Marvel Comics solicitations for product shipping January, 2002

Marvel Comics solicitations for product shipping January, 2002


painted cover by david mack

brian michael bendis (w)/michael gaydos (p)

o THE SCOOP: MAX's premiere private eye closes her first case!

o THE SET-UP: Red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, DAREDEVIL) and artist Michael Gaydos (The Crow) continue their gritty tale of Jessica Jones, a former costumed crimefighter who's now a down-and-out private investigator specializing in superhuman cases!

o THE STORY: She's followed a deadly trail through the corridors of power - now Jessica Jones finds answers at last. But they may not be pleasant answers she wants to hear - for her, or for a certain patriotic super hero.

o THE BUZZ: "Why it's cool: It's Marvel's very first Mature Readers book from its MAX line, so look for outrageous stuff. Plus, it's written by Brian Michael Bendis, who's got a great handle on dialogue and swearin', so you can expect plenty of both!" -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05124-3-00511 2.99

cover by bill sienkiewicz

garth ennis (w)/darick robertson (p)/jimmy palmiotti (i)

o THE SCOOP: From the smoking pen of Garth Ennis (PUNISHER) comes a fast-paced, over-the-top, irreverent spy thriller!

o THE STORY: Meet an older, no wiser, and highly p.o.'d Nick Fury who's found himself more or less on the scrap heap and wants nothing more than to go back to the battlefield. But the Cold War is over, and the days when S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.Y.D.R.A. engaged in complex games of strategy and espionage with the fate of the world at stake are gone... or are they?

o THE CREATORS: You want intense? How's this lineup: Garth Ennis (PUNISHER, Preacher) on words, Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan) on pencils, and Jimmy Palmiotti (PUNISHER) on inks! We even got Bill Sienkiewicz (ELEKTRA ASSASSIN) on covers!

o THE BUZZ: "Picture Gene Hackman with a full head of hair, an eye patch and the attitude he had in The French Connection, and you get an idea of what to expect from Ennis and Robertson's FURY." -Borderline

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, six-issue series will be 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-05165-6-00511 2.99

painted cover by glenn fabry

steve gerber (w)/phil winslade (p)

o THE SCOOP: Howard's co-creator returns to launch an outrageous new beginning for a classic character!

o THE SET-UP: Scathing, timely, and even sexy, HOWARD THE DUCK was one of the most acclaimed titles of the '70s, featuring biting social satire and incisive characterization. Now MAX proudly presents the return of Howard and his girlfriend Beverly - as written by their creator, Steve Gerber, and reproduced from the pencil art of Phil Winslade (DAREDEVIL)!

o THE STORY: This is no nostalgia trip, True Believers! Just as the original series dealt with the important matters of the day, the new HOWARD tackles the big issues - starting with that scourge of the modern world: Boy Bands! "Making the Band" is classic satire in the Gerber/Howard tradition - with all the added creative freedom that the MAX line allows! Trapped on a world he never made, Howard himself will be lucky to survive his encounter with the corporate music world... unchanged! What do we mean by that? Just check out the cover to the debut issue by painter Glenn Fabry!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this six-issue, monthly mini-series will be 32 pages, with ads.

o THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.99


cover by bryan hitch

mark millar (w)/bryan hitch (p)/andrew currie (i)

o THE SCOOP: The dream team of Mark Millar (ULTIMATE X-MEN) and Bryan Hitch (The Authority) unleash the fourth title in the red-hot Ultimate line!

o THE STORY: A mutant madman attacked the President of the United States on the White House lawn. A gaudily-costumed teen climbs walls in New York City. The strange beings who've appeared overnight are here to stay. The old order has fallen and people are scared. Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., has a unique solution: put some of these bizarre characters on his payroll! His grand idea: a small but lethal army known as The Ultimates, created to protect us all from the newly rising threats to mankind! Among those considered for membership: Iron Man, a jet-flying, limousine-riding, publicity-seeking capitalist with both a self-made confidence and a personal assault suit; Giant-Man, a Prozac-popping scientist with an inferiority complex as large as his stature; The Wasp, a petite powerhouse with a sordid secret; The Hulk, a brilliant, gentle man who's addicted to letting his inhibitions go and tearing everything - and everyone - he loves apart; Captain America, a soldier with John Glenn's buzz-cut cool, John McCain's style of politics, and Mike Tyson's right cross; and Thor, a New Age guru who may either be the living son of a Norse god... or a lunatic with a big hammer.

