Hunter!

o THE STORY: It's the biggest battle of the young wall-crawler's career as Spidey takes on the terrifying tag team of Dr. Octopus and Kraven the Hunter - all on live TV! Meanwhile, lurking in the background, the mysterious espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. takes a sudden interest in our webbed wonder! And you'll never guess how this one ends!

o THE BUZZ: "Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, and Art Thibert continue to deliver a fresh look at Spider-Man that is funny and full of energy, everything that a Spider-Man book should be." -TheFourthRail.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05031-4-02011 2.25

ultimate spider-man no. 1-2-3 collected edition

cover by joe quesada

brian michael bendis (w)/mark bagley (p)/art thibert (i)

o THE SCOOP: Just in time to ride the pre-movie buzz, here comes the perfect collection to catch Spider-Man fever!

o THE STORY: Meet Peter Parker. Nerd, outsider... masked hero! When the bite of a special spider gives this young man the spectacular powers of an arachnid, he embarks on an adventure that will awaken the hero within - and give birth to the most popular super hero in the world! Reprints ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1- #3 in one volume!

o THE BUZZ: "Bendis continues his amazing winning streak with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. It's entertaining, it's respectful of history, and it's a great set-up story... as a rethinking of the Spidey mythos goes, this one works for me." -ComicBookResources.com

o THE FORMAT: 96 pages, with ads.

7-59606-?-00111 3.99

spider-man & the black widow

cover by terry moore

brian michael bendis (w)/terry moore (p)

o THE SCOOP: Featuring the Black Widow - with art by Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise)!

o THE STORY: It's our big espionage issue as our teenaged sensation attempts to help the sultry, sexy Russian spy named Natasha Romanov! But will our web-spinning wonder-boy fall under the Black Widow's spell? And who will win when the Spider meets the Widow?

o THE CREATORS: Written by Wizard's "Best Writer of 2000," Brian Michael Bendis - with art by Terry Moore!

o THE BUZZ: "I'm surprised to be saying this, but ULTIMATE TEAM-UP may represent some of Bendis's best work, better than even some of his work on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and Powers." -TheFourthRail.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05088-8-01411 2.25

cover by bryan hitch

mark millar (w)/bryan hitch (p)/andrew currie (i)

o THE SCOOP: Captain America lives!

o THE STORY: Your former girlfriend is married to your best friend... and everyone you knew is dead! The legendary soldier of World War II may have returned when his country needed him the most, but what kind of world has Captain America awakened to?

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05168-7-00311 2.25


cover by alberto ponticelli

john figueroa (w)/alberto ponticelli (p & i)

o THE SCOOP: The Punisher! Daredevil! The Black Widow! Three of today's hottest characters star in one blistering book that delivers plenty of street-level action!

o THE STORY: The Brothers Grace - multi-billionaire European businessmen who happen to be addicted to plastic surgery - are moving into the vacuum left by the Kingpin's absence. Under the direction of their evil majordomo, Mr. Tune, the Brothers' personal army begins their absorption of every criminal enterprise in the city! North Korean police detective (and S.H.I.E.L.D. undercover agent) Sgt. Helen Kim has been assigned to assist Black Widow, but will her personal vendetta against the Brothers get in the way of our urban avengers? Desecration, animal sacrifice, plastic surgery, and European independent filmmaking - yep, the new MARVEL KNIGHTS has it all!

o THE CREATORS: Screenwriter John Figueroa (B-boys, The Project) and artist Alberto Ponticelli (Heavy Metal, Sam and Twitch) combine urban grit and European style to tell a unique story featuring three of Marvel's greatest heroes!

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this ongoing monthly series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.

7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPGPLUS) 2.99

painted cover by TIM BRADSTREET

tom peyer (W)/manuel gutierrez (p)

o THE SCOOP: "TAXI WARS" shifts into high gear!

o THE STORY: The Medallion, secret master of New York taxicabs, shifts his sights to a new enemy! Meanwhile, the Punisher plays cat-and-mouse with the hapless Detective Soap! And Artis Lee, cartoonist for the Daily Bugle, makes a stand!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.

7-59606-05113-7-01011 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

cover by greg horn

greg rucka (w)/chuck austen (p)

o THE SCOOP: A new chapter of ELEKTRA excitement continues as new writer Greg Rucka (Detective Comics) takes Marvel's deadly assassin back to her roots - and into new peril!

o THE STORY: Elektra's loyalties are tested to the limit when a mysterious Greek heiress's true goals become clear! How far will the beautiful assassin-for-hire go to fulfill an assignment?

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.

7-59606-05132-8-00911 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

daredevil no. 31

cover by alex maleev

brian michael bendis (w)/alex maleev (p)

o THE SCOOP: Plot twist issue!

o THE STORY: We're sworn to secrecy about the plot of this issue - but it will change Daredevil's life forever! Remember when hot writer Brian Michael Bendis asked us not to reveal anything about ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #13? This one's even bigger!

o THE BUZZ: "Lending DAREDEVIL the hardboiled noirish look that suits the character and his Hell's Kitchen crusade the best, Bendis and Alex Maleev... [achieve] just the right balance of fantasy and reality for the title. Whatever you do, don't turn a blind eye to this one." -Cinescape

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.