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "In a broad sense, this book is about the greatest heroes of our time getting together to defend the world," explained Millar. "However, that's also the high-concept for the JLA and pretty much every super-team book on the stands. What we have to do here is re-think everything we've ever taken for granted about super hero comics and throw away all of the clichés and formulas. This series (as well as the Ultimate line in general) has to feel as different from traditional comic books as Stan Lee's vision was to Golden Age DC."

o THE FORMAT: This debut issue is 32 pages, with ads. Each issue of this ongoing monthly series will be printed on glossy paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.25

cover by mark bagley

brian michael bendis (w)/mark bagley (p)/art thibert (i)

o THE SCOOP: Dr. Octopus! Kraven! Gwen Stacy! Oh, my!

o THE STORY: New York's energy crisis is solved! Hammer Industries, run by financier Justin Hammer, has constructed the Big Apple Energy Dome Project. And while most of the city rejoices, one man does not; one man who blames Hammer for his horrible condition; one man who plans on sabotaging the Dome for revenge - and his name is Dr. Octopus! And while our teenaged wall-crawler rushes to the rescue, an equally ominous threat - known as Kraven the Hunter - prepares to strike! Plus: Gwen Stacy returns to high school after being expelled... and it isn't pretty!

o THE BUZZ: "Marvel's Ultimate books are some of the hottest things going. In fact, they're so hot that we're now forced to make up words simply to describe how hot they are." -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05031-4-01711 2.25

cover by adam kubert

chuck austen (W)/chuck austen (P)

o THE SCOOP: Part two of the introduction of Ultimate Gambit!

o THE STORY: Against all better judgment, street urchin Remy LeBeau has taken in a young girl in trouble. Now, he's pursued by the killers desperate to find her. He's always relied only on himself, keeping at arm's length from entangling relationships. Now, will opening his heart result in his death?

o THE BUZZ: "A superhero standard-bearer. If you aren't reading it already, why not?" -Borderline

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05047-5-01411 2.25

cover by ted mckeever

brian michael bendis (w)/ted mckeever (p)

o THE SCOOP: Dr. Strange... by Brian Michael Bendis (DAREDEVIL) and Ted McKeever (PLASTIC FORKS)... Holy Hoggoth!

o THE STORY: Stephen Strange is a young man struggling with a legacy he didn't even know he had. See, his deceased father was a true master of magic - and now he's inherited his dad's sorcery... and his enemies! Will the novice adept's mystic might be enough to defeat the dark arts - even with the help of another wall-crawling rookie hero?

o THE CREATORS: Written by Wizard's "Best Writer of 2000," Brian Michael Bendis - with art by Ted McKeever (METROPOL)!

o THE BUZZ: "ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP is further evidence that Bendis has not lost the magic one tiny bit. In fact, I think that his work just gets better and better." -ComicBookGalaxy.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05088-8-01211 2.25


wraparound cover by ben dunn

ben dunn (w, p & i)

o THE SCOOP: What if Manga artists created the Marvel Universe? Find out here as East meets West in a collision that could only be called the MARVEL MANGAVERSE!

o THE STORY: Welcome to a world unlike any you've seen before. A world populated with wild reinterpretations of your favorite Marvel characters - but a world also starved for energy. So desperate is the need that an Energy Well is built on Stark Island that will tap into an unlimited source in the Negative Zone! There is only one scientist that can tap into that source - a scientist named Bruce Banner! In this bookend issue, we introduce a cadre of characters that readers will see as brand new but also with a hint of nostalgia. Expect lots of cool stuff, such as: Hydra is teamed up with Namor to conquer the world! Dr. Strange is a Victorian doctor with Tigra as his sidekick! Ant-Man is a rock star/super scientist! The Wasp is a brilliant inventor and occasional tease to Bruce! Iron Man is now Iron Girl! And the Hulk is a 20-stories-tall monster bent on destruction! Sound different? Sound exciting? You betcha, True Believer! Join us for this, the first exciting chapter in the all-new, all-different MARVEL MANGAVERSE!

o THE CREATORS: Ben Dunn (Ninja High School) writes, pencils, and inks it all!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.99

cover by udon

Ken Siu-chong (w)/Arnold Tsang, Alvin Lee, Omar Dogan & Shane Law (p & i)

o THE SCOOP: Avengers Assemble... into a giant robot!

o THE STORY: Led by the mysterious Tony Stark, the Avengers must race against time to retrieve the most powerful weapons on Earth before they are grabbed by Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen! Will they be able to save the world, or are they gonna lose it all? What is the secret behind the ultimate weapons? Find out in the book that will redefine the meaning of "Avengers Assemble!"

o THE CREATORS: Written, penciled, inked, and colored by the tremendously talented folks at Udon (X-MEN: EVOLUTION)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-TBD-00111 2.25

marvel mangaverse: fantastic four no. 1

cover by keron grant

adam warren (w)/keron grant (p)

o THE SCOOP: Giant monsters... augmentation suits... get ready for a wild new take on the FF!

o THE STORY: A shadowy program tests radical new technologies on the Moon! The test goes wildly awry, killing all but four of the young test subjects, wiping out the secret lunar base, and blasting a billiond of tons of the moon's mass into orbit! Now, gifted with rality-distorting "meta-talents," all four of the surviving test subjects fight invading anomalies as the Megascale Metatalent Response Team Fantastic Four! But the massive burst of energy that gave them their fabulous powers has drawn the attention of various entities from across the galaxy (and perhaps even from other realities)! And these strange beings have dispatched forces to investigate humanity's use of potentially lethal new technologies - including the awesome Annihilus!

o THE CREATORS: Written by Adam Warren (Dirty Pair), with art by Keron Grant (IRON MAN)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-TBD-00111 2.25

marvel mangaverse: ghost rider no. 1

cover by chuck austen

chuck austen (w, P & i)

o THE SCOOP: Ghost Rider! Werewolf by Night! Hellstorm! Terror is the Sons of Satan!

o THE STORY: The greatest of all evils is loose in New York, and it's spreading its dark seed all over town! But it's not the gargantuan Hulk - it's the Enemy, the Prince of Lies, the Dark-Father... in more ways than one! Now his lustful ways have come back to haunt him as the product of his loins, the Sons of Satan, poor half-breeds who carry the Dark Blood, unite to rid the world of their father's influence ! Ride along with them as Ghost Rider, Werewolf By Night, and Hellstorm battle all the forces of their father's Hell while trying to avoid the giant stomping feet of a 12-story-tall rampaging Hulk-monster!

o THE CREATORS: Written, penciled, inked and colored by Chuck Austen (U.S. WAR MACHINE, ELEKTRA)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.25

marvel mangaverse: punisher no. 1

cover by lea hernandez

peter david (w)/lea hernandez (p)

o THE SCOOP: Meet the Punisher... if you're bad, she'll spank you!

o THE STORY: Meet Sosumi Brown. In her regular identity, she's known as the strict, tough-as-nails principal of the Ikenobo School - but to the gangsters and seedy underworld elements in Japan, she's known as the paddling Punisher! When Tokyo's number one crime family summons up a demonic Oni to bolster their power, it's up to Sosumi and sister Hashi (along with Sosumi's trusty steed Kiso) to stop their hellish rampage!

o THE CREATORS: Written by Peter David (CAPTAIN MARVEL), with art by Lea Hernandez (Killer Princesses)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.25

cover by kaare andrews

kaare andrews (w & p)

o THE SCOOP: It's non-stop ninja action in the Manic Mangaverse Manner!

o THE STORY: Teenage ninja Peter Parker has had to deal with a lot of stress in his life, but nothing could have possibly prepared him for this - his most trying test to date! Will the training he received from Uncle Ben be enough to avenge his Sensei's death?

o THE CREATORS: Written and penciled by AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover artist, Kaare Andrews (Gen 13)!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.25

cover by jeff matsuda

c.b. cebulski (w)/jeff matsuda (p)

o THE SCOOP: It's magical mutant mayhem!

o THE STORY: Brotherhood, betrayal, seasons, magic, religion... X-MEN: EQUINOX incorporates overriding themes and ideas that are clearly evident in Japanese popular culture - all together in a coherent, kick-butt mutant story! Meet Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey and Moonstar - who combine magic and mutant abilities to make them darker and more dangerous than ever! As for their villains, prepare for the coming of Magneto, in a form unlike any we have previously seen, Mystique, Beast, and Nightcrawler!

o THE CREATORS: Written by C.B. Cebulski, illustrated by Jeff Matsuda (Jackie Chan Adventures), and colored by Liquid!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.25

marvel mangaverse: eternal twilight no. 1

wraparound cover by ben dunn

ben dunn (W, p & i)

o THE SCOOP: It's the senses-shattering conclusion to the MARVEL MANGAVERSE event!

o THE STORY: The gargantuan Hulk must be stopped at all costs - even if it means that one of our heroes make the supreme sacrifice! What is the true nature of the energy spewing out of the Negative Zone, and will the combined might of the X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and our entire cast of Mangaverse heroes be enough to put an end to it once and for all? Watch as science and magic go head-to-head in an all-out battle to end all battles! The fate of the world lies in the hands of a single individual - don't miss this, the final chapter in the Marvel Mangaverse!

o THE CREATORS: Written, penciled, and inked by Ben Dunn (Gigantor)!