7-59606-04706-2-03111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

wolverine/hulk no. 2

painted cover by sam kieth

sam kieth (w, p & i)

o THE SCOOP: 2 cool characters! 1 amazing creator!

o THE STORY: Lost in a snowy wasteland, Wolverine must make peace - with the Hulk! But it's Bruce Banner who holds the key to the little girl who's leading Logan forward!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05170-0-02111 (MarvelPG) 3.50


painted cover by alex ross

alex ross & jim krueger(w)/doug braithwaite(p)/bill reinhold(i)

o THE SCOOP: The final chapter of the EARTH X trilogy begins!

o THE STORY: The final installment of Marvel's alternate future begins with the arrival of the Guardians of the Galaxy! And while they search for an answer to Earth's startling transformation, the Avenging Host in the new Paradise contend with the cadre of villains who have escaped to the realm of the dead to exact revenge on the Punisher! Meanwhile, the Heralds, led by Wolverine, make their first contact with Spider-Girl's father: Officer Peter Parker! Featuring the second part of a 14-piece interlocking cover painted by Alex Ross!

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this twelve-issue, monthly series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) 3.50

earth x

painted cover by alex ross

STAR12514D 24.95

universe x vol. 1

painted cover by alex ross

7-59606-10867-1-00111 24.95

cover by mike deodato jr.

christina z. (w)/mike deodato jr. (p & i)

o THE SCOOP: Marvel's feline femme fatale leaps into her own series!

o THE SET-UP: She's been a super hero, a creature of the night, and an Avenger. But what is the true face of the were-woman known as Tigra? Find out as a clue to an unsolved murder sends Tigra on an odyssey of discovery through the halls of power - a feral hunter in an urban jungle!

o THE STORY: Having attempted to settle into a new life over the past few years with the Avengers, Greer isn't happy with just being "part of the team". Where some people are happy neatly fitting in, Greer wants - needs - more. A woman with an unquenchable appetite, she hops from bed to bed before realizing she's got to settle up with the past. This means getting to bottom of The Brotherhood of the Blue Fist: an elusive group who may have murdered her late husband... and who now dish out justice in leather bondage masks! Can the were-woman infiltrate the deadly cabal... or will curiosity kill the cat?

o THE CREATIVE TEAM: The sultry sexuality and fur-flying action comes your way from writer Christina Z (Witchblade) and penciler Mike Deodato Jr.!

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "With urges and desires that must be factored in to her crime-fighting charisma, Tigra can change her form to human with the use of a special amulet, but one must remember that this duality isn't the easiest power to deal with," said Christina. "When her tension levels fly high, Greer can change form uncontrollably without the use of the amulet; something you don't really want to do in public. Tigra, as you'll see, is one complex creature!"

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this four-issue, monthly mini-series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

cover by bryan hitch & paul neary

todd dezago (w)/bryan hitch & ivan reis (p)/paul neary (i)

o THE SCOOP: The ever-lovin' blue eyed Thing and Marvel's Jade Giantess reunite for the fight of a lifetime - drawn by Bryan Hitch!

o THE STORY: A mysterious presence lurks in the forgotten tunnels beneath New York City, and it'll take two of the Fantastic Four's strongest members to face it head on... even if it wasn't in their plans for the day! But will our heroes be able to hold their own against an unending army of the undead? Will the mysterious Bonham show our duo an all new definition of "night life?" And what the heck does the Dragon Man have to do with all of this? Find out in this double-sized slugfest brought to you by Todd Dezago (Tellos), Ivan Reis(DEFENDERS, AVENGERS 2001), and Mr. ULTIMATES himself, Bryan Hitch!

o THE FORMAT: This one-shot is 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

avengers: celestial quest no. 7

cover by jorge santamaria & scott hanna

steve englehart(w)/jorge santamaria(p)/scott hanna(i)

As the galactic Rot continues to spread, Mantis, Quoi, and the Vision fall into the hands of Thanos and his new pantheon! As the mad Titan's tortures commence, who will crack in the face of his tender ministrations?

7-59606-05131-1-00711 (MarvelPG) 2.50

citizen v & the v battalion: the everlasting no. 2

cover by mike deodato

fabian nicieza(w)/lewis larosa(p)/jim royal(i)

How can Citizen V defeat a man absorbing the living energy of every single man, woman and child in China? Who is the mysterious god, Marduk - and to find him, why did John Watkins II seek the help of a familiar mutant telepath? Oh yeah, and a member of the V-Battalion is liquefied by... heavy breathing?

7-59606-05202-8-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.99

cover by mike wieringo & karl kesel

carlos pacheco, rafael Marin & karl kesel (w)/mark bagley (P)/al vey (i)

On all of Earth, only one nation is willing to provide sanctuary for the Inhumans - but it's the country that's under the iron rule of Dr. Doom! And as the plan of the Hidden Ones comes into focus, Mr. Fantastic faces the onslaught of his own government as an enemy of the state! Plus: the Invisible Woman's pregnancy reaches a critical turning point!