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 2.99


cover by mike mckone

judd winick (W)/mike mckone (P)/mark mckenna (i)

o THE SCOOP: "A World Apart" part 1 of 3 begins here!

o THE STORY: The team finds themselves on a brand new world… one conquered by Skrulls! On this Earth humans are treated as nothing more than lower class slaves… or worse! You won't believe what the Exiles are being forced to do to survive! Trust us, it ain't pretty! This issue is a perfect chance to get in on the all-new exciting adventures of the EXILES! Pulitzer Prize-nominee Judd Winick and Mike McKone are winning new readers each and every month! Don't miss out on this critically acclaimed series!

o THE BUZZ: "This is the one X-title that captures the essence of what made the X-Men great. From a team title that I didn't have much hope for, it's the one I look forward to seeing most each month." -Comixtreme.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05108-3-00811 (MarvelPG) 2.25

iceman no. 4

cover by steve uy

dan abnett & andy lanning (W)/karl kerschl (P)

The chilling conclusion to the coolest X-MEN ICONS limited series! How will Iceman and Foe-Dog handle the threat of the Augmen? Will Bobby Drake and ex-flame Opal come to terms with each other? And what fate awaits Iceman's son?

7-59606-05183-0-00411 (MarvelPG) 2.50

marvel masterprints set no. 3

o THE SCOOP: The greatest heroes + the finest artists = a new set of The House's mega-sized trading cards! Now only 99 cents each!

o THE CARDS: Want incredible images to cover your walls? Ready to trade colossal-size cards with your friends? Measuring 6.5" x 10', each collectible card is laminated on both sides to ensure a long life! Plus: The back of each card contains character bios and super stats!

7-59606-tbd-00111 .99 each (s.r.p.)

uncanny x-men no. 402

cover by ron garney

joe casey (W)/ron garney (p)/mark morales (i)

o THE SCOOP: Will we see the X-Men vs. the X-Corps?!

o THE STORY: The militant X-Corps is summoned to Berlin to quell a destructive mutant battle. But what will the X-Men say when they arrive, and realize that Banshee has recruited known criminals into his new group? And how is he compelling these individuals to join his cause?

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-02461-2-40211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by igor kordey

david tischman (W)/igor kordey (P & I)

o THE SCOOP: Find out what the buzz is all about as CABLE begins a new hard-hitting adventure!

o THE STORY: The critically-acclaimed team of writer David Tischman (American Century) and penciler Igor Kordey kick the action into high gear with their second blockbuster story arc! Following the events of issue #100, Cable is very close to becoming an ordinary man, since his powers are still in flux. That's bad news since he's uncovered a Macedonian plot to "cleanse" Ethnic Albanians, only to discover the Albanians have deadly plans of their own! Even an Askani Warrior can make a mistake, but can an Askani Warrier fix it in time?

o THE BUZZ: "What we have here is the beginning of a book about global espionage and fixing a broken world, and its use of Cable is far more interesting than anything we've gotten in the past." -TheFourthRail.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-01362-3-10111 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by salvador larroca

chris claremont (W)/salvador larroca (P)

Will the X-Treme team fight for the life of Sage, or will they fight for themselves against the combined threats of Lady Mastermind and one of the world's deadliest assassins? And even if they can recover the living computer known as Sage, who remains trapped in an illusion, a new and unexpected threat looms on the horizon, one with far-reaching consequences for them and for their world. Prepare for the assassin who never fails, Shaitan!

7-59606-05109-0-00911 (MarvelPG) 2.99

deadpool: funeral for a freak no. 2

cover by georges jeanty

frank tieri (W)/georges jeanty (P)/jon holdredge (I)

What will Wade Wilson do when he realizes his biggest enemy is himself? And just who are all of the costumed crazies running around claiming to be Deadpool?

7-59606-03703-2-06211 (MarvelPG) 2.25



o THE SCOOP: All-star talent combines with red-hot characters for Marvel's first fully-painted illustrated prose graphic novel!

o THE STORY: Hot on the heels of the launch of ELEKTRA and the smash hit ORIGIN mini-series, ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER pairs text by crime novelist Greg Rucka with dozens of fully-painted illustrations by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano in a self-contained tale of suspense. To put it into language that action fans will crave, it's a deadly game of intrigue pitting Elektra's ninja skills against Wolverine's samurai-honed instincts and warrior bloodlust!

o THE CREATORS: Eisner-award winning writer Greg Rucka (White Out, Detective Comics, and the Atticus Kodiak series of prose novels) teams up with Eisner-award winning artist Yoshitaka Amano (The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D) to create a tightly woven, heart-stopping story of action and intrigue.

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, three-part mini-series will be 48 pages, with no ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover in the perfect bound, bookshelf format.

7-59606-05164-9-00311 (MarvelPGplus) 5.95

new X-MEN no. 122

cover by frank quitely

grant morrison (W)/frank quitely (P)

o THE SCOOP: "Imperial" Part 1 of 4! It's the opening chapter of a devastating interstellar conflict as the hellish revenge of Cassandra Nova begins!

o THE STORY: Professor X is trapped within the shattered body of his evil twin! The school and students to which he's dedicated his life is beset on all sides by anti-mutant hysteria! And when we last saw Cassandra Nova, she was in possession of the most powerful mutant mind on Earth! What could she do with that immense ability in the Shi'ar Empire?

o THE BUZZ: "NEW X-MEN is becoming, pound for pound, the most enjoyable title on the racks." -GrayHavenMagazine.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-01772-0-12211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

the brotherhood no. 9

cover by sean phillips

x (W)/sean phillips (P)/kent williams (I)

Final issue! It's the fatal finale of the Brotherhood's story as they attempt to make the ultimate statement by targeting the world's most beloved mutant! And no, we're not revealing their target - or the identity of X!

7-59606-05114-4-00911 (MarvelPG) 2.25


painted cover by massimiliano frezzato

chris kipiniak (W)/matt smith (P)/mark morales (i)

Continuing Nightcrawler's own X-MEN ICONS series! He's a mutant - accustomed to being the outcast, dedicated to fighting for the very people who fear him. But now, Kurt Wagner has been confronted with evils that mutant powers cannot overcome. Having traced a New York-area slave trade to its source, the fuzzy elf discovers that the trail does not end in a villain whom he can physically defeat. And the lives of those he is trying to save intersect in ways he could not imagine!

7-59606-05120-5-00311 (MarvelPG) 2.50

origin no. 6

cover by joe quesada

paul jenkins (W)/andy kubert (P)/richard isanove (c)

o THE SCOOP: The grand finale to the true history of Wolverine!

o THE STORY: Is there more tragedy waiting for Logan or could his Origin actually have a happy ending? Don't miss out on the final chapter that will have people talking for years!

o THE CREATORS: With words by Paul Jenkins, art by Andy Kubert, a cover by Marvel EIC Joe Quesada and digital painted color by Richard Isanove, this book is a must-have for all comic book readers everywhere!

o THE BUZZ: "Both hardcore fans and all the 'civilian' readers who seek out this title, thanks to all the hype in the mainstream press, are going to experience... a comic book that an adult won't be embarrassed to be seen reading. Grade: A." -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this six-part story is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05155-7-00611 (MarvelPG) 3.50

cover by sean chen & norm rapmund

frank tieri (W)/sean chen (P)/norm rapmund (I)

Alpha Flight returns in "Stay Alive" Part 3 of 3! What could be so deadly that Wolverine needs the help of Canada's premier super-team? Could it have something to do with the power of Mauvais and the savagery of the Wendigo? WOLVERINE continues to be the all-out action read of Marvel, thanks to the wicked words of Frank Tieri and the amazing art of Sean Chen!

7-59606-02254-0-17211 (MarvelPG) 2.25

x-force no. 124

cover by darwyn cooke

peter milligan (W)/darwyn cooke (P)

Guest-artist Darwyn Cooke (Batman: Ego, Catwoman) joins writer Peter Milligan for a special self-contained issue focusing on the tumultuous relationship between The Orphan and U-Go Girl! "Love it or loathe it, this is the most original and refreshing that Marvel has been in years. Me? I love it." -Comics International

7-59606-01766-9-12411 (MarvelPG) 2.25

x-men: evolution no. 3

cover by udon with studio xd

devin grayson (W)/long vo (p)/studio xd (i)

Think it'd be cool to be able to read people's minds? Tell that to Jean Grey! Can she come to terms with her uncontrollable powers in time to stop the new mutant named Toad? And what does Cyclops make of the new red-haired girl?

7-59606-05203-5-00311 2.25


spider-girl no. 42

cover by ron frenz & livesay

tom defalco (w)/ron frenz (p)/livesay (i)

As Peter Parker and Mayday struggle to accept the reality of what's happened to Mary Jane, the gang war takes an unexpected turn for the worse when the mother of Funny Face and Crazy Eight suddenly joins the festivities! Realizing that the odds are steadily growing against her, Spider-Girl is forced to try a surprising new battle-strategy! Plus: At long last, Peter confronts the mother of the new Spider-Man!

7-59606-03503-8-04211 2.25

cover by kaare andrews

j. michael straczynski (w)/john romita jr. (p)/scott hanna (i)

o THE SCOOP: Okay, Aunt May knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man... now what?!

o THE STORY: The wall-crawler continues to reel in the aftermath of the startling revelations in issue #35!

o THE BUZZ: "Even Spider-Man needs a good kick in the pants every now and again, and writer J. Michael Straczynski has shown that he's more than willing to slap the web-slinger around!" -Wizard

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04716-1-03911 (MarvelPG) 2.25

peter parker, spider-man no. 39

cover by humberto ramos

paul jenkins (w)/Mark buckingham (p)/wayne faucher (i)

o THE SCOOP: The return of Dr. Octopus!

o THE STORY: The critically acclaimed team of writer Paul Jenkins and penciler Mark Buckingham kick off an intense three-part saga featuring the return of one of Spider-Man's most infamous foes!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04717-8-03911 (MarvelPG) 2.25

spider-girl no. 43

cover by pat olliffe & al williamson

tom defalco (w)/pat olliffe (p)/al williamson (i)

The original Spider-Man is back - and so are the New Warriors! There's a new super-team in town that consists of Spider-Girl, The Buzz, Ladyhawk, Raptor and the Green Goblin! And, when Peter Parker is forced to don his costume once more, the original wall-crawler finally meets the new web-slinger! This issue is a pivotal turning point that concludes the gang war story, and begins a major new direction as Mayday makes the most controversial decision of her career!