7-59606-04456-6-05311 (MarvelPG) 2.25

thor no. 47

cover by tom raney & scott hanna

dan jurgens (w)/tom raney (p)/scott hanna (i)

As Thor leads the forces of Asgard into all-out war in the domain of the Giants, a strange new vulnerability is brought to light! Is the Enchantress responsible? Or are her dark magicks the only hope for the critically-injured Designate, Tarene?

7-59606-03506-9-04711 (MarvelPG) 2.25

black panther no. 42

cover by sal velluto & bob almond

christopher priest (w)/sal velluto (p)/bob almond (i)

Wolverine and Iron Man guest-star as "Enemy of the State II" continues! Will Black Panther and Iron Man finally come to blows? And what is Wolverine doing in Canada - and what does it have to do with Panther? Plus: something is seriously wrong with Panther's health, but what could it possibly be?

7-59606-03876-3-04211 (MarvelPG) 2.50

cover by michael ryan & sean parsons

mike grell (w)/michael ryan (p)/sean parsons (i)

o THE SCOOP: The new run by Mike Grell (Green Arrow: Longbow Hunter) and Michael Ryan (CABLE) blazes on!

o THE STORY: "Jane Doe" part 2 of 2! Iron Man takes to the streets to stop the serial killer who's been preying on the disenfranchised of the nation. But this time, the intellect of Tony Stark may prove of far greater value than the mechanical might of the Armored Avenger!

o THE BUZZ: "Iron Man's natural milieu is intrigue, both international and the corporate variety. And, as he clearly shows in his first issue, Grell understands that. A great jumping-on point for new readers." -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04457-5-05211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

the order no. 2

cover by carlos pacheco & jesus merino

kurt busiek & jo duffy(w)/matt haley(p)

Every kingdom needs a castle, and that's what The Order sets out to create for itself - in the most ominous way possible! Meanwhile, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, and Hellcat put together a mystic strategy to battle their former friends! Plus: the world seeks help from the Avengers!

7-59606-05250-9-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

taskmaster no. 2

cover by jo chen

ken siu-chong(w)/udon(p)

The Taskmaster proves once and for all that there is no honor among thieves, as he plays two deadly organized crime syndicates against each other - and robbing them both blind in the process! What happens when they get wind of what's happening? One thing's for certain... it will take of all of his amazing photographic reflexes to get out of this one alive!

7-59606-05251-6-00211 (MarvelPG) 2.99


cover by j.h. williams iii

PETER DAVID (w)/chriscross (p)/anibal rodriguez (i)

It all comes to a head in "Time Flies" part 4 of 4! With the long-held secret of Thanatos revealed, Captain Marvel facing the Maestro in a far-flung future, and the life of Starfox hanging in the balance, could the stakes be any higher? Yes, that's right... Marlo's got an audition!

7-59606-04815-1-03011 (MarvelPG) 2.50

cover by kaare andrews

bruce jones (w)/john romita, jr. (p)/tom palmer (i)

o THE SCOOP: The new era continues as legendary horror comics writer Bruce Jones, penciller John Romita Jr., inker Tom Palmer and new cover artist Kaare Andrews bring you a new vision of the Hulk!

o THE SET-UP: When the Hulk is implicated in an act unspeakable, Bruce Banner must embark on a harrowing voyage that will force him to confront the deepest truths about himself - and the beast inside him!

o THE STORY: Time's run out for the fugitive named Bruce Banner. Tracked to a little diner on the edge of nowhere by a pair of lethal assassins who have the skill - and the means -to bring him down, this could well be his last supper. But it's not until a mysterious stranger slides into his booth for coffee and a chat that things get really interesting!

o THE BUZZ: "Clearly, I need to seek out more of Bruce Jones's past work, because his TANGLED WEB issue, and his inaugural issue of HULK are some pretty incredible stuff... I'm actually reminded somewhat of 100 Bullets in this issue, and that's no bad thing." -TheFourthRail.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04745-1-03811 (MarvelPG) 2.25

thunderbolts no. 62

cover by patrick zircher & al vey

fabian nicieza (w)/patrick zircher (p)/al vey (i)

"Heroes Return" part 3 of 3! Stranded on an alien planet - called Earth - the Thunderbolts face a difficult dilemma: can a fake planet need real heroes? Plus: a T-Bolt returns in a very unexpected fashion!

7-59606-03566-3-06211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

avengers no. 52

cover by kieron dwyer & rick RemenDer

KURT BUSIEK (w)/kieron dwyer & rick remender

The final stage of the Kang War begins here, as the remaining Avengers strike back both on Earth and in space! If they fall, the world isn't just lost - it's doomed! Plus, Thor approaches a dramatic decision in the wake of Earth's darkest hour!

7-59606-04458-0-05211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

painted cover by derek hess

darko macan (w)/danijel zezelj (p)

It's the conclusion to one of the most hotly-anticipated Cap stories in years! The convent is destroyed, and the rains have come to the jungle. To make things worse, the drug mafia is hot on the heels of our hero! Join us as choices are made, resolutions are reached, and Captain America's influence on society becomes suddenly obvious. Will the dead men stop running?

7-59606-05241-7-03111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

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