7-59606-03503-8-04311 2.25

cover by kaare andrews

kaare andrews/kaare andrews

o THE SCOOP: A new self-contained story written and illustrated by AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover artist Kaare Andrews!

o THE SET-UP: So far, we've seen stories that showcase popular super-villains in ways we've never seen. We've seen common thugs contemplating the cost of living in Spider-Man's city. And we've seen an ordinary Joe with the means to cash in on the web-slinger's identity. The one element that is missing is perhaps the greatest one: Spidey's impact on kids.

o THE STORY: Meet Jack and Casey, two young brothers living on the edge of nowhere, abandoned by their father and growing up way too soon. But when the villain known as Electro bursts into their living room one chilly evening, Jack and Casey will test the limits of their kinship and learn a thing or two about power and responsibility -- courtesy of a certain someone!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover.

7-59606-05106-9-01011 (MarvelPG) 2.99


cover by greg horn

greg rucka (w)/chuck austen (p)

o THE SCOOP: Kicking off a new era of ELEKTRA excitement with "Hubris," part 1 of 3! New writer Greg Rucka (TANGLED WEB: SEVERANCE PACKAGE, Detective Comics) takes Marvel's deadly assassin back to her roots - and into new peril!

o THE STORY: Free from the clutches of S.H.I.E.L.D., Elektra returns to the life of a freelance mercenary. But how do you contact an assassin-for-hire, anyway? For one wealthy Greek heiress, the answer may mean life or death!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock.

7-59606-05132-8-00711 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

painted cover by glenn fabry

John Figueroa & Gene Ha (w)/Alberto Ponticelli & Gene Ha (p & i)

o THE SCOOP: The debut of the new MARVEL KNIGHTS creative team - and the return of Iron Fist, too!

o THE STORY: You knew they'd be back - Daredevil, the Punisher, and the Black Widow come together again for a tale of the MARVEL KNIGHTS! And it's by the new creative team that will launch the new, ongoing series beginning in March, writer John Figueroa and new find Alberto Ponticelli! Plus: Iron Fist answers a strange cry for help, in a surprising story by superstar artist Gene Ha (Top Ten)!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this four-part, monthly mini-series will be 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.

7-59606-05159-5-00411 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

painted cover by TIM BRADSTREET

tom peyer (W)/manuel gutuierrez (p)

o THE SCOOP: A new creative team unleashes the wildest PUNISHER saga yet!

o THE STORY: Beginning "Taxi Wars", by red-hot writer Tom Peyer (The Authority) and future superstar artist Manuel Gutierrez (MARVEL KNIGHTS DOUBLE-SHOT)! Frank Castle is back in New York City -- but so is a disgusting new menace called The Medallion! His goal: nothing less than control over every single taxi in the Big Apple! Can The Punisher stop this maniac's meter before it's too late? You may not know how valuable taxi medallions are right now, but when this story is over you'll know only too well!

o THE BUZZ: "I've always maintained that despite having a few of his issues in my collection, I am not a fan of the Punisher... (but Marvel) seems determined to make a liar out of me." -TheFourthRail.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.

7-59606-05113-7-00811 (MarvelPGplus) 2.99

daredevil no. 29

cover by alex maleev

brian michael bendis (w)/alex maleev (p)

o THE SCOOP: It's war in the ashes of the Kingpin's empire!

o THE STORY: Vanessa Fisk, wife of the Kingpin of Crime, is back - and she's determined to find out who's done horrible things to her husband. And what's the connection between Silke and Matt Murdock? The net draws tighter around Daredevil as "Underboss" continues!

o THE BUZZ: "This title has always been the jewel in the crown of the Marvel Knights line, and it should come as no surprise that Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev continue that tradition. Bendis does a superb job of crafting a story that makes the world of Matt Murdock every bit as interesting as Daredevil's. Grade: A" -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.

7-59606-04706-2-02911 (MarvelPG) 2.99


painted cover by greg horn

mike grell (w)/michael ryan (p)/sean parsons (i)

o THE SCOOP: A new era begins for the Golden Avenger as Mike Grell (Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters) and Michael Ryan (CABLE) climb on board as the new creative team!

o THE STORY: Years ago, Tony Stark was a builder of weapons - but when he became aware of the cost in lives, he mended his ways. But now, a cache of those long-forgotten weapons has resurfaced, in a hot-spot nation torn by internal strife! How far must Stark go to prevent anyone else from being slaughtered by the fruits of his genius - especially when the power of Iron Man is denied him?! It's a double-sized kick-off to a brand-new chapter in the life of the Armored Avenger!

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "The approach that I'm taking is to focus on the man inside Iron Man," Grell told Newsarama. "The character, as he stands right now with the amount of super-tech and weaponry that he packs in his suit of armor, is as close to as invulnerable as you can get. He can do just about anything, and always has a gadget handy that helps him deal with any physical obstacle that would come along. But what about the emotional obstacles? What about the human part of him?"

o THE EDITOR SPEAKS: "If you look at everything Mike has done, his work has all the components of what makes up good Iron Man stories," explained Tom Brevoort. "He does great adult characters, has a good handle on technology, understands politics, and knows about the world of high finance - all in all, he has a good handle on characters. Every character he writes has some real 'meat' to it."

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04457-5-05011 (MarvelPG) 2.99

avengers: celestial quest no. 5

cover by jorge santamaria & scott hanna

steve englehart(w)/jorge santamaria(p)/scott hanna(i)

The tapestry of Thanos's designs for the cosmos comes into focus as he closes his ranks and moves inexorably towards his goal! And the only roadblock in his way, the Celestial Messiah, is missing - while the Avengers are prevented from searching for him by the vengeful Cotati!

7-59606-05131-1-00511 (MarvelPG) 2.50

fantastic four no. 51

cover by mike wieringo

carlos pacheco, rafael Marin & karl kesel (w)/mark bagley (P)/karl kesel (i)

Mister Fantastic: enemy of humanity? The royal family of the Inhumans has returned from space (and from the events of the Carlos Pacheco/Ladronn INHUMANS limited series) as men without kingdom or country - and hunted by both the Kree and the Shi'ar! With nowhere else to turn, they must petition the United States for political asylum. Will Mr. Fantastic be considered a traitor to the Earth for harboring them? And what part does the alluring mystery woman Senso play in all this? Special guest-artist Mark Bagley (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) will be penciling issues #51 through #54… which will be scripted and inked by Karl Kesel! Plus, the covers for issues #51 - #54 by Mike Wieringo (Adventures of Superman) link to form a giant image!

7-59606-04456-6-05111 (MarvelPG) 3.50

cover by tom raney

dan jurgens (w)/tom raney (p)/scott hanna (i)

o THE SCOOP: Asgard has a new King and THOR has a new artist as Tom Raney steps on board to illustrate the Thunder God's adventures!

o THE STORY: A new era dawns for Asgard, and change is the watchword of the day. But is it change for the better, or for the worse? That's the question that a trio of Asgard's finest warriors is asking itself as they journey forth on an essential mission for the new ruler of the Eternal Realm!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-03506-9-04511 (MarvelPG) 2.25

black panther no. 40

cover by steve uy

christopher priest (w)/sal velluto (p)/bob almond (i)

"Return of the Dragon" Part 3 of 3! In a cataclysmic, all-out action issue, the Black Panther and Iron Fist race against time and a 100-foot dragon hell-bent on destroying the world! Meanwhile, the deadly Nightshade discovers the Panther's darkest secret... and you'll never guess what it is!

7-59606-03876-3-04011 (MarvelPG) 2.50

captain america: heart of darkness no. 1

cover by tbd

darko macan (w)/ tbd(p)

o THE SCOOP: Eisner Award-winning writer Darko Macan (Grendel Tales: Devils & Deaths) crafts a hard-hitting story of justice, covert agents and supreme evil!

o THE STORY: When Captain America responds to a distress call originating from the South American jungle, he discovers a team of U.S. soldiers and group of refugees on the run not just from their common enemy, but from justice itself! Attempting to stay one step ahead of his pursuers, the Super Soldier confronts several troubling questions: What should you do when you discover that the actions of those you are protecting fly in the face of everything you believe? What do you do when you're suddenly an icon of forgotten times, a symbol of ideals no longer revered? And if you're Captain America, how do you keep going - especially if a shield and a strong right cross can no longer save the day? For those of you waiting for the Marvel Knights relaunch - and for those enjoying CABLE - this is the Cap story for you!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this three-part series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-tbd-00111 (MarvelPG) 2.99

doom: the emperor returns no. 3

cover by leonardo manco

chuck dixon (w)/leonardo manco (p & i)

Continuing the new adventure starring comics' #1 villain! Stay in a world totally dominated by your will, but which you knows to be a fabrication, or attempt the perilous journey back to Earth - which will Dr. Doom choose? Or is there some way he can eat his cake and have it too?

7-59606-05186-1-00311 (MarvelPG) 2.50


cover by j.h. williams iii

PETER DAVID (w)/chriscross (p)/anibal rodriguez (i)

o THE SCOOP: Kicking off "Time Flies," an all-new four-part adventure perfect for fans of Peter David who've never read CAPTAIN MARVEL!

o THE STORY: The former Avenger known as Starfox is in trouble! His molecular structure is not only coming apart, but it could well bring about a chain reaction that could unravel the entirety of the space-time continuum! Fortunately, Captain Marvel is on hand! Unfortunately, his endeavors to do so propel Genis and Starfox into a bizarre future, and into a direct encounter with... well, let's just say if you're a fan of Peter David's work then you'll surely recognize them! And each issue of "Time Flies" will feature a cover by J.H. Williams III!

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04815-1-02711 (MarvelPG) 2.50

cover by kaare andrews

bruce jones (w)/john romita, jr. (p)/tom palmer (i)

o THE SCOOP: Legendary horror writer Bruce Jones, all-star penciler John Romita Jr., classic inker Tom Palmer and new cover artist Kaare Andrews kick off a new story arc!

o THE SET-UP: When the Hulk is implicated in an unspeakable act, Bruce Banner must embark on a harrowing voyage that will force him to confront the deepest truths about himself -- and the beast inside him!

o THE STORY: "The Gang's All Here," part 1 of 4! Our fugitive heroes' life just got more complicated. Not only have two deadly black op agents been dispatched to track him down by all means necessary, but also an old friend - and rival -who's intimately acquainted with the both Banner and the monster inside him - a man by the name of Doc Samson!

o THE BUZZ: "With interesting stories like this, Jones can stay writing THE INCREDIBLE HULK forever. An excellent start. Grade: A." -Comics Buyer's Guide

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04745-1-03511 (MarvelPG) 2.25

cover by patrick zircher & al vey

fabian nicieza (w)/mark bagley (p)/al vey (i)

On the run from the law, Hawkeye has to make a fateful decision: to stay out of prison, will he allow the Chain Gang to kill an innocent Guardsman? Meanwhile, the survivors of the war against Graviton carry on, but do they have what it will take to forge a brave new world? And who are those guys on the cover, anyway? Find out in part one of "Heroes Return!"

7-59606-03566-3-06011 (MarvelPG) 2.25




Take a walk on the Nightside! A sword, a skull, and a seemingly innocent pair of spectacles. What incredible occult secret binds together the Three Lost Treasures of Tao? Can Sydney Taine, the mysterious female detective who dwells in the netherworld of vampires and werewolves known as the Nightside, defeat the demonic princess of the Black Dragons? It's cold steel vs. sizzling black magic as two very dangerous, very ambitious women collide in a battle that will at last reveal the truth about the darkness! "Not only is Robert Weinberg 'in his element' with this horror-adventure series, but he's also introducing readers to a niche of the Marvelverse that they've rarely seen." -Comic Shop News

7-59606-05140-3-00411 (MarvelPG) 2.99

cover by kieron dwyer

KURT BUSIEK (w)/kieron dwyer & rick remender

o THE SCOOP: Double-sized showdown with Kang the Conqueror!

o THE STORY: After the events of last issue, only a handful of Avengers are left to fight for a conquered and devastated Earth - but they're millions of miles away in space, coping with the triple-evil prophesied by Jonathan Tremont and the Triune Understanding! Is there no one left to halt Kang's unstoppable advance?

o THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04458-0-05011 (MarvelPG) 2.99

bloodstone no. 4

cover by michael lopez

dan abnett & andy lanning (w)/michael lopez (p)/scott hanna (i)

The first chapter in the life of Elsa Bloodstone, the world's cutest monster hunter, concludes here! Will Elsa do her father proud and embrace her family's legacy? Or won't she even get the chance and be taken alive by a legion of monsters instead? The entity responsible for all of Elsa's woes is revealed in 32 pages of in-your-face thrills and chills! "Tomb Raider meets Hellboy in this fast-paced humor-horror-adventure series." - Comic Shop News

7-59606-05130-4-00411 (MarvelPG) 2.99


cover by j.h. williams iii

PETER DAVID (w)/tbd (p)/tbd (i)

"Time Flies" part 2 of 4! Trapped 98 years in the future, Captain Marvel and a certain red-and-blue-clad web-slinger must deal with the escalating threat caused by Starfox's degeneration! Okay, we expect you can figure out who we're talking about - but you'll also thrill to the unexpected return of one of the most-requested Peter David-created villains of all!

7-59606-04815-1-02811 (MarvelPG) 2.50

Project Superpowers Omnibus Vol. 2: Black Terror TP

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